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detox craziness!!!

Hi! I am 8 days 100% raw and suddenly having a salty craving that needs addressing. This used to be pizza night and I had some mishaps in the kitchen today so I haven’t eaten so much. Worst case scenario I will eat a grapefruit and go to bed…. but if anyone has a suggestion for something I can whip up immediately it would be very much appreciated! A quick replacement for something pizza/taco/potato chipish.. if you know what I mean. I am detoxing here and my body is probably just now getting to all those years of pizza in my cells!


  • There’s a great recipe on this site for bruschetta on mushroom tops. I’m sure you could alter the bruschetta recipe to seem more like a pizza sauce.

  • Thank you for the suggestion kathrynintheraw! I am going to try that one… but need to buy some mushrooms… anyway disaster averted. I made a salad. I didn’t have any greens today maybe that explains the off the wall craving… so I feel much better. I used lots of greens and apple cider vinegar. It is crazy I had some cucumbers with the apple cider vinegar and lemon today… and then the same on my salad now…. I could have drank that vinegar out of the bottle today it tasted so good. What is that about? I am really detoxing like crazy today (and yesterday). I woke up with swollen glands so much so that I could barely swallow… and now I have a rash on my hands.. headache… energy is low and spacey… phew what a trip this raw thing is! Please tell me you guys have been there done that?

  • When I detoxed I got flu-like symptoms really bad…. I’ve never been that sick in my life. It happened exactly one week after starting raw, and only lasted about 3 days. Detox day 1, I couldn’t keep anything in me. Detox day 2, I was able to eat a banana – one bite at a time in between naps. Detox day 3, I had a banana and an apple and was able to get out of bed a little bit. After that I was able to start eating more often throughout the day.

  • Ooh.. if you have some avocados on hand, you can make salty, garlicy, guacamoly which is so satisfying! I dont know if you have a dehydrator, but I also make raw crackers (a bit salty from seeweed) and they are great to put yummy spreads on.

    Good luck on the detox! Its not fun! I read that taking a bath in Epson salts really helps get toxins out as well as dry brushing your skin in the morning!

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    my emergency fix for 2 years has been apple cider vinegar , extra virgin olive oil , herbs , heavily laced with crushed up garlic cloves . the garlic gives that strong taste to quench taste buds . i always have a bottle of this dressing made that i can throw on whatever salad fixings i have and it saves me every time .

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    i just saw marysia’s gauc advice and totally agree , i make my gauc with alot of garlic , cumin , parsley , with lime squeezed on then throw a scoop on my salad for a great salty kick . also , i dont use salt and it still gives the kick of it . the only salt i use is a little in my dressing because im totally down on salt . i learned from running that when i quit salt ive greater endurance and less mucous / colds in the winter .

  • Thank you all so much for the great suggestions and support!! I could cry I am so grateful for all of you in this network! Boy I am on an emotional detox roller coaster at the moment and I feel like you are all with me here in my kitchen guiding me through the healing craziness! I love the avocado ideas and will buy avocados tomorrow! Michigan roman: I will for sure be adopting your emergency fix. Renoir: wow! that was quite the detox! Also very helpful to know when it happens and how long it can last.. it is so helpful to hear about your experience. Marysia: I really enjoyed your post on the other thread, too. I feel like I’ve got a raw soul sister across the sea in you! Thanks for your great posts :)

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    northern lights, when i crave salt( always around the hormonal times of the month) i eat celery dipped in tahini, or just plain by itself, any good nut cheese will help too….boy nothing beats good guac though…think ill make some for breaky!

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