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Foods good for depression

rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

Been gone for a while, but I am back. I kind of fell off the raw wagon and now I feel horrible. I think I may be suffering from a bit of depression. Anyway I am going to start again and just wanted to say hello again.

I guess I need a bit of support. I am wondering what foods are good for depression anyway? I don’t want to go on medication (don’t want to rely on
synthetic crap) and hope I can do this naturally. I do know about St.johns wart, but it never worked for me.


  • Hello there!

    Going and staying raw cured my depression and anxiety and panic attacks. It was wonderful. It happened pretty quickly too! I think that for many people just going raw will cure depression, no special foods are needed.

    Lighter raw foods like fruits and greens leave you feeling lighter and more energized so you may want to try to stick to them if it feels emotionally comfortable for you.

    It’s important that you don’t feel deprived at all and that you see going raw as an abundant, life affirming, positive choice. Eat a lot of fruit to stay full and satisfied and eat the raw foods that you really, really enjoy.



  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    DHEA in flax oil helps with depression.

  • rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

    Thanks Chilove and 123. Glad to know that just being raw will help and also anxiety which I also suffer from.

    Chilove I was reading your bio and noticed that you suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, both of which i have been diagnosed. The fibromyalgia is really bad for me at this time, especially in my shoulders and lower back, the pain is excruciating. I am happy that you’ve been cured by the raw food diet.

    I am really looking forward to this now : ) I think I was feeling deprived and that’s why I started eating cooked again. It’s also hard to live with a husband who thinks I am nuts to want to go raw, but I know I can’t let that discourage me…. I will start a better outlook to it now, especially since I have so much to look forward to (no pain and no depression) Thanks so much for your help.

  • Raw food definitely cured the depression and panic attacks I used to suffer from but before I went raw I also noticed that carrot juice helped immensely. Wheatgrass juice was helpful as well. I guess it was probably just the mass doses of nutrients that are in juices in general. Hemp is really good too. Also I can’t recommend this phrase enough “Whatever happens I’ll handle it.” It’s from a tape I was blessed to have come across called ‘Feel the Fear and Beyond’. Just repeat this phrase to yourself whenever you feel sad or stressed or scared. It’s amazing how helpful it can be cause no matter what happens you HAVE to handle it so you might as well start believing that you can!
    Health and Happiness to you,

  • Green smoothies. And if these feel too heavy, try just berry smoothies: blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries. Mangoes help. And walnuts. Hemp and flaxseed. Brazil nuts for selenium.

    In addition to rawmumma’s “Whatever happens, I’ll handle it” try focusing on your breathing. Especially when anxious. I tend to take short, unconscious breaths when anxious, and if I can deepen the breathing, it does help with anxiety. It sounds so simple, and it is, but it works.

    One thing that’s really helping my depression is yoga. For your fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, maybe try a Yin/Restorative class. If you can, go to a class instead of watching a video. Just being with others in a mindful space really does wonders for me.

  • rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

    Thanks so much guys for all the great suggestions. Yes, Yoga, I have been wanting to take a class for a long time, maybe I will do that.

  • rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

    You know I really miss my greenmarket, closed during winter..I live in the northeast (NYC) and it’s hard finding organic products that are reasonably priced and fresh. I do belong to a co-op but we only get a box every two weeks and it’s potluck, but I guess it’s better than nothing. I read somewhere on one of the forums that you shouldn’t worry too much if its not organic, but I do, I am a freak about pesticides/chemicals, but if it’s not organic, I try and stick with local produce anyway. Can’t wait till the spring, the winter months really bum me out!

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Brewer’s yeast, take about 1-2 T. in a glass of juice or water. If you can’t handle the taste, you can buy capsules.

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    I just want to echo Audrey and rawmumma—just going raw has helped my depression and anxiety immensely.

    Things that have been particularly good for me are:

    -Anything cleansing to the liver, especially warm water with fresh lemon.
    -Lots of greens, especially in juice or smoothie form.
    -As much fruit as I want.
    -Avocados whenever I am feeling I need something “grounding.”
    -E3 live. I have a tbs in a glass of grapefruit juice whenever i need a boost.
    -Flax oil capsules for when I’m feeling really stressed.
    -Magnesium capsules or epsom salt baths for when I am feeling really anxious. Sometimes I like cacao when I’m feeling depressed, but sometimes it exacerbates my anxiety.

    But one of the most important things for me has been learning to really listen to my body. There are so many different approaches to raw, with so many raw leaders with such rigid ideas about what we “should” and “shouldn’t” eat. I found it so stressful trying to sort out who was right. It made me miserable. And it didn’t contribute to my path to health! By trial and error, I discovered that I generally feel best on high fruit/high greens/lower fat. Dehydrated food generally doesn’t make me feel very good.

    But my needs change! Sometimes carrying dehydrated food with me really enables me to get through the day. And when I’m exercising a lot, I start to feel depleted unless I have a little more fat. So, for instance, rigidly adhering to 80/10/10 isn’t an attractive option. In contrast, my partner feels best on moderate fat and lower fruit. I really do believe that there’s no “one size fits all” solution. So if you can, try to be open to hearing what your body needs. Take what you can from the expertise of the raw leaders, but don’t feel like you need to follow them to the letter. I think those of us with physical or mental challenges have all the more reason to try to listen to what our individual bodies need.

    Have fun!

    PS —The Union Square farmer’s market used to be open year-round. Not sure if it still is.

  • rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

    Thanks Jenny, that sounds like good advice, and to listen more to my body. I am now looking into purchasing a dehydrator and looking for an older vita mix blender (the kind with the stainless steel container) since plastic ones scare me a bit, and the newer ones are so expensive. I forgot about the Union square market! probably because I am on Staten Island (ugh) but I will find out if they are open all year. Are you in NYC? If so, hi neighbor : )

  • I second flax oil. If I stop taking it for even a couple of days, I definitely start to feel less well.

  • I hear dehydration is a common problem among people who are depressed.

    From my own experiences, plenty of water, adequate rest, and a walk outdoors every day can do wonders to help.

  • I just wanted say that I read your story online, chilove, and I was very inspired. Thanks for sharing that, it really does remind me of how much potential we all have to heal ourselves, its a matter of taking responsibility. In university I had major anxiety, I tried all kinds of medications and therapy, but I too, found that when I eat completely raw, this natural joyful feeling just flows from the inside out. good luck raw maiden, be sure to keep us posted on how you are doing :)


  • ambergirlambergirl Raw Newbie

    hey there! yes I too used to suffer from depression, panic attacks, and even suicidal thoughts…RAW HELPS and like others have said there’s no real formula for curing – just stay on it!!

  • RawMaiden, I can definitely relate to your depression, in fact it’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t dealt with depression and/or anxiety! I definitely agree with everyone who suggested flax seed, the fatty-omega 3s are proven to help mood. Gogi berries are also wonderful mood elevators. The juice/extract can be quite expensive so I buy a good sized bag for $7 and have a handful every day. The lift I get afterwards and everyday is noticeable. Also I find my mood can waver quite a bit if my blood sugar levels are also going up and down so eating small meals throughout the day can be helpful. On a non food note daily exercise (walking, yoga, group classes of any kind) and getting outside for at least an hour can do a world of good. Also do your best to get plenty of water to stay hydrated, it’s amazing how our physiological state affects of psychological. Best wishes to you.

  • I have to second the recommendation for daily exercise. Right now, I’m getting excessive exercise (2-3 hours of focused exercise/day) to deal with unusual stress and anxiety, but even under normal life circumstances, I need about an hour each day of concentrated physical activity to function at my best level. I’ve beaten back depression and anxiety over the years through movement. Raw definitely helps, but I think the human body was made to move, and meeting that purpose helps us deal with a lot of life’s struggles. I wish you the best.

  • Hi Rawmaiden,
    I wanted to comment on your situation with your non raw husband. I have a non raw husband who thought I was nuts for going raw too. But after he saw my mood swings lift he was pushing me to go raw. So stay positive on that note. I also tried some recipies of mock food that my husband likes cooked and they turned out so good he is thinking he might be able to go raw too. Of course he might not, but he is definetly more supportive. It really helps to have support form your partner. Explain to him that you need his support, especially if it has been hard for you to stay raw before. I hope all goes well with you!!

  • I have also found raw to ‘cure’ my anxiety, panic and depression But my friends say I have become very sensitive, and i am less motivated to do boring stuff!

    I recommended to my friends who are anxious/ depressed to try raw, but they don’t really believe me!

  • rawmaidenrawmaiden Raw Newbie

    Wow,,, you guys are wonderful! : )

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