Just bought a dehydrator!

I just bought a dehydrator online :D I am looking forward to it arriving (I am going to be very impatient). It heats between 30 – 70 deg C which is 86 – 158 deg F. I am sooo looking forward to trying out all the fabulous recipes on the site that I couldn’t enjoy before! I first thing I try is going to be some form of bread! It’s one thing I miss lol.

Any other great ideas for a first-time dehydrator to make raw food more fun? :D


  • skizzyskizzy Raw Newbie

    if you are a snacker, definitely make sweet potato chips! they’re easy to make and great to have around the house.

  • That sounds fabulous! I love sweet potatoes, so that would be awesome :D

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Try my Thai flax crackers! What kind did you get?

  • I got a Stoeckli dehydrator. Please don’t tell me it’s aweful lol. I found one for a decent price on ebay and decided to jump at the chance :) It sounds pretty good, I like that it has a variable temperature gauge!

    Thai flax crackers sound amazing! Will give them a go :D

  • I just bought a dehydrator too, it came in the mail today…it has an adjustable temp made by american harvest , do you guys know if i can make more than one item at a time? it looks like they will all drip onto each other? those chips sound fantastic…i looked up alisa cohens carrot pecan burger recipe on this site…what are you going to make first?

  • w00t we are dehydrator virgins ;) I believe you can make more than one thing at a time but I’m definitely not an expert!

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