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If you are not 100% raw...



  • When I crave bread I REALLY go for it. Doesn’t agree with me at all. RawHoney, I completely get the chickpea thing. It was my staple when I was eating nothing but cooked. I love Chickpea curry and hummous. I am going to India on Thursday! Pray for me you guys!!! :(

  • We strengthen our muscles and bodies by weakening them to make them stronger. So a little bad in order for the good to feel better, why not?

  • Thats an interesting logic Chris. I like that. At the moment, everything I eat is raw. 100%. But I know I’m going to have a break down soon. I can feel it. If it happens I’m going to have either the Ezekeil bread or cereal, sushi (I’m still trying to make my own), ooor if I go out with my friends, maybe steamed veggies if raw salad is not an option. Oh God, hopefully I can prevent this from happening!!!

  • DeborahBeeDeborahBee Raw Newbie

    I don’t cook anything. But I sometimes use cooked ingredients such as Soya Sauce.

    I eat Green & Black’s 85% dark chocolate occaisionally too.

  • I’ve been loving steamed eggplant and broccoli with olive oil and tomato sauce… and lentil casserole.

  • heartshapedskyheartshapedsky Raw Newbie

    i’m trying to eat 2 raw and one cooked vegan meal each day. cooked kale, broccoli, garbanzo beans, pb&j on sprouted dave’s killer bread.

  • This has been really really helpful to me. I thought being RAW meant you couldn’t look at cook food (I have an all or nothing personality). But I have realized that I will be 80 – 90 percent RAW. Weekends 70 percent. But I really try and listen to my body and sometimes my body screams for meat. I eat beans first and if it still wants meat – I confess I will get a chicken wing. But I am really trying to stop that because I’ve noticed that it takes my body sooooo long to process meat. W/O being too graphic – I’m a 3 a day (#2) type of girl and meat just shuts me down – that within itself should be enough to keep me off of meat. My staples of cooked will be canned beans because I have not been successful at sprouting/soaking whatever you call it – beans. And I will never give up my Green tea :)

  • EnjoyRaw, so glad you’re finding a balance that works for you. My recommendation for you when you eat meat is to take some digestive enzyme supplements (I take “Superzymes”) any reasonably priced brand will do. They supply helpful enzymes and some extra pepsin to help your body break down the meat (and other foods) more quickly and without taking such a toll on your body. Also I’ve found 2x spoonfuls of psyllium husk mixed with 8 oz of water VERY helpful for keeping everything (raw or not) moving and my body balanced. There’s a wonderful link that’s up about tea, sorry I’m not able to cut and paste on this computer, definitely give it a read because people share there thoughts on tea drinking (almost everyone’s pro) and there’s some interesting info about the benefits.

    Hope you find it helpful :)

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Hollis, I’m totally feeling ya on the toast slathered in coconut oil thing, that’s been my weakness too. Ezekiel with either coconut oil or almond butter is just too good. I eat raw all day, easily, but often have some vegan elements for dinner. My husband and I will make our own pizza dough, I’ll make a raw sauce, then add a bunch of vegetables, especially mushrooms marinated all day in braggs. I don’t use cheese on my half. Or we’ll have some kind of rice pasta with a veggie sauce and garlic bread topped with a little soy cheese. I’m trying to become more raw at dinner but am satisfied that I”m keeping vegan because I was not vegan prior to trying raw

  • i am trying to just go vegetarian for now because every time i go vegan i break it on dairy. I’m still going to keep trying though.

  • gymjunkie - I am the same. Trying to go 100% raw, but that morning green/mint tea in this Minnesota winter, I cannot do without.

  • 99% raw but I allow myself something cooked and vegan 1 time per week. It keeps me mentally sound and just knowing I can do that makes me happier. I usually go for a slice of vegan pizza at the organic place and it is sooo yummy. Other times I will have some Thai or indian food or a bowl of pasta. I had a major cheat a few weeks ago and had french fries and felt like garbage for 4 days so I won't be doing that any time soon. I have been doing this for about 1 year and it works for me.

  • the59soundthe59sound Raw Newbie

    There was a time when I wasn't 100 percent raw... then I started eating lots of fruit.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    right now i'm almost 100%, save a bit of tamari and miso in sauces.

    my husband is high raw most of the time and all vegan. he feels best when he stays away from processed foods, especially wheat. the cooked foods he adds in are squash, cooked quinoa and bread (homemade) from quinoa flour, sweet potatoes, and sometimes oatmeal.

  • I eat leafy greens, vegetables (sometimes cooked, sometimes not), fruit, legumes (always cooked), extra virgin olive oil, nuts & seeds (sometimes rosted).

    Basically, the raw vegan diet, but i'm not worried if the vegetables are cooked and I don't drink juices of any kind or dried fruit. Oh, and uncaffeinated herb teas always get me through meetings held in starbucks.

    I'm sticking to this diet for one year no matter what, then after one year I will review it :) It's not hard to follow, and I eat out 100% of the time because I don't have a kitchen yet! (house in progress)


  • well for the most part the only reason I'm not 100% is because I drink coffee in the mornings. buuut, I do still from time to time let myself indulge in non-raw vegan foods.

    usually only on special occasions, but also peanut butter is something I have a weakness for. I only get the stuff without sugar or salt though...

    I will indulge in a vegan cupcake here and there, on special events, but that's getting harder and harder... I always feel so bad about what went into my body, haha.

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