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anyone with non raw partners?

Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

Who here shares their life with a significant other who is not raw, or vegitarian for that matter?


  • I do, although he is the type that doesn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen… so he is high raw because that is what gets served up at our house!! He is also not often to be seen at a grocery store… so he is raw minus the odd frozen pizza and 6-pack of beer!!

  • Me too..My kids don’t want any part of raw..My husband will eat my raw creations, but has no desire to go raw or vegetarian. I just do what I got to do, for me..I prepare raw food for another family though..Those kids are mind blowing, they will eat what ever you prepare..I am in awe of them..I am trying to win over my kids with some awesome raw desserts..

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    My man will try the stuff, and he likes it, but he also wants the usual cooked stuff.

    He looooooves my raw deserts though!! Who wouldn’t?!

  • my boy is a meat eater, usually red meat if he can get it, but he likes to choose organic or free range when he can. he will try my raw deserts but is picky with some veggies, so he doesn’t eat my raw meals. he loves raw carrots, broccoli and mushrooms, but doesn’t like them mixed together or with anything else, just as a side dish to his dinners.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Fortunately my husband supports me and even digs a lot of my creations. He’s a real salad lover and HATES cooked veggies. No, he’s not raw nor vegan (but neither am I), but meat doesn’t have a place on our table, and that seems fine to him!!

  • My hubby is not raw, but is very supportive of me. It can be difficult to try to cook for him and uncook for me, but it is worth it because he is such a wonderful husband. He often tells me that I don’t have to try to cook for him, that he is happy with just cereal or heating up a bowl of soup in the microwave, but it is my choice to cook healthy meals for him. I sometimes will eat a cooked meal with him (once a week at the most), and he is very happy to have that meal at least be vegan. I could not be married to a more supportive man!!! Oh, and he loves to try my conconctions and he loves salad, so that helps! I have not tried any raw desserts yet…when I do, I know he will love them. He does have a sweet tooth and is always looking for healthy alternatives.

  • skizzyskizzy Raw Newbie

    i too am lucky to have a supportive boyfriend! he’s quite the meat eater, but has never balked at trying my vegetarian or raw meals and when we go out to eat he’ll often get a veggie meal so i can have some too. i’ve made some raw meals that grossed me out but he liked just fine!

  • My hubby is very supportive, even though he is a meat & potato type guy, while I am trying to transition over to raw. He likes smoothies and a few dessert type things, but he’s hesitant of some things I have made. Though he always says they smell good as I’m dehydrating. Thankfully, he likes raw fruits and some veggies and he’ll eat that along side his dinners. I have been switching most of his diet to organic, whole grains, nonpreservative filled foods though. Some things he notices the differences and some not. I have also tried to switch him to natural, organic, meats and such. I am trying to switch him slowly to a healthier, even possibly vegetarian diet slowly. I guess you can say I’m trying to transition him, one step at a time.

  • My bf is a SAD eater, but I only prepare vegan and raw meals so he eats what I make and enjoys it. He still eats meat type stuff at lunch, but he is making healthier choices now.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    my former husband was very angry that I was vegetarian and told me I spent too much on veggies and fruit, he refused to even eat salads and glutted on meat and bread constantly even though I tried to make at least healthy salad/fruit side-dishes for him to try becuase he was so unwell. He was hateful and greedy and I was forced to stop buying any fresh fruits or lettuce s at all for myself. Ironic, that the groceries and almost all bills were paid by me. I wish I had been stronger back then and had clocked him a good one.

  • My husband and 3 teenage sons are all SAD eaters. So, I fix SAD meals everyday, sometimes every meal. Everyone is very supportive of my raw vegan life though. My husband and eldest will, very rarely, try my food. My two younger boys are more willing to try my food. They are actually very good fruit and veggie eaters too. But they are all getting better. A year ago, no one would try my food, so I’m gaining, slowly but surely!

  • My husband is a SAD eater, though he’s lucky to be with me because i’ve gotten him eating alot healthier. When I met him, he barely ate vegetables and absolutely no fruit unless it was cooked into a dessert or something. I’ve gotten him, over the past 8 years, to switch to ground turkey instead of beef (baby steps, people), to start eating more cooked veggies like broccoli and green beans. He will even eat oranges or bannanas every once in awhile. But he has no intentions of going either raw or even vegetarian. He is supportive of me going raw, and he will eat some of the things I prepare, but he’s allergic to nuts. I try to sneak in cooked greens and veggies when I can. but he really can’t seem to grasp eating anything RAW. It’s tough because I prefer at least a vegetarian diet, more vegan and raw these days, but living with him when we first moved in together it was tough having to prepare two meals all the time. I gave up and started eating meat again for awhile, but now, I’m so glad to be getting back to this healthier lifestyle and I hope that seeing me healthier and happier will open his mind a little to expanding his food horizon. NOw his family, that’s another story!

  • My husband used to eat like he was a trash can, and he would eat many plates, like 2nds 3rds etc. it has taken years before he stopped eating till he was bulging in fullness…actually, he seemed to change after being diagnosed with high liver enzymes, when i first met him, all he ate was frozen hot pockets heated up in his microwave…at first life was difficult because he could careless about health food and he thought it was a waste of money…i used to be horrible with him and make it my way or highway, but now, i dont care, i tell him to eat what ever he wants out of the house like at work, but at home he never complains with everything being organic, and healthy, with the raw food he definitely thinks im out of reality

  • Alix1962,

    Your story makes me so sad. I hope you are now surrounded by the love you deserve.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Alix1962, :(

    I hope you have or will soon find a supportive loving mate!

    Peace and much Metta

  • My fiance is not raw. He is a nutritionist’s worst nightmare I fear. He lives 500 miles away from me right now as he is at University. He doesn’t understand raw at all, I have tried to explain but no.. brick wall appears. It is a bit annoying when he implies I am slightly odd lol, I think he is just worried about my choices. Won’t stop me being raw though :D Hopefully it will rub off on him and he will stop being a typical student and order pizza at 11pm!

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    MicheleSS and Luna blu, I’m sorry I hope I didn’t upset you! I should have been a lot more careful with what I said:( I”m in total awe of your partners, everyone here! Thank you for your words OOXX

  • So I just posted this on another thread but I thought it would be appropriate to post here as well.

    I have a story for you all. So my bf and I live together, and although he is a SAD eater normally, he eats vegan and raw with me since that is all I will

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Renoir, that is so AWESOME!!! Good for him and hooray for you!!!

  • Seems like I’m the first guy to post here. I live with my girlfriend. Who, until I came along, was eating take-out every night. That was 3 years ago. I wasn’t Raw then, and am still only 90% now (soon to be 100%...lot of recipes to get together). Anyway, since I was raised with a father who was a chef I can cook, so I started to prepare meals at the house because I hate take-out anyway. Since I have been going vegan raw it’s been small battles here and there. She supports me because she sees how happy I am and how much weight I have lost (27 lbs in just under 3 months). She says I look so much better now that I radiate :) So I try to be sensitive to her desires to stay the same as she supports me changing. I have too many friends who are on the SAD who are bloated, fat, have a ton of health problems, and are always complaining about their health. No matter her decisions I am sticking with mine. I guess the best we can do is educate our partners about the benefits of the Raw lifestyle and hope they come around. With so much cancer and disease, it’s the best we can do.

  • I foresee some issues when we decide to have kids, unfortunatly. I know I will want to feed my kids the most nutritious meals possible, and while I probably won’t raise them completely raw off the bat, I see possible issues with him wanting to feed them meat and me trying to keep their diet as meat and dairy free as possible. this is prolly a few years down the road, but the few times we’ve talked about is, he doesn’t seem to like the idea. when we first met, i said i’m raising my kids vegetarion and he said he couldn’t see himself doing that. then it became a non-issue because i started eating meat again for awhile, but now that i’m going raw vegan as much as possible, it’s on my mind again. now i’m putting my foot down about the dairy and i think i can get him to comply with that. anyone else experience this issue and what kind of compromises have you come up with?

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    My husband is just like northernlights’, he eats what he’s served because it’s better than having to make it himself. He is extremely supportive, although many times his meal will go quite a long time without being touched because “He’s just relaxing…” He still eats meat if we go out, but I’m slowly discovering more and more things that he loves. Without fail, he takes a cacao superfood smoothie to work everyday (made by me) and more and more things are quietly making their way into it, nothing harmful, of course! Rawrach – we’re raising a daughter coming from very different backgrounds, and in the end he believes my way of eating is probably better for her, but I don’t stop her from having the occasional ice cream, mac n cheese, etc. I don’t keep it in the house, but if she’s on a playdate or if we eat out she can go crazy (she’s a vegetarian by choice). My husband has realized that if he buys SAD treats for himself she’s going to want them too and I think he’s more conscious about his choices now. We’ve always had a rule that she eats whatever we eat for dinner, no kid-friendly meals, and now she’s a seven year old who will drink green smoothies and eat arugula salads for lunch, no MUSHROOMS for her, though. And she says washing whatever it is down with water helps.

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