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Raw high

Hi everyone – I went raw about a week ago and despite not following the diet stricktly at the weekends (lifestyle does not permit) I am experiencing extreem highs a bit like a kind of drunken (but focused) giddyness whenever i eat or immediately after – its not a bad feeling at all but it kind of makes me a feel a bit away with the faries. Is this normal – why is it happening ? Any ideas would be apprechiated.

Thanks !


  • I dont know exactly, but I think it may be the great energy factor of raw food (especially greens) vs. the slugginess factor of cooked food. I experienced the same thing, especially after a really green-rich meal. Fun, eh? ;)

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I definitely feel hyper after eating raw food. If I drink a green juice, I feel almost stoned.

  • I went raw 100% in October and the past two months I have felt this vibrancy running through my bloodstream. It’s euphoric. Sometimes I feel like I just drank 5 cups of coffee I have so much energy. But without the coffee stress feeling. Sometimes I feel just like you described “high” because of all this wonderful energy. It’s amazing. Going 100% raw has really changed my life!
    It reminds me of Juliano’s book where he’s jumping up in the air. That’s how I feel!

  • I get the same high off raw foods. I wish I knew about Raw Foodism in my late teens and early 20s …

  • Gotta love that Raw food high! Being the super busy Mom of a toddler, I’m glad I went raw (well about 90% raw)! People are amazed at how much energy I have! I’ve always been bubbly and a bit giddy but I think that’s doubled now! Enjoy your new natural high on life feeling!

  • LOL… thats a great feeling!

  • Moth is right about the green juice. You get wired, absolutely wired.

    Are you a coffee drinker Eggstar? Maybe you still have some caffeine in your system and you are more sensitive to its effect?

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