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Hello from Germany

marcellmarcell Raw Newbie

Hi my names Marcel Im 26 years old and I live in Germany, I got into rawfood because I felt tired most of the time and used to be very depressed, since i didnt want to get any medication I was allways looking for alternatives and when I read a book about rawfood it just made click and it all seemed so very true and simple. Im still tired here and there smetimes even depressed but not as bad as it was after eating something cooked. Im definetly more energetic and up to stuff like going out into nature and awsome things like that which I was just too depressed to do before. Well this was my introdution, maybe i will post some recipes in the future too. Something tradition maybe raw saurkraut and flax saussage or something lol


  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    Welcome Marcel, glad to hear you’re feeling less tired when eating raw… the energy will just get better and better!
    I would love to see your sauerkraut recipes… or any raw converted German recipes in fact. Are there many raw lifestyle people in Germany??

    I just read your website… My mother is German so I have very very basic German language skills… but what is a Knoblauchz

  • Hi! My family lived in Wurzburg for about five years when my father was in the military. It’s such a beautiful country, and the food there is tasty.
    Are you guys still worried about the mad cow disease over there? The American Red Cross will not allow me to donate blood because I lived in Germany for five years.

  • OOoo raw german recipes, please do!

  • Hi Marcel, you aren’t so far from me – I live in Nijmegen (Nimwegen!) in the Netherlands, just on the german border.

    Glad to hear there is some german interest in raw food – how is Germany for that? Isn’t it a bit difficult? (culturally food is fairly similar here – lots of processed meat for example, and even vegetarians are rare!). There isn’t much going on here in the netherlands raw-wise so I have been wondering about maybe finding out what germany is like for raw food. are there any good websites you would recommend? (I read german)

    Welcome anyway – I’m new here too but it’s a great website.

  • marcellmarcell Raw Newbie

    hi, Knoblauchz

  • Hi marcell. I am from Germany too. I live in Stralsund. :-)

  • I am from duisburg:)

  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    I’m going to ghent belgium this summer. It’s close to germany. I don’t know if there are any rawfood resturants around that area.

  • Hi,

    I’m living in Rheinland-Pfalz ( hope I spell well) in a little village. (I just moved here 2 w. ago.)

  • Aloha from FL. This is so great since the raw food lifestyle is global, we can talk with people from all across the world :)


  • Coole Sache, Ich bin in Berlin. Super zu wissen, da

  • marcellmarcell Raw Newbie


  • Hello from Austria! =)

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