I'm lovin the Green Smoothie.

So I had my first Green Smoothie yesterday. It only had one peice of curly kale in it.

Today I had my second one. It had half a lemon, a whole mango, 2 peices of curly kale, and 5 peices of dinosaur kale!

I love it!


  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    I’m loving green smoothies too! Yours sound’s really good! I make mine with 2 to 3 handfuls of spring mixs, 2 apples,1 orange, 1 pear, and a young coconut. First I juice the apples, orange, and pear. (because I don’t really like my green smoothies thick). Then I put the greens in the blender and the young coconut. So very refreshing!!!

  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    green smoothies are so yummy…seriously there delicious!!! I have lots of kales so I’m going to make lots of smoothies

  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    Green smoothies have changed so many lives. I love them – all kinds. Sometimes I like them extra fruity and sometimes I make them hardcore green. I sneak them into the movie theaters, too!

    Kristen Suzanne

  • Sooo gooooooood! :p

    I have fallen in love with greens smoothie too…


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