Dr. Mark Hyman?

Hi! Did anyone hear Dr. Hyman last night or today on Kevin Gianni’s Healthiest Year Ever podcast series? If so, what was your take on his raw-bash? What he said about detox was scary in my opinion. Maybe it is because what he says about detox and putting those toxins back into motion made sense to me and is definitely concerning. What if our bodies can’t get rid of or process all of that dormant junk?


  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi Hippie Chick, could you tell me what he said?Unfortunatelly I couln’t hear it.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    HC: First of all I would like to commend Dr. Hyman for going beyond his “training” as a medical doctor. He is focused on his oath as a doctor to “do no harm.”

    I have found through my experience and understanding that most (I can’t remember all of what he said) of what he said is a model that seems to explain a lot and more importanly, work. The one thing that really impressed me is him saying this is all a “model” and that there isn’t an “only way.” He also said to do what works for you “one size does not fit all.” Some people raw works for them, some not. There are a ton of factors why raw works for one while not work for another. Notice the people’s experience on this site. Some experience much improvement, other experience decrease in wellness. Everyone needs to find what works for them and have the support of others. The wellness results are what matter not the dogma if wellness is the desired result.

    Having a cleansing/detox/correcting response is simply the body dumping (a good thang) more toxins into one’s system then one is flushing out. There are ways to either slow the dump down (less detoxing foods) or speed up the flush (more water, sweating, etc.). There is nothing to be scared about even though he mentioned an extreme case (remember she wasn’t getting rid of the toxins by going to the bathroom for an extended period of time). I’ve talked to/coached people who got through some horrendous detoxes to have an amazing shift of their wellness on the other side. One thing Dr. Hyman stresses is to work with knowledgable healthcare support person to monitor you. If the gal he spoke about had, the support person would have caught the issue of not going to the bathroom and possibly prevented her from the after effects.

    I hope this makes more sense of what he said. I do think it was refreshing what he said. I can only hope (and support) more healthcare professionals in exploring different modalities so they have many more tools in their healing bag to support people with.

    Lucy: Goto LiveAwesome.com and sign up for the series (it’s free). The podcast is up for a few more days. I am actually on the Living Light’s email list and got my original email about the series through them.

  • Hi Hippie Chick,

    I heard his podcast. Really the detox thing he said was the only new info I got out of it. I too was surprised at how they spoke of raw food, but I can’t remember exactly what was said though now.

    Yeah, the detox thing was scary for me too. Although, personally I’ve never really experience huge detox symptoms … guess that’s a good thing huh!!!

    Right now I’m reading “The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health”(revised 2nd edition). It talks of the toxins (strong acids) that are deep in our tissues and how to remove them. I fully recommend this book. It’s packed full of good info and only about 200 pages long.

    I’m hoping Jonny Bowden’s podcast will be more informative. Although, I’m almost half way through listening to it and no good info yet.:o( I’ll have to finish listening tommorrow … almost bed time, lol.

  • Thanks for your thoughtful responses. LUCY, it looks like BLUE answered your questions (and thus saved me from being late for work. LOL)
    BLUE, your point were excellent and well taken. KIMBALY, I am glad that I am not the only one who felt that way. Interestingly, it sounded throughout that Dr. had a cold. I guess he isn’t raw (jk)

    I guess that my whole rationale for these concerns stem around the fact that it has been a few months for my at 80% at least (usually more) and I still don’t feel great. I am not energetic..tired actually and am combining well and really focusing on preparing healthful, packed stuff.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I listened to the podcast, in fact, I haven’t missed any of Kevin Gianni’s summits. I don’t think Dr. Hyman bashed anything. I see his approach to health as very open-minded. He said that a raw, vegan diet wasn’t healthy for all people, and I don’t think it is. We all have different metabolisms, have different needs and are unique in many ways. Being raw has helped me improve many of my symptoms, but I’m on a plateau and I might need something else. I don’t want to deny myself something out of loyalty to a dietary concept, like fish oil for example, if that’s what my body needs.

  • 123 – I noticed you said you were on a plateau with the raw thing and it reminded me of Victoria Boutenko’s book “Green for life”. You’ve probably already read it…. but if not check it out she found greens to be her answer when she plateaued. But I am all for 100% commitment to doing whatever feels right to us individually whether that means 100% raw or something totally different. I also really believe in the power of happiness for healing. The best guidance I’ve found in that respect is from Esther and Jerry Hicks. http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Hi Northernlights. I drink green smoothies all the time and I feel that Victoria Boutenko is amazing. Jonny Bowden was on last night and he said some things about health and happiness being connected. I try to advise members of my MS group to find something that they can feel passionate about for this reason. JB made good sense about supplementation too. I ordered his books and they will be arriving soon. I can’t wait to read them. They’re about the World’s Healthiest Foods and also about treating disease without medication (if possible).

    Thanks for the link. This reminds me of “The Secret” philosophy.

  • lots of great info. I appreciate everyones openers to do what feels right as opposed to being militaristic about rawness :) HC

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    One other thought about “what works” for a person… A person’s body is always changing (see a an interesting cell lifespan chart). Doing what works today might not be the same as what works for one tomorrow. As the body is able to increase good cell production, remove toxins, etc., organs, tissue, systems become healthier. If one is interested in raw foods but just doesn’t seem to “be able” to achieve the wellness level they desire, then incorporating other foods/options might get them to that level. At “that” level the body has changed and adding in more raw food might actually achieve a higher level of wellness. That is why it is so important to listen to one’s body as best one can and keep exploring and learning about different options.

  • makes good sense. I will check out that link. Thanks:)

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