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If you are not 100% raw...

...then what do you eat the rest of the time? Do you eat cooked vegan? Some form of vegetarianism? Hit McDonalds when no one is looking?

Just curious.



  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    Cooked vegan…healthy stuff…quinoa, ww cous cous, whole grains..my weakness is vegan pizza with tons of veg and/or cooked falafel ! at this point I try to eat all raw for breakfast and lunch and usually have a cooked or semi-cooked dinner. I plan on going for all raw when spring/summer offers up some decent produce…I am in Massachusetts and winter is a drag!

  • willmizewillmize Raw Newbie

    I’d say I’m 50% raw, 40% cooked vegan, 10% cooked vegetarian at my worst times.

    Stupid cheese pizzas.

  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    Follow Your Heart “cheese” is vegan and amazing when you broil it. Trust, you won’t miss the dairy/casein/morphine addiction of cheese when it is out of your system for good. It’s soooo gross. Just my humble opinion..

  • RawKarenRawKaren Raw Newbie

    Curried lentils (red ones) – spicy!

  • Okay…I’ll be honest…mostly healthy stuff, but meat as well. If I make a big family meal, I eat it in moderation with my family. I usually feel stuffed afterwards but am learning not to guilt myself…it’s all about choices and if I make the choice to eat something, I may as well enjoy it :)

  • Breakfast and lunch are raw for me, and if I have extra time I will sometimes make a raw meal or recipe for dinner. Lately because it has been so cold, I have been craving warm food so I have been eating some cooked vegan food for dinner.

  • 100% vegan (also no refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils)... I eat about 75% raw each day… what cooked food I DO eat is usually Ezekiel 4:9 bread, brown rice crackers, or cooked veggies.
    I also eat Tropical Source dark chocolate chips every once in a great while.
    And Heather’s right—Follow Your Heart “cheese” is REALLY good.

  • Sprouted flourless bread, dark chocolate without milk, eggs, and fish. I keep things that are still very beneficial to my health and don’t put my on the blood sugar roller-coaster!

  • Renoir, I’ve been eating sorta like that too lately.

    Raw for breakfast and lunch. Then raw and cooked for dinner. Lately I’ve been heating up a big pot of water and lightly steaming some greens and onions. Then I add a ton raw veggies(red pepper, enoki mushrooms, cabbage, etc.), seaweed and dried shitakes, stir in a huge scoop of South River miso, (and occasionally even an egg yolk). It’s such good winter comfort food, I don’t really worry too much about eating exclusively raw lately. But, I’m also looking forward to the eventual return of warm weather and the bountiful piles of glorious, succulent, ripe fruit that come with it!

  • I eat quinoa and amaranth, usually boiled, when I eat cooked foods. When I want to splurge, Ill have chips and salsa, or fried mushrooms w/ onions. Something about cooked mushrooms make me go mmmmm

  • This is really interesting. Does anybody have fresh produce all year around? I mean farmer’s market or your own garden produce. I have become so sad about our food supply. I live in central pennsylvania and our farmer’s markets are long gone by now and won’t be really bountiful until mid to late June or early July. This time of year the produce gets really really bad at our local supermarket which has organic produce, but the quality is not good and the selection deteriorates.

    Anyway, I eat raw for breakfast and lunch too, with about 2-4 raw dinners a week, and the rest vegan with organic and natural ingredients. Once in a while I’ll have raw cheese we can get from a local Amish farmer. I don’t think I can get the “follow your heart” vegan cheese here, but i am going to look. I just read about the opiates in cheese the other day in the skinny bitch book, which is probably also why i am sad about our food supply (in the US anyway).

  • oh supplies -
    I live in thailand, which means fresh produce all year around. On the down side, no organic health food shops with supplements, (infact i choose organic where i can, but the stores spray the produce with some spray to sell the fruits and vege’s – it’s all about the look here) no raw chocloate, no mesquite or anything like that and if you order it in, you pay import tax on it. Even finding spiralina is a mission. So there’s up’s and downs to both sides of the fence. hope this makes you feel a bit pearkier those in winter eating raw chocolate!!! My sneak food is dark chocolate and still haven’t quit a plate of chips everynow and then, Althogh suspect this is why I ache all over and have a sinus headache today.

  • Peanut butter and Jelly on wheat bread is my guilty pleasure, but I eat raw the rest of the time. I have my break downs and I always run to wheat bread or torillas…it could be worse

  • I agree w/Angella…the things we DO eat that are cooked could in fact be a lot worse… (Like meat or dairy!!)

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I love my hot, black tea:-)

  • Legumes, steamed veggies, grains and dark chocolate occasionally.

  • For me it would be being tempted by fresh crusty grain bread which thankfully doesn’t happen often. Steamed, boiled, baked tubers/root vegetables with olive oil and salt also draw me in if I see them. Brown rice at times. Chocolate once a month and the odd herb, spice or nut that’s been heated.

  • I’m not 100%. For one thing, I have green tea chai every morning with breakfast. The food I eat for breakfast and lunch is raw, and usually dinner is as well. If I go out to eat, I select something vegetarian/vegan. Indian and Middle Eastern foods are my favorites. Oh, and roasted potatoes with salt and herbs are something I crave sometimes! I don’t get major cravings for most other carbs (breads and sweets), fortunately.

    Redhouse, you asked about farmers markets. We’re fortunate here in DC—we have some excellent farmers markets that are held year-round. We also get good selections in the health food store where we shop … but obviously, winter is not the best time for organic locally grown produce if you are north of the Mason-Dixon line!

  • RawLibrarian- I live in Lorton, about 20 miles or so south of DC. Where do you find the farmer’s markets at? It’s so hard to find fresh organic produce!

  • It’s so hard to be 100% raw in the winter here in Canada! I find I need some warm food (especially hot tea) every now and then. Tea with toast (slathered in coconut oil) is my weakness at the moment.

  • I was just talking to my boyfriend about this when he asked me “at what point does someone actually become a raw foodist?” (I don’t think he understands the whole percentage thing.

    My weakness is Amy’s organic frozen dinners which are especially bad because they are microwaved.I have one every couple of days for lunch and make breakfast, dinner, and snacks raw.
    Plus—I just bought some delicious Ezekial bread and Veganaise. I can’t wait to transform my daily salad into a veggie sandwich.

    What I really want is chocolate cake, though!
    Anyone got a good raw food recipie for that??

  • I have a weakness for hommus on salad, sundried tomatos and cooked chick peas. Also, if i’m eating out and HAVE to eat, steamed veggies :)
    Also, organic carob mixed with agave – for the chocolate cravings

  • I will not give up tea. We eat cooked vegan, but I am introducing raw things as I learn them. It’s the raw greens that we are trying to overcome.?????HELP.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I live in Italy and ALL social events are accompanied by food. So I try to be as raw as I can AT HOME (about 70%). I’ve even gotten my husband involved, unbeknownst to him. Winter produce isn’t a problem, but with this cold weather, I really crave WARM food!

  • I’ve been up and down with raw food for the last months – getting all tired of it and eating more cooked. But my body doesn’t react very well on bread, so I’m almost “forced” to eating raw food while at work (cooked-food left overs from the day before seams toxic).
    I have an almost raw breakfast (I use oatmilk instead of nutmilk), raw snack and raw lunch, and then I’ve been eating cooked after I come home at 6 in the evening lately. But I’m trying to get back to eating more salads for dinner again.

    And yeah, pizza is a tricky one, it has pushed me off the vagon more than once!
    Except from that I love making a casserole with vegetables, coconut and tomato..

  • Red, red wine. It always has been a vice…

    I don’t even feel bad about it. All things in moderation!

  • When I’m not completely raw I really enjoy whole foods such as baked potatoes, brown rice, homemade (we grind our own organic wheat we grow) bread, millet, toast with jam…but raw food makes me feel the best usually.


  • gymjunkiegymjunkie Raw Newbie

    I have been entirely raw for the past several months… the only non-raw item I consume is herbal and/or greeen tea. I just get so darn cold sometimes!

  • Glad to see I’m not the only one splurging on cooked vegan food!
    I really like soba noodles, beans, cooked squash and sweet potato, peanut butter, whole wheat bread, dark chocolate, energy drinks (Guru) and coffee.
    It’s hard to resist the delicious vegan pastries at my coop.
    If I can during dinner, I combine raw and cooked. Yesterday, I’ve made polenta and topped it with a raw marinara sauce. Yummy!

  • Oh yeah, forgot to mention – vodka (with water and fresh lime). ill have a big night out at least once every two weeks. It’s too difficult being this age, with the group of friends I have to never drink. I figure my body can deal with it now occasionally.

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