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Does anyone have the Raw For Life DVD?

I really want to get it….but I’m not sure. What do you guys think?!


  • I have it and love it. Get it. I have watched it several times for inspiration on my raw journey. :)

  • im glad to hear that you’ve seen it several times- bc I also was thinking about it and then I thought that maybe Ive already read all the info in the various books Ive read. Its good to hear that it inspires you on your journey… hmm..

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    you might be able to get your library to order it. all you have to do is ask.

  • Hey Marysia, I think we are in a similar place in the raw food lifestyle. I am trying out a month, too (I read your profile) I am on day 8. Aside from the support of my fiance I am alone where I live and in my family. So I am kind of immersing myself in the raw food community at large… reading books.. watching dvd’s and participating in communities like this one (goneraw) online. Even though you will have heard the same things on the dvd other places (or at least a lot of it since it sounds like you are a lot like me … reading everything you can) I still love watching it. There is something about seeing real people doing it, too. Since I don’t get to see any of those “real people” where I live. :)

  • northernlights Yes! What you say really resonates with me.. its true that being surrounded by information really helps in staying focused, motivated and positive. How are you feeling so far? Are you enjoying preparing the food? Its great that you have the support of your fiance, my husband is also really supportive and it helps, especially since my co workers have been NOT supportive. Where do you live, if you dont mind me asking?

    pianissima brilliant idea!

  • I live in a small island community off the coast of northern Norway (of all crazy places on this planet to be!) I am originally from Minnesota but somehow managed to wander halfway around the world and settle here under the northern lights (hence the name) and midnight sun! I haven’t really dared to share this raw food lifestyle with anybody (they think I am strange enough being American… although I am pretty sure the vegan part has leaked out.. and they eat fish at every meal here…. so they all think I am crazy) Anyway… I am feeling all sorts of crazy things being raw. I am actually shocked that I have been able to do it and surprised that it hasn’t been hard. I love making the food. But I am detoxing and it is like nothing I have ever experienced. Today I woke up with swollen glands so much so that I had trouble swallowing! But the main surprise is how I have been feeling emotionally. I wasn’t sick or unhappy before going raw but now I feel so much better! I feel more secure, peaceful, patient and happy! I didn’t see this overwhelming feeling of well-being coming! I love it! How are you feeling? And how long have you been raw now? Great to meet you here :)

  • Does the DVD have closed-captions? Or English subtitles?

  • That is so neat! I actually went to school in Minnesota, and now I live in North East Vermont—way in the middle of ..nowhere. I know how it feels to stick out like a sour thumb. I work at a boarding school for skiers and my co workers definitely think Im insane! As for my raw food experience, I said I would do 30 days 100% raw and I loved it. I also found that it was not as hard as I thought- the meals are so satisfying and the energy is great! But after 2 weeks I found that I was in the middle of hard core detox- and my main symptom was that I was SOOO tired all the time. I consulted some folks here who said I should slow my detox down and add some cooked foods. I did that, although I kind of wish I had just kept going and gotten through the rough part. Now, a couple weeks later, I have just begun the Master Cleanse (10 days) which I hope will do a lot of detoxing and then I want to do 30 days of just raw after that. It is so nice to meet you and I am happy we have found this great website, full of support, when perhaps our physical surroundings are not rich with raw people.. but I guess its just the beginning of a great trend! :) I look forward to staying in touch! Nice to meet you too and blessings to you on your journey!!!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Marysia, I live in plattsburgh! I’ve been trying the raw things for about 10 months and am still not 100 percent, but I finally gave up caffeine and all dairy (I was doing raw milk cheese) and now I think I”m detoxing because I sleep almost 10 hours a night!

  • WOw! Good for you kminty3 – you got off caffeine and you are not fighting the need to sleep! Its not easy, thats for sure. AND its not always easy to stay warm on raw foods in the winter- and I can imagine the kind of winter you must be experiencing!

    I found this webpage, rather randomly, and its a network of raw fooders in Vermont. They have different raw potlucks and such in the Burligton area- I am not sure how far that is for you (maybe an hour?) but support and eating what others have prepared FOR you is always such a pleasure!!

    Good luck and stay strong! .. and warm!

  • So.. I called a bunch of libraries, and they did not have the DVD anywhere in Vermont.. BUT I just got a phone call from a librarian who said she was researching it to order it and she read a review that there were naked people photographed in the recipe section and that the library would not get PORNOGRAPHY! ha!

    oh dear… but she was kind enough to look into another DVD which is mostly just recipies, but has good reviews. hehe..

  • Hahahahahhahahaha… pornagraphy, that was a good one. I don’t remember ANY naked people… but then again I probably would not have reacted to it had there been naked people…. I’ll be sure to watch it again (on the outlook for the naked people) and post back and let everyone know if they should fear being traumatized.. hihihi… thanks for giving me a good laugh today, Marysia :) Btw.. that link on the master cleanse! Wow! that was eye opening for me, thanks. I haven’t read the whole thing but I really want to try the cleanse now. Maybe not before the wedding (I am a little afraid I will lose too much weight and drown in my dress…) but soon afterwards I think.

  • I know, isnt that funny? I thought you’d get a kick out of that one! hehe!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    I just ordered the DVD, too, and I can’t wait to get it. As for detox & cleansing, I have had to go soooo slow. I had an iridologist warn me that with the weakness of some of my systems (Type I diabetes, low thyroid, etc.) I would cleanse too fast if I ate 100% raw. She recommended no more than 85%, at least until some of my body systems were stronger. That explained why I was getting sick doing cleanses – even mild ones! I listened to my body, and for two and a half years I have been eating meat, sometimes raw dairy, and mostly everything else raw (except I was still eating cashews, mustard, maple syrup, and things like that which weren’t really raw). I had great success in decreasing my insulin use and healing my thyroid (except that my doctor, when it tested normal several months ago, said it’s normal for it to fluctuate – whatever! He’ll see the difference will be permanent). My body is much stronger now, and I have finally made the switch to 100% raw and vegan. Two weeks into it and I am cleansing – much more gently now than when I first started – and I found a cleanse I am going to order because I FINALLY FEEL READY TO CLEANSE!!!!! I have wanted to eat all raw for the last 2 1/2 years, and now I can! Part of what got me excited to switch was that I watched the intro for “Raw For Life” and saw that someone else had successfully been cured of Type I diabetes. I have always felt that if we give our bodies what they need, they will heal; the concept of my part of my body shutting down and never being able to heal seemed wrong. This website is definitely a huge blessing as I am making this transition. It’s nice to have the support, especially since my family and friends mostly think I am crazy, too. It’s good to be able to share my successes/challenges/questions with people who don’t want to just send me to the doctor and who realize the accomplishments. Thamks to all!!!

  • angie what a great story! what an amazing journey you’ve been on! Way to go! Way to stick it through! There is also another documentary “Raw for 30 days” (you can see the preview on google video) and it talks only about curing a group of type 1 diabetics with raw food. I cant wait for it to come out! Please let me know how you like the DVD! Blessings and congratulations!!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Marysia, Thanks for the encouragement. I need it! I got my DVD, and already I have learned things I never knew before about diabetes. Also, I think a couple of the recipes on the DVD are well worth the $30 I spent on it! Raw For 30 Days is great! I am also anxious to see the whole thing. Yeah!!!

  • kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

    I absolutely love this site. I’m finding so much information that I didn’t realize was out there! I googled Raw for Life and found a number of sources. I may visit my favorite bookstore first to see if they have it available. If not, I will definately order online! THANKS!

  • suekosueko Raw Superstar

    Marysia and Angie—Raw for 30 days is about type 2 diabetes, not type 1. That being said, a raw food lifestyle is a huge step in the right direction for all diabetics, as long as the fruit and grains are reduced according to your body’s reaction. BTW I’m a type 2, and any information that has helped anyone in the same state, I’d be very interested in hearing.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Raw For 30 Days was about five people with type 2 diabetes and one with type 1 Diabetes. His name is Kirt Tyson, and he does the introduction on the Raw For Life DVD. I have been researching this a lot since I saw the Raw For 30 Days trailer (David Wolfe said something about insulin dependent diabetes for 20 years to no insulin after two weeks – Insulin dependent is another phrase used to describe type 1, so that really caught my attention.) Then I watched the intro. to Raw For Life and heard Kirt Tyson saying he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has now been diabetes-free for over a year and a half, since staying at the Tree of Life (as a participant in the Raw For 30 Days program). I looked it up. The Tree of Life rejuvenation center has a reversing diabetes program developed by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. I called the center, and the man I talked to said that, yes, it is mainly type 2 diabetics, but they have had a few that are type 1 who have been successful on the program as well. The program includes some fruit (certain low-glycemic fruits) later on, once blood sugar is stabilized. According to doctors, type 1 diabetics will need insulin the rest of their lives, especially when they eat any type of carbohydrates, but even when they aren’t eating. This is called basal insulin, or the insulin a person needs without food. Also, according to the medical profession, type 1 diabetes is not controllable without insulin, regardless of a good diet and exercise program. Interesting that Dr. Cousens is doing the impossible! It is not just raw foods, though; he uses/recommends cleansing, supplements, yoga, spiritual practices, etc. It is a whole lifestyle. That doesn’t mean that everyone with type 1 will be healed, but it shows it is possible.

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