Warming food???

Can you lightly steam veggies, or slightly warm soups etc at 118 degrees or below? and how…do you need special equipment? if not how do you know you aren’t over heating?


  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    The temperature of steam is very high, much more than 118. Some folks warm their foods in double-boilers or dehydrators though. With the later, I guess you could go by touch or use a candy thermometer. When I used to make yogurt, I used touch to make sure I was not heating the milk too much before I added my culture:-)

  • If you make soup in a high speed blender, the friction of the blender often warms the soup a little bit. Also, if I have something that won’t fit in the dehydrator, I will sometimes turn on the oven to the warm setting, and once it is at the “warm” temperature (done pre-heating) I will turn the oven off (to make sure the temperature stays low) and put a bowl or dish of food in there to warm up.

    I have been doing that quite a bit this winter since it has been so cold!

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    I’ve heard that you can put anything in a pot on low and stir constantly and not allow it to get hotter than warm to the touch or 110

  • Ann Wigmore recommends placing the bowl in a pan of hot water so the food is not in contact with the heat source. Good idea! I tend to overheat the soup if it is directly in the pan. I have been preheating a heavy soup bowl with boiling hot water. Example: I mix a sort of paste for my soup base separately, with almond butter, coconut oil, garlic, ginger, tamari, agave, green onion, add a little hot water to thin it, before mixing with my shredded, Asian type greens (bok choy, nappa cabbage),cilantro, shredded carrots,etc. Then empty the bowl and add the veggies, base, more very hot water, and a little lemon. This is pretty satisfying, and nothing is cooked. Those are just some of my comfort flavors, let us know what combos your using. It is a nice eating temperature and stays very warm while you are eating it. I have also placed the bowl of hot water in the oven at about 250, cuz sometimes the bowl gets cold while I’m prepping, but then you have to remember to use an oven mitt. I have also warmed a bowl of prepared, pureed raw soup in the dehydrator, stirring tho distribute the temperature, you can crank it up to 125, the soup will not get even close the a damaging heat in even an hour or two. Try a few different ways, and if you are really concerned about the temp, use a good, food thermometer.

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  • Thanx!!! these are great tips….I think this will really help me stay on track cuz it’s hard to go raw during winter when you are use to warm comfort food :D

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