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Raw with Rheumatoid Arthritis

MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

So I’ve been raw for a year. This month is my one year anniversary. I felt great until August and then slowly started to well….not feel so hot. I mentioned it in other posts. Truly its been frustrating. Well low and behold. I’ve just been diagnosed with RA. Unbelievable. My hands have gone all wonky. So I’m getting to know MSM. Continuing to eat raw. Working on my mental state. Still. Feeling my own mortality. Anyone else out there who can share their experience in this regard?I still feel good/natural eating raw but I am accutely aware now that at the end of the day its still just food. Raw or not no one “lifestyle’( ewww I hate that phrase..;O)) is going to save me from myself.



  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    I’m so sorry. I wish I could help you!

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Hey Thanks! Thats really kind of you to say. ;o)

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    Try some ayurvedic herbal stuff- sandalwood, cinnamon? You know who is great is Dr. Svoboda- he has written about this. My grandma has it and I have popping hips, my arms ache before it rains and it gets cold, I always know what the weather will be like-or at least if it’s going to storm.Does that sound familiar? Do you live in a warm climate?

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Dr Svoboda? I’ll check him out. I live outside Philadelphia PA. Its fairly new for me ( since August so I can’t relate to seasons yet. Atho’ the damp cold of the great Northeast prolly ain’t swell! lol.At the moment I feel pain/stiffness/numbness all day long. Its worst in the AM. At first I thought I was clenching my hands when I was sleeping! But even though I’m A type with three kids, I’m not THAT stressed! Hahahahahah!!!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I was just downloading files from juicefeasting.com and came across Dr Lorraine Day and how she cured her stage 4 cancer with Gerson Tx. She was conventional and now works with all kinds of chronic dideases via nutritional Tx. drday.com is her website (Almost positive!). I’m sorry I can’t do more! I know of people with it, but nobody close.

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    yeah Svoboda, ayurveda one of the eight limbs of yoga- hatha or ashtanga yoga might also be a good idea I would think. I think it’s good you eat healthy tho. that no doubt will help you. god bless

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    I’ve read about Dr, Day. Her story is fascinating and really intriguing. I think her personal experience and expertise gets muddied up by some of her outrageously anti-semetic ideas. I could be wrong but I think I read somewhere that she said the Holocaust never happened. Yowza. Like maybe not on Mars…..... I’ll still check out Gerson Therapy!

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    Dr.Gerson is ayurvedic in NY right?
    Nevermind, diff dr. I think.

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    Oh, Marichiesa, I’m so sorry. My stepmother was diagnosed with RA last year and it has been a terrible struggle for her. She’s very open to trying raw, but is just having such difficulties juggling medication and her very intense work schedule that she hasn’t tried to tackle the transition yet. I’m always looking for inspiring stories to help get her more motivated.

    Several years ago she did experience a remission from her pain (not yet diagnosed as RA) on an anti-inflamatory diet.

    Basically, the diet was cooked vegan with:
    -no citrus
    -no salt
    -no spices
    -no nightshades
    -no vinegars
    -no sugar
    -no soy
    -no garlic/onions
    -no brassicas (I think? not sure about this one)

    She ate a lot of rice and steamed veggies. I know it really, really helped her a lot, but she’s been reluctant to even go back to it because food is one of the few pleasures she’s able to enjoy.

    Anyway, I don’t know if this is helpful at all, or if you eat any of the above regularly, but maybe some of it could help…

    All the best. I will keep monitoring this topic, though. I told her I would keep her posted on anything I heard about RA. I’ll also report back if she finds something that works for her.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Check out Glycobiology and medicine: an introduction from pubmedcentral for some info you may not know about RA. The article is very sciencey, but hopefully you will get the gist of the issue. Research is indicating that RA (and OA) is linked to a specific saccharide/carbohydrate (a nutrient) deficiency. Another example of a body’s scream that it is not getting what it needs to heal, maintain, or defend itself. Feel free to directly if you have questions or want further info.

  • KarmyngirlKarmyngirl Raw Newbie

    I found out I have Lupus while pregnant with my son, so I can relate with a lot of what you’re going through. The best things you can do for yourself is stay raw and stay relaxed. Enjoy all the days of your life! Life is worth living so enjoy it!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    My Mom’s had RA for about 20 years now. I can definitely say that she’s at her best when staying on top of her diet (no meat, no dairy, no citrus (growth factor food)). Unfortunately she’s never been disciplined about diet and now she’s eating loads of soy (another no-no). I’ve recently read about MSM and arthritis too. Have you had any luck with that? My Mom swears by KM Matol and has been taking it for years, although she’s also on Methetrex 8 (sp?) which is quite toxic but has stopped the deformity. I honestly believe the diet is fundamental to keep it all under control (cooked or raw, but you MUST avoid the no-nos). The American Arthritis Foundation has a diet book and they pretty much say you have to avoid those foods too I believe. It runs in my family. I’ve tested positive for auto-immune, but negative for RA.
    Good luck.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Forgot to add, my Mom’s so much better when when she swims a lot. There’s a very heated pool near where she lives in L.A. for people with health issues like hers that’s free for people with certifiable cases. Seeing your picture reminded me!

  • Sorry to hear about the diagnos RA.

    I had/have similar problem. After some years raw I got atrit but psoriasis atrit. What I understood it could be coursed of bad nourishing, or too little nourishment that makes the sickness come.

    I have asked my self how some people can eat the same things without problems. I still try to find some answers.

    But in the end: We are so much bigger than what we eat! And I believe that we are even bigger than this life.

    Love Nuri

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Thanks everyone for all your thoughts! I’m dreading the thought of giving up citrus. No lemons? !!! The other stuff soy included I dropped a year ago. Thats the other thing that is kind of confusing to me. Given how many irritant/inflammatory foods that I’ve eliminated from my diet even before I started feeling weird you would think my symptoms would be less not increasing. So weird.

    Bludolphin I’m going to check out your the site you recommended now.;O)

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    MSM powder has been helping my mom with her arthritis

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    I just bought some MSM yesterday and I think I may start a juice fast. I’ve done it before but not with the understanding of how it may benefit me that I have now. The prospect feels daunting to me for some reason.Perhaps its an indicator of “stuff” I’m holding onto that I need to release but am reluctant to do. Funny, powerful thing our mind/body!

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    Jerseyshoregirl, my heart goes out to you- sounds like you’ve really had a lot of challenges- stay positive and strong.

    Marichiesa- okay so they say no citrus, but think of all the berries you can eat!!!!!!!!berry pie, berry parfait, berry smoothies berries are an antinflammatory tooo aren’t they?

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Yeah isn’t it!? I feel that we need to listen to our body when it comes to eating. Our body knows what we need; what vitamins and nutrients we are lacking. We have truly moved away from this. We constantly rely on our minds to tell us when we are empty and when we are full. What we should eat and what we should not eat. What foods are “bad” and which ones are “good”. Its really an unhealthy habit and it is very difficult to let go of a habit this extreme. I give you all my blessings and hope that you may finally let go and feel relief :)


  • Marichiesa, I feel young and alive but at times my body lets me know ’’wassup’’.

    I had an injury on the set of a commercial about two years ago and, at the time, it hurt but has gotten progressively worse now-probably didn’t heal right. More and more it feels like the knee, exclusively, when its working and resting. However, other joints hurt sometimes too. I couldn’t afford insurance and doctor visits so I’ve been treating myself for awhile.

    I was training for a marathon and had to drop out because of pains (did get to 15 miles though :-)

    Now I use herbal teas, cleanses, raw foods, MSM, and vegan glucosamine. When I take the MSM and glucosamine…I TRULY have a better day. Can’t explain it. Hope this helps luvvie!

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Glucosomine sounds good! I was reading up on that. Combined with msm its suppossed to really help.And YES! to berries! Why did I not think of that? Too focused on giving up and not on what I have. Ach!

    Peace All.;O)

  • juicyjuicy Raw Newbie

    I may be completely wrong, but I’ll throw it out there anyways. I have never specifically researched arthritis, although I have come across theories that it is an allergic reaction to certain things. Even though you are eating raw food, maybe you are still eating things your body is allergic to? I would suggest a few days of juice feasting, which really isn’t that bad once you get past the first day, and then try the heart rate allergy test. You can read about it on the web. Simply start adding the most simple forms of food, such as really watery fruits, after your juice fast and immediately after eating check your heart rate. Somehow this lets you know what you are allergic to, although I don’t know details! Also, have you ever considered this RA being a part of your detox? I truly do believe that raw food is the healer of all things, well no, I take that back. I believe that through raw food, and not polluting your body, it will heal itself. So maybe, after 1 year of being raw you are going through another form of detox?

    Just my theories. Best of luck to you and remember to always think positively..this helps with health conditions more than anything!

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Hey Juicy,

    I have considered that this may be part of detox and food allergies too. The cleaner my system has become the more I feel like a canary in a coal mine. I think I may have some allergy to nightshade foods. So I’m nixing the tomatoes, corn etc…And I am definately doing a four day juicefeast starting tomorrow.

    Of course my Mom just told me that my paternal grandmother had severe RA in her hands and feet but never even took a aspirin. Oh and my Dad was just diagnosed with polymyositis arthritis. So I guess there is a genetic predisposition going on. Well maybe that and a certain rigidity in our self concepts!! ( Only sort of joking..;O)

    I am going to use my special powers for good and be the one in the family that breaks this collective jungian thought pattern! Gulp.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    I just noticed the link for the article I posted goes to the summary page. RA is discussed on page 262. Notice the article mentions glucosamine (the N-acetyl form). Glucosamine is a saccharide. Hope you find it useful. Be aware that not all Glucosamine supplements (like other supplements) are created equal. Quality depends on the manufacturer and their processing practices.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I am juicefeasting now and due to a significant deterioration in my diet the last 3 mo. of 07 I was having a lot of pain. I do have really creaky knees, but this was severe muscle pain in the high hamstrings and a constant ache in my low back. I couldn’t even touch my toes and I was pretty limber for 42 before “The Great Fall off the Wagon”. I am on day 13 and although the discomfort has improved daily, today is the first day I am almost pain free. My muscles are still stiff, but things are rapidly coming along. I’m thinking 4 days is probably not enough time for a problem as severe as RA to create a significant healing response. According to the juicefeasting website, you really need at least 30 days and I would suspect longer for more serious conditions. I am very functional and not hungry on this. As long as you get 2+ lb of greens and a wide variety of produce you will feel fine (except during any cleansing reactions) and be well nourished.The worst part is getting everything done in the AM, but I guess at least it is done!

  • I’ve read that cereal grains and beans are bad for RA. Beans and grains are high in lectins. And lectins can cause changes in the wall of the digestive track, which allows some of the material normally kept inside the gut to leak into the body. The material can then prompt the immune system into attacking the body’s own joints, resulting in rheumatoid arthritis. So if you eat sprouted beans or grains, you may want to research the connection.

    I wouldn’t give up raw. Imagine how much worse the RA might be without plenty of fruits and vegetables… Also, I know this is a vegan forum, but I think fish oil pills have some benefit, too.

  • Hi Marichiesa, I too am battling an autoimmune disorder similar to yours. I know how you feel. I know that sometimes it feels like it makes no difference in the foods you eat, but trust me it does. About 70% of the immune system in in the digestive system. If you eat foods that support, calm and cleanse the digestive system, your body will continue to heal. I feel that my condition would be much worse on if I were on the SAD diet.

  • Hi Marichiesa
    I am new here and don’t have the raw food knowledge that the others have but i can give you some advice last summer i was approx 80% raw and found that it was very benificial,—i should mention that i have Fibromyalgia and M.E. (CFS) FM is a condition similar to RA and Polymyalgia – at times it feels like know matter what you do the body just doesn’t want to work right. in the case of FM and PM both have been shown in some cases to be heradatory.
    The warm swimming pool does help in the long run initially it increases the pain
    the second is a book i studied from in college called “the trigger point workbook” if you have ever been to a chiropractor or physio and they have found the painfull nodules that is what TP are and acupuncturist also needle these points – any ways by activating these you can get relife from muscle pain
    hope this help

    with re the raw food i should also mention that conditions like FM and PM and RA patient develop sensitivities to foods and that the raw food diet is not as hard for our systems to digest as a SAD diet or even in some cases a vegetarian diet

  • I just have to jump in here. RA is just not the same as arthritis, in that it is definately an overactive immune response that can be triggered by so many other things. In my case, about a decade of inuries, unrelenting chronic pain, physical and emotional, the last 5 years being the worst . My RA diagnosis came last May, not too long after beginning acupunture treatments for the chronic pain. The Rheumy later added FM and CFS, and tried to add some more, but I will not recieve it. I feel the acupuncture treatment sorta brought it out, but so many factors were working most of my life. I believe toxicity is the root cause, from a bad, sad childhood diet, other excesses, relationships, and my own tendency to let negative situations get the best of me. My mom had severe RA, but it’s the last thing I ever dreamed I would have. It brought me to raw, and I have had great results, but still not on top of it. My diet restrictions are many, and it is sometimes, very discouraging, but I try to focus on the good for me foods that I love, and try to make the the most out of them. The CFS is probably the hardest part for me to deal with. I have not started the big killer drugs, prednisone is bad enough. This is a great thread. We all need this kind of support, here. One kind of raw approach just doesn’t work for all raw fooders.

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Hey rawrawraw,

    Thanks for all that! There is a part of me that suspects in some weird way that 1 year of rawness has stripped away the layers that now present as ” RA”. I do not want to start any drugs right now. I just have worked too hard to elimated that crap and I think all the side effects of most drugs are horrible. ( Not All)
    I’ve read so much over the years about auto immune disorders and repressed emotions/anger etc… And I do believe there is something to it. Apparently my 10 years of psychotherapy that helped pay for my therapists son’s medical school needs some more tweaking! LOL!!!!

    Shane, I gave up grains and beans a year ago too!!! So that ain’t it. Durn it. I will say though that after ditching grains from my diet I no longer have scaley/rough elbows or ankles! Swear to God. ;o)

    So my hands and feet may look funky but they are SMOOTH baby!

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