tomatoes and dried cherries

first. tomatoes. my tomatoes seem to go bad, as in moldey and mushy, after just 2 or 3 days!! i leave them out in our fruit bowl, would putting them in the fridge keep them longer? anything else i could do to keep them longer?

second. dried cherries. i bought some at the grocery store (not organic), i was hoping to use them tonight in a cherry pudding sort of thing, so i soaked them in some water. now the water looks brown! is this normal? or is this because the cherries were not organic, if its the latter, i’ll just have to stick with fresh cherries!


  • When I was little, my Noni always had a magnet on the refrigerator with a picture of a cartoon tomato shivering with a sad face. The caption said “Cold destroys fresh tomato flavor.” I have noticed this to be true that refrigerated tomatoes do not have as much flavor, although they will last longer.

    Where did you get the cherries? The same thing happened with “Dried Tomato Halves” at Trader Joes… I soaked them and the soak water became a yucky dark brown. They didn’t taste that good either. They were probably dried at too high a temp? Maybe the same with your cherries?

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    Congratulations! I think you are getting ripe tomatoes which is great! When a fruit or veggie is properly ripenned, not picked green, it doesn’t last long because it is packed with nutrients and wants to start supplying the seed with what it needs to grow into plant. If your fruit or veggie lasts for a while, it wasn’t ripe when picked and devoid of a lot of nutrients.

  • i just got the cherries at the local grocery store. the closest ‘natural’ store with organic food and an abundance of raw ingredients is an hour and a half away, so i settled for these, thought they might do the trick, but i guess not!

    i think theyre sunkist…ugh. i did buy them though before i knew anything about raw! this wasnt a ‘raw food purchase’ it was a vegan purchase, then turned raw.

    i guess it is good that our tomatoes are picked at the right time. luckily the local grocery store is on my way home from work. i should just buy smaller quantities sooner!

  • I strongly believe that the other fruits I. Your fruit bowl are the culprits! Apples (more so than other fruits) give off a gas that ripens other fruits. In fact a trick to ripening a fruit is to put itunder a napkin or in a bag with an apple. The next day, your fruit, ago etc are good to go. If your tomatoes are in with other ripening fruits they might turn quickly. I would suggest trying them in their own dish on the counter and turning them daily. Let us know!
    with regard to your dried cherries, try soaking them in oj or lemon water. The citric acid may act as a natural version of sulfates that normally protect dried fruits (but at a cost health wise).

    Hope this helps :) HC

  • yes! they were right next to apples! ah ha! thanks

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