Anyone Vegan in Iceland???

shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

We are planning a move to iceland…Is anyone from goneraw in iceland? Is living hard , are prices high, how is it like


  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Wow! That’s an adventurous move. What is the motivation to move to Iceland?

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    just a thought : if i were moving to a cold place ide be planning to build an attached green house onto my home . something that has an exterior door attached to house that you walk out , down steps to ground level . so its seperate from house but can still be fed enough heat from the homes furnace to keep your plants alive . then ide grow a great selection of greens , and be focused on a core diet of greens and ground seeds/nuts . greens for like vita A – calcium – fiber , seeds for protein to build and fat to burn . the green house would have a block or concrete foundation coming up of ground say 32” (blocks are 8” high so thats 4 courses) , then above that level its mostly glass . and it’d also have a door to the outdoors so could wheel barrel dirt in to refresh the soil . or you could pour a concrete floor in it then build raised beds out of block , or build wood tables that you set trays that you grow in on .

    im getting into this green house topic becuaes ive thought about it alot , and am predicting produce to be expensive there because such a short growing season . i bet most people live on a totally cooked diet there .

    then also in a green house ide have some type sprouting system . and ide look at sprouting alot of things right in dirt like bean – sunflower – etc . grow them very close together then pull when like 5” tall – rinse roots and eat entire plant .

    with this outlook you could buy seeds like flax – sesame – sun – etc in bulk cheaply , then eat your own greens and get near everything you need . also buy nuts in bulk . then would only need a few things like citrus (vita C ) and a few vegis to get enire dietary needs .

    ide go to and and start studying the green house topic . but on my above design ive been in construction and thought this out so i believe its of solid logic . 1 – attatched to home means you dont need another heat source so save money , 2 – attatched to home , but seperated by an exterior door that can be locked , youve great conveinience to all your viddles , 3 – coming out of ground that high with block / concrete you avoid water saturating any wood components which would lead to rot .

    • though building greenhouse totally seperate from home would be the ideal IMO . but it would cost extra for a heating system .
  • shawnieshawnie Raw Newbie

    I’ve only been to visit, and mainly shopped at grocery stores. In Reykavik, I’m sure there’s far more selection, but as far as anywhere else, the produce selection was VERY VERY minimal (We went in September) and the fruits and vegetables that they did have all looked like they were going bad. Everything was very overpriced, but it makes sense as they need to ship most things in.

    I think it would be very difficult being raw, but well worth the try! Iceland is an amazing country! But it seems like they survive on hotdogs and hamburgers… and frozen pizzas.

    I’m quite jealous of your move! :)

  • Iceland is actually warmer than Greenland, so I’ve heard! OMG I can’t believe you are moving to Iceland. That is so fabulous!

  • Hi,
    I am a Raw vegan in Iceland. I would not move here because everything is very expensive and the product selection is rather minimal, expecially compared to a lot of other countries.
    But there are more and more raw foodist

  • shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

    Yeah, it is!! I am going to start growing a garden too, once we get our own place, that is. The main problem with gardens is the wind, high winds. So, it needs to be protected with a fence or something. I think asparagus and other cool weather crops would grow very well all summer. I read that they grow things like tomatoes, peppers and other plants in greenhouses with lights throughout the winter and summer. They even grow bananas in greenhouses! And their largest crops outdoors are potatoes, turnips, carrots and other root crops. The problem with greenhouses is that in teh winter, there is little or no light and it is sunny all day and night in the summer. How cool is that??? So, if I had cold frames, and or a greenhouse, it needs to have a lot of lights. But electricity and geothermal heating is very inexpensive there so that is good. I read that if we stayed around reykjavik, being a raw vegan would be no problem because they have the produce and if I had a job that paid the amount of money that most icelanders make, then buying their food at their prices is not going to be a problem. Also, that vegetables are cheaper than meat.

    The quality of the meat is much better in iceland than it is here. You could also buy a much more variety of meat. Hot dogs are generally made with lamb that has been raised in the mountains. Though I still think that meat is not something healthy to eat. Although they are starting to start on more junk foods like coke and frozen stuff and stuff. For one thing, they do not eat as much as we Americans eat. That alone, can make you sick.

    As far as their main food, they live off of fish and without fish, their economy would be gone. They buy their veggies with fish money. They farm and catch a lot of fish.

    As with their energy, they only use like 17% of the electricity that they have available! They are actually working out plans to pipe electricity to england. AND business is booming so much there right now it is like a young America. They are even hiring people from Poland who do not speak Icelandic or English…SO, I COULD get a job very easily.

  • shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

    I would like to know what grows best there and if my theory that asparagus would grow well…is true. I could eat a lot of asparagus in one year, And freeze it too!!

  • All bananas in Iceland are in inported. And I have never heard about asparagus been grown here.

    The salery is not that high if you think about how expensive it is to live here.

  • shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

    Well, my biggest problem with moving to Iceland (and living there…I think) is that I cannot fly over there unless I get FULLY vaccinated. So, all of our family will get shots including me which I might have to go on a huge detox program to get rid of it.

    Vala, Do you have a garden? I want to start my own garden and cold frame and a greenhouse (one attached to the house most likely). Also, maybe it would be cheaper not to be 100% raw?

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