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raw dating?

Alright folks..what do we of the evolved perspective do to meet prospective mates?


  • Ohhh goodness, I was wondering about that myself. I actually went down to 80% raw and 20 % cooked vegan just for dating. It was sooo much easier ordering at restaurants and I still feel very healthy and vivacious. I would love to hear other ideas.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Well, I’m not in the market anymore but I met my bf at a raw meetup! For the most part, I have noticed that there are many singles are the raw meetups I have been too.

    Also www.veggiedate.com has some raw people on it.

    There also a few online sites that are for raw/living foodies too. If you go to David Wolfes site, there is a “personals” section on there.

  • I was wondering the same thing myself… seems every time I meet someone (not dating… just meeting someone) things get awkward as soon as I tell them I’m a raw foodist and big into natural health. Eyes kind of wander (sometimes roll, hehe) and it really freaks people out to see my bottle of ‘green crap’ (as they call it at work) that I carry around to drink. So thanks for the ideas spirit and queenfluff… it is funny tho, I have not been in a relationship since going raw and it doesn’t seem as big of a deal as it once did; however, the desire for companionship still pops its head out every so often.

    Sad really… that people are scared of what they don’t understand. Especially when there is no desire to understand. Ah well – all in the fun of the search I suppose. :)

  • I love being single personally. However food plays a big role in relationships. When I meet a guy who doesn’t and won’t eat fresh produce, there’s pretty much no chance.

  • I totally agree. I love being single too, but as all the close friends are either married or in relationships it does get kinda lonely at times. Even my roommate and best friend is ‘taken,’ and I don’t go out drinking or anything like that so it can get frustrating – at times. It’s those times I’ll pickup a book, meditate, work out until I hurt or even better… think of a bad relationship in the past and make myself go, “and you’re frustrated why?” Of course that’s more a joke than a reality, hehe.

    Food absolutely plays a major role in my life. I have never felt so alive and healthy before, nor learned so much about how the body works until I went raw. Thus I can’t see myself in a relationship unless I can share that with someone.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    seize- i felt the same way (well i still do, but it’s become “normal”) when i first went raw. i felt like i was ready to levitate and things like relationship status didn’t matter to me anymore because i had this new found faith that things would just flow…

    ambikalee- i think it’s dangerous to assume that anyone who is raw is going to be a better mate than someone who isn’t. it reminds me of when i go to yoga classes and assume anyone who does yoga will be enlightened, only to find out that i am SUPER naive. ;) but raw is a good start. i wish you much luck!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    p.s. that totally didn’t answer your question though. i think going to places that would naturally attract likeminded people would be a good start… say, volunteering at an animal shelter, or working at your local food co-op… ???

  • Thanke everyone for the tips and well wishes!
    Yeah, I don’t think raw=enlightenment and therefore also the erroneous belief that level of raw determines some measure of good over some other judgment of bad. I do think its a cute and tidy way to sum up my own personal quest…to at least find someone enlightened enough not to judge me and my “green crap” (like seize mentioned).
    Non Judgmental being the best we beautifully learning humans can aspire to!
    Yeah I think I figured getting out of the house more was def gonna be a big help ;)
    Its interesting to hear others thoughts echoed back though,I can relate!

  • www.rawdate.com

    this site just started up, might be worth a look into.

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