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Strong, Healthy Nails 101

MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

...Mine aren’t :(. Despite almost a year of raw, and liver cleansing and huge improvements everywhere else…...Has anyone got some tips or advice as to how to turn them into something other than ‘frails’?


  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    I use MSM in my smoothies and it helps me a lot.Another thing is seaweed,is good for the nails and hair.

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Thanks Lucy. I haven’t heard of MSM but I will do some research. And seaweed is more of an occasional food than a daily one for me.
    How long before you noticed a result please?

  • I realize this is not about nail health,sorry but was wondering about dark circles and tired looking skin. Thanks,sorry Mopoke to change the subject.

    But for nails I agree w/lucy MSM,I don’t use it myself but have heard good things.

  • Hi mopoke! I use something called Hoof flex. It can be easily found at any horse equipment store. It is a kind of balm and if you rub it into your cuticles twice a day, within a week you will notice a great improvement in the condition of your nails.

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Thanks rawrider…I had to look up Hooflex after your post! It’s got lots of neatsfoot oil in it which I am not certain I can deal with…..and I would like to address the problem from a nutritional perspective as well I guess. If other people grow nails that are strong and hard they must be digesting better or eating something that I am missing out on somehow….

    mham my skin has improved enormously since I did a few liver flushes from the curezone site… it’s a quick and easy thing to do with potentially amazing results.
    The dark circles may result to liver congestion too?
    I remember a met an incredibly dynamic and fit woman (lots of aerobic classes and very high energy) who had dark circles and an acupuncturist told her that internally she was very ‘damp’ and stagnant…..despite the amount of detox she must have been putting her body through with all the exercise!

  • Mopoke,I must confess I am really afraid to do serious cleanses like gallblader and liver cleanses. I also want to try the salt water cmorning cleanse but very intimidated too.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Lucy is right on! I use both and have incredibly strong nails and my hair has improved greatly. I know the iodine in seaweed has helped me stop losing my hair. It’s a thyroid thang.

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Thyroid huh? Hmmmmmm I wonder what initially puts that out of kilter?
    I hope msm is available in Oz…..... and I actually have some iodine drops!

  • i need to get some msm… maybe on payday! nail strength can be related to protein deficiency, so you may want to consider high protein raw foods like tahini, blue/green algae, geen veggies/juice, srpouted quinoa, and bee pollen, if you eat bee products.

  • oh, and i would buy msm online anyway… try rawreform.com or rawfood.com or one of those…

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    mham I did the first liver cleanse off the curezone site because I felt so rotten I was more scared not to. And I felt reassured by the testimonials of the online community even though there was no real life support.
    I had never properly digested food, the naturopath put me on enzymes which helped a lot but I found out they were beef and pork derived :(...and then I started to research why I wasn’t producing my own enzymes and came up with potentially clogged gall bladder.
    The first one didn’t work at all and despite eating raw food I was still bloated and constipated.
    I had an ultrasound and it showed that there were gallstones! Really calcifed old ones.
    I had a good GP who said go for it and did the next cleanse straight away and got masses of soft ‘stones’ and felt amazing. Two weeks later not so many stones but one of the old calcified ones came out!
    I really know that cleansing the liver has been a huge step in becoming the ‘new’ me – 14 kg lighter, more vital and cleaner and clearer and stronger in everyway.
    I am currently a bit cross that both the naturopath and my same GP are saying that my 18 year old daughter should NOT do the liver cleanse because it’s too strong when, when I look at her it’s clear that the listless sluggishness she sometimes manifests is exactly where I was for about five decades!!!!

  • Mopoke,thank-you for writing. I too take enzymes,have bloating etc. I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy in 1992 so I can see how this cleanse would help. My worries are pain and what if something went wrong or something ruptured.Is there any specific cleanse on the curzezone site I should look at?

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    I will order some msm, thanks mandelicious :)
    mham – re the liver flush: I waited a month after the one that had flushed the calcified stone but not so many soft ones. That flush (#4) yielded more than 100. Another month went by and I could actually feel that I had ejected more stones out of the liver into the gall bladder and needed to cleanse, but life got in the way a little and I didn’t have time.
    But my liver was so excited about the new regime I had introduced, it was on its way, whether I was helping it or not – after some stretches in a pilates class I ended up with a stabbing pain in the right side (four previous episodes in my life) and realised that this pain was what a gall stone feels like when it gets flushed without the aids of lots of oil, and epsom salts to dilate the ducts. It was painful, it even felt a bit like something was ruptured, but it actually didn’t feel at all life threatening and it passed relatively quickly. The next day I did another cleanse and got maybe 160 stones.
    Afterwards I felt so clean and clear! Yet a month later the next one (#6) just made me a bit sick so I haven;t done any since then.
    The flush I used is the Hulda Clark one and if you search ‘liver flush Hulda Clark’ you should come up with the right curezone pages which link to all sorts of pictures and lots of reassuring advice.
    For best results I would spend a few days before drinking lots of fresh pressed applejuice, or, at the least taking cider vinegar, the day before it;s better not to eat fat or protein (certainly not at dinner) as this lets the bile build up in the gall bladder (u want it to come forth like a dam burst when the olive oil hits your gut the next night – along with all the stones!). On the day of the flush you take it easy. Protein and fat are absolutely taboo as is eating or drinking after 2pm (including water).
    There is a very exact process involving epsom salts to purge the gut prior to releasing the stones (and to also dilate the ducts) and then an olive oil mix to stimulate the gallbladder into throwing everything into those open ducts. Till about lunch time the next day you want to stay close to home and quiet while you get get rid of the flushed stones.
    Mham it’s very easy. Along with all the reassuring advice on the threads is some over the top stuff that sounds as if it’s a major ordeal… but my feeling is that in this life a lot depends on how you set your thought processes. Many people have been safely and repeatedly doing it for years and years therefore initial trepidation and caution is sensible, but getting too petrified to proceed is not.
    This being said I think you should always check with a supportive naturopath or doctor to make sure there isn’t a genuine reason why you shouldn’t flush. (regarding my daughter I can’t think of any except her age and at her age I had my first gall stone ‘attack’).
    The web site talks about how to deal with problems (like drink more oil if u think one is stuck) and my ayurvedic friends told me that after a few, if u think u are getting too dry, then use castor oil the next day to purge the stones rather than more epsom salts.
    I probably should do another one soon…

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Mopoke, I think that in my case the thyroid (and everything else) is out of kilter due to mercury toxicity. I’m doing the Jon Barron total body cleanse program, but it’s hard on me. I’ve had to slow it down several times to adjust to the movement of toxins. The colon cleanse was easy, but the liver detox and the Metal Magic have been tough. I haven’t even gotten to the gall bladder and blood cleanses yet. He spoke on The Healthiest Year podcast last night and he said the first major cleanse is harder than the ones that follow. He does the cleanses 4 times a year. I’ll be fortunate to get through 1!

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    123 when the toxins get too much how does the illness manifest?
    I still have not started taking the detox herbs after the hair analysis but have booked a session with a bio feedback machine in the next couple of weeks.
    I will check out Jon Barron – I have not heard of him.

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Colon cleansing seems to be a big, and constant part of this…. I am wondering if colonic irrigation does the trick. It’s something I would previously never have considered but am now wondering if it would be a good thing… especially as I’ve just realised that I am much less ‘strong’ than I previously thought.

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