i love taking shots of wheatgrass a few times a week, but i’m starting to have some questions and need advice. firstly, i recently read that you should drink wheatgrass on an empty stomach. how important is this? my problem is that i get nauseous about 15 minutes after drinking it if i haven’t eaten anything. would it be ok to take it on an empty stomach, and then eat? is this even an issue?

also, i’ve seen frozen shots of wheatgrass in the freezer section of my grocery store. isn’t it important to take wheatgrass right after it’s juiced?? are these just a waste of money?


  • Taking wheatgrass on an empty stomach is important for 2 reasons. first, wheatgrass is a powerful cleanser. If there is food in the stomach the juice cannot come in contact with the cells in the stomach wall and later the small intestinal wall with as great an efficiency. Wheatgrass juice has the unique ability to expel toxins (cleanse) cells and nurish cells simultainiously. It is simply too good to dilute! Second is that the food will appear like a toxin to the wheatgrass and the wheatgrass will work against the digestion of the food. It will use its cleansing abilities on the food and have little left for your cells.

    The nausea is a result of the cleansing of toxins from the cells. That is why it is recommended to start drinking wheatgrass in 1 oz. doses and work up to 4 oz. So ideally, drink water after 20 minutes, and you may eat after giving the water 15 minutes to absorb and empty the stomach. This flushes the toxins away and leaves a happy stomach to start a new activity. ^ – ^

    Our tollerance for straight wheatgrass is a good indicator of our cellular health. btw jamba juice has tasty wheatgrass when its short and stiff like a toothbrush, not when its yellow and floppy. I ask them not to rinse it because that waters it down and is unnecessary. Good juice is very strong but very sweet!

    I have used the frozen stuff to soften the shock of trying grass for the first time. I can judge by the taste its a total ripoff. It says its not watered down but it has no taste at all! its frozen well but it has no power in it and i feel nothing from it.

  • seriously, this is so helpful. i feel like i should have figured the nausea thing out cause i take E3 and it was the same thing at first. i’ve been kind of erratic in my wheatgrass dosing, too, so i should probably get on a more regular schedule with it. i love the taste of it when it’s fresh, but the frozen stuff tastes absolutely horrendous. good advice! so many questions answered, and so logical. thank you!

  • yea e3 live is nice. have you tried growing your own wheat grass ?


  • I have, and i can’t wait to get an apartment with a nice big balcony so i can start up again! Soil grown sunflower and buckwheat sprouts are also essential.

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    I ordered buckwheat and wheat grass form sproutpeople.com and I can’t wait to start to sprout the wheat grass.

  • Does wheatgrass need a lot of sunlight to grow??

  • Can I juice wheatgraww with my juicerman Jr.?

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I don’t think so, it will get clogged up. At least that is what I have read.

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