Sick or not sick??

I’ve been almost 100% raw for just over a month and a 1/2… I was very naughty and ate a piece of pizza last night!! I can’t believe how crappy I felt this morning. I was soo tired and felt hungover. I had an idea of the repercussions when I took that first bite, but now I feel like I have a sore throat. Is this psychosomatic or is this my body saying don’t do this to me again?? I would like to think that I am not getting a cold. I have read lots of posts where people say that they don’t feel well after the fact, but a sore throat??



  • Angela33, it certainly could be partly psychosomatic but a sore throat can be caused by acid reflux and/or phlegm produced from your body’s reaction to the dairy. You haven’t been raw for too long but your body was probably loving it and didn’t like the pizza nearly as much!

  • I must confess,I am totally raw food person other than an occasional moment. I was diagnosed with awheat alergy in th early 90’s and even if I want to take a “break” with what I eat and I eat even a small amount of something with wheat I feel the same way,hangover,extreme,extreme fatigue.

    I find it so interesting even after all these years that by going slighly out of a pure place(eating) that it can cause these sick feelings. I can only imagine eating a high proccsed diet for years and then starting right away with raw then how would your body react?Just the opposite.

  • Mham..going raw for me was a smooth transition. I was eating lots of fruits and veggie anyway, but I was eating ‘some’meat too. I did however, immediately feel the difference when I did the change over. I’m so thankful I did.

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