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Need a master cleanse partner



  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    good job everyone!!! Day 2 is going much better than day 1 for me. I”m hungry as heck but it’s more manageable. I am drinking peppermint tea right now, Stanley Burroughs recommends that as a ‘break’ or a new flavor. I’m enjoying lemonade but fearful I will hate my beloved maple when this is all over! I”m also really dying for broth.. silly vegetable broth.. like there’s no tomorrow. I’m thinking of renaming my very warm swf “salt water soup” just to trick my hungry brain! ha ha :)

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    It looks like I’m going to have to start tomorrow or Wednesday, but I think that’ll be fine.
    sgmom adn kminty, I found that drinking peppermint tea was helpful on the more difficult days (which are few and far between.) I usually start to get cold on 8th day, so peppermint tea helped with that. In fact,getting cold toward the end of the cleanse has been the most challenging part of the cleanse for me.
    I’m glad you guys have started and you’re doing well.

  • Guys, I screwed up! My next door neighbor called and told me his wife was killed by a deer coming through their windshield and I cried so hard I got a massive headache. I took tylenol without even thinking about it. I then took my iron pill. I still didn’t eat anything but technically I can’t count today as day 1. I will stay on track, but count tomorrow as day 1 to extend the cleanse by 1 day. On an upnote, I needed to get out of the house to clear my head and stopped by the thrift store. I found a stackable dehydrator for .99 cents!!! It doesn’t have a fan or anything but it’s better than the nothing that I had. I am going to experiment with a couple of recipes while I am fasting.
    Keep up the good work guys!
    RawVoice just join us when you can.

  • I had no idea you were doing an MC! 40 days is intense! I’m only on day 2 and I’m so hungry I want to drink my can of maple syrup!!! I think the freshness of the cayenne really matters- the cayenne I have at school is HOT, but the cayenne I use at home to cook is much milder (and older).
    How has your energy level been over the last 20 days? Mine was pretty low today – unfortunate considering I have SO much schoolwork to do right now. Hopefully the rest of the week is better.

  • Kathy, what are you studying in school?

  • I’m taking history at Queen’s, and I work for the school newspaper. I had an interview with the VP of research today and one tomorrow with an engineering prof- I went in today having almost NO idea what his job even was, so it was a rough interview to do on an empty tank fo gas lol. I’m so sorry to hear about your neighbour… I still think you should count today as Day 1 though. It’s not like you went and had a meal or something. Just keep on at it! =)

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    PrincesSITA.. wow!!!! I am so impressed with your MC.. I think ten days will be overwhelming for me so your journey is incredible!
    I”m starting day three.. I’m hoping to not be as hungry today as the last two days. I went to work yesterday though and it was better than I imagined. Today I played hooky though.. I just want to get through the first three days for my confidence then I”m sure I’ll be fine. I feel so very committed though, like I wouldn’t eat no matter what. I’m not usually this disciplined!
    Good luck to all today.. may our bellies feel full and light and our temptations be low!

  • Congrats to all of you getting started on your MC…keep up the good work!! sgmom…so sorry to hear about your neighbor. What a test of strength! I think I would have eaten everything in sight.

    Today I get to eat food again and I am so excited. I have been wanting celery since Sunday when I bought some for my hubby to juice. I can’t get the smell out of my nose. Isn’t that wierd? I feel like I am pregnant again or something. I am excited to do another MC again soon…when it is warmer (I live in NY). The cold really bothered me in the last few days.

    In the end, I am really proud of myself for doing this and I see/feel results. Best of luck to you all and I will look for you when I am ready for round two!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    congrats frustrated.. enjoy your celery!!!! I feel like the only things I’m craving are raw.. and healthful so that’s making me happy that once I’m finished I will be able to get to 100 percent raw.

  • Congratulations frustrated!! Enjoy your celery and thanks for inspiring us.

    Kminty-can you believe you are already on day 3? Good for you. I am committed too. I am really hungry, but I have to discipline myself. I so wish I would have started on Sunday with you, oh well. Keep up the good work guys.

  • 2 of my girlfriends and I are all starting on March 1st… we are really excited about it too. My friend is at her Grandma’s house right now picking lemons off of her lemon tree for us to use. Yeah for home grown!

  • Hey guys, made it through day 2!! Yeaaaaaaaaaa!
    Hope you all are sticking it out. Hang in there!
    I did two very intense classes at the gym tonight. It was a great distraction. Yoga tomorrow. Nite guys.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Good job sgmom2! and Renoir, your homegrown lemons sound divine!!!
    Starting day 4.. day 3 was alot easier.. my stomach still growled a lot but I’m better able to not be thrown by it, I can just kind of ignore it. Today I played hooky from work, again, I am so bad! I just know work will be stressful because we are having a big snow storm and I don’t want to couple stress with my MC. I have to work thursday.. but was already scheduled off Friday so I think that aspect will be good. Today I am actually going to try to work out. So far I’ve been nervous too because I don’t want it to spike my hunger, but on second thought, I’m hungry anyway so why not get the sweat factor in! I figure a little running, maybe some weights, maybe some chill out time in the sauna. Sounds fun actually. Yesterday I went on a television watching marathon but did take my dog for a walk and did ALOT of cleaning. I’m always a bit of a clean freak anyway but being on the master cleanse makes me want to clean even more. I know Marysia mentioned feeling compelled to clean while cleansing too.. perhaps this is common? My husband is being wonderful.. he won’t eat in front of me! Yesterday he wanted to make soup in the crock pot but decided not to because he didn’t want me to have to smell the aroma all day. I thought that was very sweet! I just drank the swf.. I won’t miss that!

  • So I am transitioning myself onto the MC… starting with 100% raw today, only green smoothies tomorrow, only juice Friday, then MC starts Saturday. I am getting excited to do it! I have been wanting to do it since January but needed to have 2 weeks with nothing planned (esp on weekends) in order to be able to stick with it. The timing is great since I just got back from a cruise this weekend where I ate a bunch of crap! Even with eating the fruit and salad bar, the food wasn’t great. Gross salad dressings, and waiters who were rude when I made special requests due to “dietary restrictions”.... and the nausea from the boat rocking. All in all it was a good time, but while on the cruise I was dreaming of healthy raw food! Needless to say I am excited to get ready for the cleanse!

    So here goes!
  • Kminty- I think working out is a great distraction and a good way to stay focused on our goals. Hey and burn extra calories to boot! Let me know how it goes. Your husband sounds really sweet!

    Renoir- Good idea to transition into the fast. I ate like food would no longer be available after the fast,lol. This is my first cleanse so I am not sure if it hurt or not.

    Has anyone heard from kathy? I need to check the other forum to see if she is hanging in there.

    Day 3, is going okay. It is hard having to give my daughter food, but it’s fast meals so i don’t have to linget in the kitchen. It helps tremendously having my husband doing it with me. I am starving but he says he is not hungry at all. He is using maple syrup and I am using agave, so I wonder if that makes a difference? Why does it seem like this week is dragging on and on, lol. I think the weekend will be very challenging, but I am committed!

  • I’m still here sgmom =)
    Today was a bit of a detox day for me… Major cravings, low energy and alot of bloating/water retention. I can’t believe day 4 is over already! It’s way past my bed time at this point (I get up at 5am each morning… ugh), so I can’t wait to snuggle up with my tea and go to sleep. Have a great day tomorrow!

  • Kathy- so good you are hanging in there. I don’t have any detox symptoms yet:( I hope that doesn’t mean I have to stay on the fast longer. Just think, tomorrow you will be halfway there!!

    Kminty- update us on your day!

    Renoir- how did your first day of raw go?

  • I’m actually doing this for at least 14 days, so I’m only about 1/3 of the way there lol At least it’s saving me money on groceries! =D

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Kathy- funny you should say that about saving money on groceries.. I think that’s why my husband is being so supportive because he realized I wouldn’t have to shop for 10 days :)
    Starting day 5.. yeah!!! halfway there. Still not feeling detox symptoms unless you cound little bouts of depression. I seem to do fine during the day but between about 4-6 I feel blue about the whole thing.. and my cravings are still out of control but at least only craving raw vegetables and fruits. My hunger was less yesterday, or I am just getting use to dealing with it. Today I will go to work, hopefully that is a nice distraction and makes the day go fast. Since I’ve been staying home I feel that my MC has been more peaceful, but the days are probably dragging on more. The workout went surpisingly well yesterday, I really didn’t feel any weaker, etc., and I sweated a lot which felt good! Tomorrow starts a three day weekend.. yeah!

  • hello all. Feel totally inspired by all of you and have been looking for a way of sorting out dodgy eating habits and low spirits of late. MC starts tomorrow and I would love to do 10 days if poss. Will be checking in regularly to see how you are all doing and for moral support!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    yeah Grania!!! Good luck and I’m excited that you’ll be posting!

  • Welcome Grania!
    Kathy- I am considering doing the liver flush/cleanse for 4 days after the MC is over. I need to research how it’s done. Have you done that one?
    Kminty- I agree that exercising feels good. The sauna was great last night. I hope I released lots of toxins.
    Surprisingly, I am not hungry today or I have grown accustomed to the feeling. 10 days definitely seem more doable today. Yesterday, I only had 3 glasses of the lemonade. I really have to concentrate on getting at least 6 glasses in. I hope the detox symptoms start soon. Good luck today guys.

  • Hey sgmom!
    I found this site about liver cleansing: http://www.colonzone.org/liver-flush.php
    I don’t know much about it, but Sarma mentions it in Raw Food Real World and says she has heard that what comes out is actually just the coagulated oil. I’m not sure I’d recommend it drectly after an MC. First because the directions say to maximize your apple intake for a few days prior (can’t really do that on an MC, or while transitioning out of one). Second because your metabolism will be very low coming out of this (another reason to integrate food back in slowly), so ingesting that much olive oil will not be good for your system and will probably lead to weight gain. But like I said, that’s just a guess… I don’t Really know much about it.

    And for for a Day 5 update!
    I’m not really hungry. I’m still having cravings, though it’s mostly for raw stuff. STILL retaining alot of water, even though I’m making sure to drink 2L/day on top of my lemonades and SWF. I’m only having 3-4 lemonades/day… should I be worried about this? Is it a bad thing to have too few?

  • Hello ladies! Way to go! You are all doing beautifully! Happy to see that you’re rocking it AND able to workout Kminty3! I was away for a couple of weeks and its so nice to come home, check the site and see that everyone is doing so well and being so supportive of each other! The thread really helped me complete my 10 days! Good luck and keep up the power cleansing! :)

  • Kathy- My husband is also retaining LOTS of water/salt? He looks like he is 6 months pregnant. He is getting concerned. I am going to just let hom drink the senna tea day and night and see if that brings him relief. The SWF doesn’t cause him to eliminate anyway, but the tea works great.

  • The SWF really works for me… but maybe I’ll try going without it for a day, and just drink the tea instead. The retention is just discouraging because I feel like I’m not cleanising at all, and not even losing any weight. I don’t have a scale, so I can’t be sure, though.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Marysia.. soooo good to hear from you! thanks for the support. You were truly my inspiration! I agree this is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
    Kathryn.. the retaining water thing is wierd and I think I am a little too so I feel your pain. I feel like my belly is really bloated. I’m theorizing that maybe “stuff” is being released from my cells, muscles, etc. and it is going into that area before being cleansed out? I clearly am not medically trained so don’t know if that could even be possible but that’s what I told myself today.
    I finally got a detox symptom.. I think.. I normally have clear skin but I’ve got a couple breakout spots on my face. It’s funny normally I’d be concerned but I’m happy about it because I think they are detox proof. This AM I ended up just doing a little light yoga because I was afraid to go the gym to shortly after the SWF. But tomorrow I’m off work and can wait till after the flush so hopefully I’ll be able to work out a little. It feels good.
    I’m not nearly as hungry today.. can’t wait to get to the point where the hunger goes away :)
    Good thoughts to you all..

  • I first went raw in August and had a huge detox from it then. Over the holidays I started added some cooked vegan foods back into my diet, but am still mostly eating raw. Especially after coming back from a cruise last weekend, it has felt so good to eat only raw food! Right now I am drinking green fruity smoothie #1 for the all “smoothie” day. Later on, I am going to drink grapefruit juice and make a V8 type juice/smoothie. For dinner, I will have a raw soup (so a warmish savory smoothie). Hopefully drinking something warm and salty will prepare me for the SWF in the MC… that’s the one thing I am most nervous about!

  • Renoir..I don’t find the SWF to be so bad. I actually have a harder time drinking the lemonade with cayenne. I literally gulp the SW down to get it over with. I am just learning about the raw diet so I am hoping ti at kleast go 50% raw after the cleanse. My husband has given me the okay to go on and order the excalibur and a real juicer so I am researching prices today. It would be great to have them here when the cleanse is over so that we can jump right into our new diet. I think it’s great that you were able to get right back on track after the cruise.

    Kathy- I think you are right about the liver flush. I guess it will be better to wait at least a couple of weeks before doing it. Thanks for the link.

    Kminty- I haven’t been hungry at all today. That dull aching pain has even gone so I think it’s coming for you. Even though I am not hungry, I still WANT to eat, lol. It’s hard when I prepare food for my daughter and my daycare kids. I run a daycare from my home. I am looking forward to the weekend so I don’t have to be in the kitchen so much.

  • I could really go for a big huge salad right now… spinach and romaine with tomatoes, red pepper, fennel, cucumber, apricots, apples, strawberries and a balsamic dressing… mmmmmmmmmmm. I’m not even hungry, I just miss food!

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