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Does anyone else get offended?



  • skizzy said:
    “(it would be so easy for me to ask them why they

  • SarahJSarahJ Raw Newbie

    I think it’s important to recognize that FistOfNoRemorse is looking for attention and trying to provoke us into responding. This will be the only comment that I write – after that, I will ignore what he/she writes. I would recommend that everyone does the same – really, it’s not worth it. FistOfNoRemorse, I hope this message finds you well and good luck with your choices.

  • I think it’s best to laugh it off in your mind. I bring my green smoothie in a mason jar and believe me the comments I get.I now am known around work with what I eat,jokes ,questions debatesetc.
    I don’t care anymore,my new response…....give it atleast 4-5 years this will be more mainstream and then you will realize….oh,enjoy your coke,coffee and donut!!!!! Lead by example,don’t defend yourself.
    I have been able to get a few at work to try my smoothie(known as grass clippings) as well as raw pates.
    Eat raw,live well but mostly be true to yourself regardless who comments.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Just laugh at him. He’s very typical of Mercola’s followers. Merc’s fans go after any popular forum dealing with vegetarianism and veganism. I’ve watched these guys for years.

  • smoothielovesmoothielove Raw Newbie

    My roommates get a big kick out of me. They make comments like “I wonder what your going to buy next” “Its always so interesting to see what your eating” And the sarcastic “yummmm” or “that looks good” when im making a green smoothie. They just think im some big joke. But i don’t care I like eating raw and it makes me feel good.

  • Chris SChris S Raw Newbie

    The looks and questions are amusing, but I hope for the most part I can explain what I put in it and why. It’s a tool to help my body and educate my friends and coworkers. Eat what you want and I’ll do the same. I have no hurt feelings about what I take into my body.

  • I guess,it’s ok to be “different” soon enough as I said before people will come aboard. If you feel good then continue,find ammusment in comments ,realize that you are leading by example.
    You as all of us here are def. in a better place no matter what stage you are at.good luck to all that are brave enough to make change.

  • i teach little kids and they think my smoothies are so funny. but not in a bad way, in a “i’m a kid and i think eating purple ketchup is AWESOME!!!’ kind of way. i wish all people had open minds like they do.

  • Just thought of this,2 years ago I had jury duty. We had a break I went outside and was eating a nut mix with gogiberries.I started to feed the pigeons and someone asked what I was doing and I said I am giving them a snack,” seeds and gogi berries,I got strange looks and comments and I quietly laughed to myself… they really don’t know what I am talking about. It was ok,soon they will know…don’t know why I shared but one last thing the pigeons would not eat the berries?

  • I often respond with “It tastes better than it looks”, and then I just go on with my business like it was just any old question. Allowing other people to irritate me and make me angry is allowing others to control me, and this would be giving away my own personal inner power… to them. I simply refuse to be controlled by their ingrained perceptions, opinions, and beliefs. Being angry also promotes a suppressed immune system, and therefore health problems, so there’s no point in giving away your power to others. Choose to be happy no matter how ignorant, unaware, or rude other people are, and your problems will disappear. Their limiting perceptions and opinions are their problem, not yours.

  • OceanBlissOceanBliss Raw Newbie

    When I was new at work, I had a hard time at lunch. I remember my very first day, I only brought an apple because I don’t tend to get very hungry at lunch anyway. My boss freaked out..she wanted to take me to the cafeteria and buy me something. I told her I was trying to stick to a raw diet plan but that didn’t sink in..(I guess because I’m pretty thin she really wanted me to eat something) and the last thing I wanted was to piss off my boss on the first day, so I went anyway. Eggs or pancakes? she said. I chose the pancakes because they were tiny. The only good thing that came out of that was we became good friends, and as weeks went by she didn’t pester me about my food choices because she finally understood.

    On the other hand, the girls I worked with were a pain in the neck. I got offered pringles so many times….”Are you sure?”...”How come you don’t want one?” And the other time when I brought my soup to work, I got a “How come you don’t use the microwave?” and a “You eat your soup cold?” The list goes on! Sure I get looked at funny by many, I’m probably even disliked by some, but I don’t care. If someone can’t except you because you eat differently then screw them. It’s ridiculous how people get so mad at others by what they eat..it’s like food controls everything when it’s only a small part of why we’re living in the first place.

  • I’m never offended. I know that they don’t mean it in a bad way. And if I’m nice enough and patient enough with them, it can be an opportunity to help enlighten someone else about raw foods diet.

    It’s only when they insist that their hamburger or imitation taco from taco bell is healthier than my smoothies (and really mean it) that I kind of get bugged.

    But when they try to get me to eat cooked stuff, I start to feel like a recovering alcoholic who’s been locked up in a liquor store.

  • It’s funny, but when I’m drinking my green smoothie (swamp juice) for lunch, and my workers make snyde remarks about it, I just shrug & tell them it’s a hundred times more healthy than the pizza or fried chicken they’re eating, & the smoothie won’t clog arteries or cause cancer. They usually shut up after that! Then they get curious & want to know what I put in them, & I usually offer them a taste. Some like it, some don’t…

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Hows the battle going 40in8? 5 pounds a week seems like alot to me. I have about 25 to lose and I am hoping for 2 pounds a week!

    Anyhow back on to the ‘offended’ topic. People actually try to tell you Taco bell is healthy?!!!!

  • JDJD

    I hear all of you. This is one of the most annoying things ever. Just had a conversation about this with my boyfriend last night. I don’t bother telling people what I eat because they ask a million questions and it’s much easier to say I’m a vegetarian than even attempt to say anything else. Some guy actually tried to pick me up at the supermarket, looked at my cart and asked if I worked for a restaurant. I said no and he commented on all the fruits and veggies in the cart. I said that’s my food shopping, it’s what I eat. Then of course…here we go again with the schlew of questions…Is that all you eat? do you eat meat? fish? you are vegetarian? Like who cares already and why is NOW a stranger commenting on my food. Good grief it just gets pathetic.

  • Hi Luna.
    It’s going great! :-)

    And, sort of…okay, well no. What they tell me is that you absolutely need meat to be strong and healthy. And that a hamburger or a fast food taco can be part of a healthy balanced meal. And many folks I talk to seem to be ignorant of what is done to most meat cows throughout their lives (pumped full of hormones, etc.) and how it affects the meat. These particular folks consistently tell me that they believe that a raw vegan diet is unhealthy. Just the typical stuff we all hear I guess.

    It’s kind of sad that there is so much misinformation out there. But then too, it makes learning the truth that much more exciting. Like finding a hidden treasure.

    Your avatar kicks ass, btw.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Oh, so they think you need meat to be strong and healthy eh? Why don’t you tell them I shoulder press 60 pounds and bicep curl 50.(I do actually!) I am no less strong now, then when i was a meat head body builder years ago!! I have started training again, partially to prove the point that you don’t need meat!

    I am new to the world of computor chatting and such. Is my avatar my picture? If so, then thanks, and ya she’s awesome, whoever she is!

  • Luna, damn! Your specs are quite impressive. A 50 lbs. curl? That’s on of my long term goals!

    Yes, your avatar is your picture. Yours looks like an anime character. Nice.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    40in8, it’s a bar curl, it’s not per arm! I wish!

    BOOYAA in the face of meat heads!!!!

    I think she is an anime emo kid. I am not an emo kid, not at 39!

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