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Uses of Coconut Oil

shawnieshawnie Raw Newbie


I’d Love to start incorporating Coconut Oil into my diet for fat, but I’m not sure what to do. Should I blend it in soups? Or eat it by the spoonful?

What are some good ways of eating it?



  • I usually put a Tablespoon in my green smoothie.. I bag of frozen fruit: cherries, peaches or raspberries, 2 large leaves of chard or lettuce, 1 very small handful of dandelion, 1 very small handful of cilantro, 1 Tbl. of coconut oil and 1/2 cup water.

  • what about using it as salad dressing?

    I always use coconut oil for when i make raw “Famous Freezer Fudge”; recipe is found on this site.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I use it in making raw chocolate recipe link. It’s so easy and to DIE FOR!!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    i put it on my face before i go to bed. makes a fabulous moisturizer.

  • Let’s see, I use it in some cookie recipes along with a smoothie in the morning, I also use it for my psoriasis when it acts up, (which as long as I stay raw it’s pretty much gone) and for an all over body lotion. Oh, and a massage oil lol.

  • Enter coconut oil into the recipe search and you will get lots of ideas!

  • I usually use it in raw desserts. Also, it really does make a great moisturizer.

    Here’s my moisturizer recipe:
    2T sweet almond oil (add more or less depending on how thick you want it)
    4 oz coconut oil
    4 oz grated cocoa butter
    Essential oil of choice (find what’s best for your skin type)
    1 drop grapeseed oil (per 1oz). This acts as a preservative.
    2 capsules vitamin E (tocophenols absorb better into your skin as they are fat soluble)
    Heat gently and blend together. Store in a sterilized jar.

  • We use coconut oil spread on sprouted flax crackers. We also have raw organic coconut flour available in Canada. Don’t know about other countries. It is leftover from the raw pressing of fresh coconuts for their oil. Still testing some recipes with it. Great sprinkled on fruit or blended in smoothies. More info available @ http://www.rawnutrition.ca/html/alpha_coconut_o… In the U.S. http://www.simplycoconut.com/coconut_flour.htm (They sell Raw coconut oil but it is not specified if their coconut flour is Raw)

  • I read that coconut oil is very high in saturated fat. Since I am dealing with high cholesterol levels in my blood test, shouldn’t I avoid eating this type of fat?

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    Raw_Chocoholic – What a great recipe thank you! I have been just scooping coconut oil from the jar and rubbing it all over myself.

    I love the way it feels and smells.

  • Coconut oil does not raise cholesterol levels. In fact, it’s actually been shown to lower it. Do a google search and you’ll be sure to come up with many articles. There are two types of cholesterol, HDL and LDL. HDL is the “good cholesterol” – the one in coconut oil. In fact, you actually need cholesterol in your diet and as far as I know coconut oil is the only raw vegan source.

  • Yes, I have been googling the info, but most of the sites I find say to avoid saturated fats as they cause the “bad HDL type to raise.
    I am aware too of the good kind in like avocado & nuts, etc, but I keep finding lists that list the coconut oil as something to be avoided saying it is higher in saturated fat than all the rest. <shrug>
    I will keep looking.

  • Here’re some of the ones I found. Perhaps they can help.

    This article explains the difference between long and medium chain fatty acids and how they circulate in the bloodstream http://www.coconutoil-online.com/cholesterol%20…

    Here is an article about a study done when animals were fed coconut oil in an attempt to fatten them up. It turns out they lost weight and their serum cholesterol decreased. http://www.coconut-info.com/mary_enig_cholester…

    Here’s an interesting article by Dr.Mercola. He explains how coconut oil is utilized by the body. http://www.mercola.com/2001/mar/24/coconut_oil.htm

  • A good article on coconut oil can be found here too http://www.alphahealth.ca/coconutoilandhealth/i…

  • Wow…those are really interesting reading. Now I am convinced that using it is really MORE than OK. It is actually GOOD for you. This is great news as I love the taste of it. :-)
    Wish I had started on this quest for good foods info YEARS ago. Ah well…better late than never I guess.
    Thanks for the input.

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