Homeopathic remedies for strep throat?

Has anyone ever tried a homeopathic remedy for strep throat that worked?


  • My doctor reccomended vitamin c and echinacea along with lots and lots of rest, fluids and time. It worked. You know, strep throat will actually clear up on it’s own, and though a few percent of the people infected who will end up with a case of rheumatic fever that will cause painful and inflamed joints and a rash, and can even result in damage to heart valves, they are now recommending antibiotics in cases where scarlet fever/rheumatic fever are documented in the community or the person infected has heart conditions. Another potential complication of strep throat infections is kidney inflamation. I reccomend always talking with a physician though.

  • I have heard of people gargling with goldenseal..

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Strep is very serious. It is not something to “experiment” with. If you do have a sore throat for more than a week, go see a doctor and get tested. Strep, if not taken care of can become an organ eating bacteria infection called Toxic Shock Syndrome. As the organs get attacked by the bacteria, the body will start shutting down the extremities. When this starts happening, the extremeties start to die. If your body is in a state that the docs think you can actually live through the procedure, they will start amputating the dead limbs (arms, legs). Many who do survive TSS have major organ damage and usually one or more limbs removed.

    I actually know someone who tried to deal with a sore throat without medical oversight. He almost died. He was actually on complete life support and his family was told to get a priest for last rites because he was expected to live only a few more hours. The docs didn’t amputate limbs because they didn’t think he was going to live. By the time he actually went for medical care he had such an advanced case, no medical intervention helped. He was fortunate that one of the docs went “outside the box” and was able to get his body to start fighting the infection.

    Have I given you a graphic (and real) enough picture to realize the importance of going to medical professional and be monitored?

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