Vitamins for Kids

Anyone have a good recommendation for a liquid vitamin for children? My kids are not 100% raw (yet!) and I need to supplement their diet with something extra. It must be vegan.


  • Hi. My name is stavit. we live in Mi. wE Are vegan .my kids are almost 6, 4, and 17 months.

    I have been giving them Lilypad vitamins thus far. Though now i want to switch to a whole food vitamin.I am researching Bio-Strath. My husband and i and the kids all eat a vegan diet, though i am the only one fairly raw. My almost 6 year old does not like the texture of vegetables. I have to process everything pretty much. He is my main reason for wanting a vitamin supplement. What have you found?

    Where are you at>

    Feel free to call me as well

    248-538-1511 though unless u catch me at a quiet moment (rare) my phone calls are limited by my three little bosses.

    take care.


    stavit measom (mama to Ben, Hannah, Eli)

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    Here are some I have found

    Floradix is a great brand with a liquid kid vitamin all vegan

    Newchapter has kids vitamins but they are not liquid (great brand though)

    Naturebio has a multivitamin for kids thats liquid but does have a preservative I beleive it is sorbate.

    We give our children Udos organic cold pressed flax that has an algae DHA vegan supplement for brain growth it is the only non fish oil source I have found.

    I think the Floradix is the best I have found yet it has no sugar etc so taste is not so good but a mix with OJ or some powerful juice or smoothie covers it up nice.

    keep this going I would love to know what you find

    Peace and Light

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