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Am I detoxing?

Today is day 4(!) of a small rash on my forehead and nose – little tiny barely red bumps that no one can see unless I point them out, but I think they give my skin an overall icky uneven look to it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a rash in my life except for in response to an identifiable irritant such as poison oak. I’m at the point in my transition where I’m not sure if I should chalk this up to detox and accept that it will soon pass, or if I should go running straight to the dermatologist.

If it helps to put things in context, I started going raw almost two months ago. Wow – it seems like longer than that. My body weight has gone back to normal for me (I’m a muscular 5’6, and sitting on my butt all day as a lawyer helped to grow said butt over the past three years to the point where I had gone up to about 144lbs recently. Now, after less than two months raw, I am down to a very natural feeling 125lbs). In the last month, I have had three cooked meals – damn Sag Paneer just gets me…and every thing else has been raw, minus a little bit of very dark chocolate (over 70% cocoa). Some days I feel like bursting out of my skin with energy, and other days I want to nap after just going to the farmers’ market down the block. I haven’t experienced anything that I could point at and say UH-HUH- Detox is here!

Is my diet – mostly (95%?) raw – pure enough to cause detox symptoms? Does my body know that it is clearing toxins, or is my body just dropping weight because I’m bringing in less calories? Has anyone else experienced the little bumpy rash that I’m talking about? I don’t mind the funny looks at the store and the questions about whether I have pet rabbits, or the flack my friends are giving me for no longer wanting to go to many restaurants, but I do mind bumps on my face!

Thanks for any advice or feedback!

- Judy “That’s not my skin, it’s my diet”


  • I don’t have an answer for you, but I have sympathy. I have been pretty raw for 4 months, mostly raw for two. This week I also got a funny rash popping up. I have also gotten some come and go swollen glands, pimples that I haven’t had in ages, and my right eye keeps watering! How odd right? I am convinced that it is a detox process. It was pretty bad for a while and so I switched to a liquid diet for a few days which helped a lot. Try a mini juice fast and see if it doesn’t clear up. Good Luck.

  • We have matching rashes. What a great advertisement for our healthy new life styles! :) Thanks for the response. I am on day two of a juice fast/feast, but I’m sitting here feeling extremely hungry, so I’m not sure if I’m going to stay on this or eat a simple salad or something. Good luck!

  • I had rashes on my hands and some blotches on my face. They went a way when I went off the diet for a while, but now I’m back on I will check to see if they come back.

  • When I majorly detoxed, I didn’t get a rash, but I did get pimples all over my arms and thighs – yuck. They eventually disappeared, but it took a week. No fun when it was during the warmest days of the year!

    For your juice fast, are you doing greens too? They really help me fill up. Just a fruit smoothie makes me starving in an hour. Add some kale and romaine, and I’m good til lunch.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I had the grossest, worst, most evil looking sores I have ever seen or heard about, all over my lower body and on my legs. It was awful, painful and absoluntly disgusting. They kept coming and going for about 6 months. Some of them were so bad I couldn’t move properly and were about 5cm across! I hope that no-one else gets that! I had it when I was about 6 months raw. Haven’t had anything like that since thank goodness. I think everyone’s detox of different, and depends on how well you looked after yourself prior to going raw. And I may have been vegan for about 10 years, but I did not eat healthily of look after my health in any way, the opposite was true.

  • Okay, you ladies are freaking me out. :) if I get sores all over my legs, my sores will be walking with me to north beach for some pizza. if i’m going to look like a leper, i might as well have some fat on me.

    for the juice fast/feast, i’m having a fruit juice in the morning (today was a delicious blend of fresh strawberries from yesterday’s farmers’ market, two kiwis, three oranges, two blood oranges, and a lime). Then, i have two more liters of vegie juice during the day – right now i’m sipping on a mixture of rainbow chard, romaine, lemon, apple, cilantro, ginger, and beets. Sitting in the work fridge is a liter of celery, watermelon (it was going to spoil if i didn’t use it today, so i decided to experiment with it) and mint. The combo sounded weirdly refreshing when i was juicing at 6 this morning, but we will soon find out.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hey, I think what I went through was a bit extreme too, I am certain it was down to me not taking good care of myself and living on a diet of chips, roast potatoes, coffee and dark chocolate for years and years. I am sure you have a much better starting block state of health than I did and will never have those evil sores!!

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