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I’ve been about 75% raw for the last 3 weeks—the only cooked foods I’ve been eating have been really healthy and light like frozen Amy’s wraps or soy cheese.

I was out of groceries last night and I had some of the Spanish rice my boyfriend made himself for dinner.
This morning I woke up with the WORST stomach pains I’ve ever had in my life!
It kind of scared me. Anyone else ever had this when they slipped up? Any good foods to eat to sooth this tummy ache??


  • Yes, I have!! It seems that the stomach for some reason has a much harder time breaking down the cooked food when you eat mostly raw. And mostly in the evening most people are not active so the stomach could be sluggish. I do 2 raw meals and 1 cooked meal. I now do the cooked meal at lunch or breakfast. It seems to be easier for me while transitioning.

  • possibly there was something in the rice that did it too you..

    i eat mostly raw daily and when i go out to eat a big meal like spicy Chana Masala i feel fine..

  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    Is the pain in your stomach or your intestines? When I have had really bad intestinal pain, I have taken aloe vera for a few days, and that helps cool down any inflammation. It’s a very gentle way of soothing your poor digestive system.

  • justagirljustagirl Raw Newbie

    After I was raw for about a month (and my roommate too) she and I both decided to eat a cooked meal (at different times thank God) and both of us were in terrible pain. If you do eat cooked, take a digestive enzyme and probiotic. It probably should be taken each day anyway, but it really helps if you eat cooked foods.

  • After my first month raw, I ate cooked vegan food at our favorite thai restaurant with friends. I had the worst stomachache ever! Once your body detoxes from cooked food, it doesn’t need all of the extra mucus that lives in the digestive tract so it gets rid of it while you detox. Then when you all of a sudden eat cooked food, your stomach and intestines don’t have that protective layer any more and so the cooked food has a harder time making it through… hence the stomachache.

    Try drinking a green smoothie to get all the cooked food out of your system. The fiber should help.

  • Justagirl, do you take the probiotic and enzyme before or after the meal? I have only had cooked food (pumpkin stew) 1x since September. I am taking my non raw husband out to a fancy restaurant for his birthday, and know that my raw choices are going to be very limited. I really don’t want to feel sick for days afterwards.

  • thanks everybody—
    I’m still in a little pain, but not as much.Actually, Istorz, it isn’t a stomach ache but more like sharp cramps. I’m definitly going to remember this next time my boyfriend tries to lure me back to the other side with my old favorite SAD foods. I’m going to try the aloe vera, too!

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