My First Green Smoothie Everrr

I just had my first green smoothie ever. 1 Mango, a squirt of Lemon Juice, and a leaf of Kale.

It was wonderful!!

I’m hoping that I can build up the amount of kale/spinach in it over time. Cause it really is quite tasty. And I used your advice about putting lemon or citrus in it to calm the “greeney” taste down.

Amazing. My eyes are open.

The sad thing is… I made this after a ranting food binge. I tried to eat healthy and stay away from the nuts and dates but I couldn’t… and I ended up having a bowl of oatmeal that made my belly hurt and wasn’t even any good.

I’m counting on you guys… you said that greens will help to control my date/nut eating issue. I love you all and thank you for opening my mind and palette to the power of Green Smoothies!


  • That is great to hear shady lady! Try this one: a couple of sweet juicy oranges, a frozen banana, some ice and water and your greens (any type will work). That is my favorite combination. It tastes like an orange julius to me. Mmmmm… I am going to go make one right now!

  • AWESOME! green smoothies are absolutely perfect. heres my version – i fill my blender up to the very top with mixed organic greens, then i press it all down, add about 1.5-2 cups of distilled water, then i blend just the water and greens until its pure liquid. then i add 1 gala apple (cored and slice) and 2 golden kiwis (or regular green ones), then i blend again until its liquid. THEN i add 1 frozen banana and blend again. THENNNNN i add 1 tablespoon of ground up flax seeds and 1 cup of ice to it. blend again haha. its totally awesome and the perfect way to get tons of greens in your body. and because it blended, you get about 65% more of the nutrients out of the food, where as if you chew it, you get about 35%

  • Wow! That one sounds really good northernlights!

    Shady Lady worry not! I went on a date & nut binge when I was detoxing, because I was so low energy and I guess my body was looking for sugar. bad idea. it made me feel like crap!

    Its true about green smoothies helping with cravings and I find that starting out the day with a green smoothie is especially helpful in having a good day!

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