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weekends....not working for me!

So I have been trying the raw way for about 4 weeks now…I do great during the week as my time is scheduled with work but the weekend comes and I do great until saturday afternoon..then it’s all down hill!!!
This past weekend I had 2 glasses of wine which normally wouldn’t matter but on Sunday I felt like I had the worst hangover ever. So how did I cure the hangover?? with 1/2 a green smoothie and then crap heavy food for the rest of the day…...Did anyone else have this problem to begin with?? How did you overcome it or is this something that I will just have to be super patient with myself?


  • I think you need to be patient with yourself. This transition is hard. If you are doing well the rest of the week that is great, you are still eating better then the rest of america. I do the same exact thing. I eat raw Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Monday-Friday and on the weekend I eat what I want which is sometimes raw sometimes cooked vegetarian. I think this has actually helped me stick to raw better. Be encouraged you will progress when you are ready to progress..Take Care, Jen

  • Thanks Jen…..I think sometimes it just helps to hear someone else say what I already know!! The reassurance is helpful!! I’m glad to hear that you sort of have the smae kind of eating shcedule as me…...I;m not alone!! lol

    Cheers, Sara

  • hi sarm, im new too…ive been trying on and off for a year but only recently, last month or so, everyday except the weekends…i love going out to eat at the indian buffet with my husband! but, i notice if i do go off, its only for that one meal that one day, i feel like im cheating or something if i eat a slice of ezeikel bread! i still like eating hot soup ! im not sure how anyone does this all day everyday? but i would like to ! i try to go on this site whenever i am pondering eating cooked food…

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Oh I’ve experienced this problem many many many times! Weekends are my weakness! I have a husband to cook for and it just gets so darn hard sometimes! I allow myself to slip up on the weekends sometimes cause I know I’ll make it up during the week. I usually have no probs during the week. My solution: Cook nasty food for the husband that I wouldn’t want to eat anyway! hahaha. No, not really… ha ha I guess I have YET to find a real solution… get rid of the husband??? hahaha!

  • EnjoyRawEnjoyRaw Raw Newbie

    After being raw for 3 weeks now – I know several things 1. I will not be 100 raw – oh there may be a day that I just so happened to eat raw the entire day or maybe two, but a life of 100 raw is not me; 2. Although M – F I am pretty much 90% raw weekends it goes down to 75 – 80%. I hope that I’m not kicked out – but this is me and although I’ve not been 100% raw – I do know that I need to listen to my body. RELAX and don’t sweat the small stuff. When you are raw ENJOYRAW and if you slip on purpose or not – ENJOYLIFE

  • imagine that, if i lived by myself without my husband who eats like a human garbage can, maybe if i wasnt cooking huge good smelling italian food for him i wouldnt feel like cheating! i am like you coconutty, i think in my head, well monday im “on” like as if its the work time, and i have “off” on weekends…

  • you know what else is kinda weird, is that i love to cook, its been my activity to sort of destress like a hobby, and this raw way, i get into the recipes, but im not able to be too creative yet, i feel like im just eating a bunch of blended nuts every second!

  • hey enjoyraw, i just read your profile and i totally get that meat eaters thing! i have five children, 4 of them like to eat lots of meat type food and potatos, ...ive only made them organic grass fed meat and raw milk, raw butter, all organic stuff, but i bought a george forman and just serve all my raw stuff and every nite i make them meat on that grill and either rice or noodles and i stopped eating family dinner style, i just make all the food like a buffet and say nothing and wait to see who eats what!

  • coconutty…lol, I’m not too sure the husband would want to leave!!!

    I like the way of saying that when you are “on” for monday-friday then you can be “off” for the weekends!!!

    I have a weakness for pastas although it has cut down considerably!!! this past weekend was the first pasta i had in close to 4 weeks!!!
    So I will continue on as I am….THanks for the supportive words!!!

  • while i was “off” i made home made ravioli with my family, its a thing where we all have a job or part in the making of the raviolis, and when it was time to eat, i made 3 raw sauces for them! but i ate some ravioli, wheat and cheese, and i am still sick 3 weeks later like i have bronchitis or something…im almost afraid to eat pasta again! but somewhere in my head there is always room for baked ziti! i better go do your idea now and make a green drink asap!

  • EnjoyRawEnjoyRaw Raw Newbie

    I am slowly changing my children’s diet – very slowly. We have changed that we only eat out once a month now (my hubby use to take the kids to MDs every weekend) my 5 yr. old cried the first two weekends of the change and still gets a tear in his eye (FUNNY, but SAD). If they want to snack – you get a fruit or dry fruit – no exceptions – it’s funny how they don’t snack as much now. My daughter 7 eats more like I do and is willing to try more things as is my oldest son – 10. But my middle blessing would soon starve than touch a veggie. The only two veggies I’ve gotten him to eat are carrots and broc and it’s solely because there crunchy. My hubby – still working on him. My weekness use to be pastries, but lately I’ve been able to walk by the hoards of donuts that my co-workers bring in and not salivate – I stand amazed at how my Tbuds are changing.

  • EnjoyRaw, you are couragous! its tough watching people eat donuts, its like a stimuls in my head goes off mmmm coffee, then i think, hey, i dont drink coffee any more, and i dont even mind, i guess our taste buds do change! yea, my family doesnt eat out at all anymore, ive got the kids making their own lunches and sometimes breakfast, i did notice a big difference by just making foods, and putting them on the table or kitchen counter and not saying one word, i also bought mini cookie cutters and make shapes out of all the kids food, they love stars and the hearts, and then they focus on the shapes! i quit taking the kids to mcdees a long time ago but once in a while they eat it and that night they always get a fever and very sick, and i remind them off that so then i take them on a “picnic” and to the dollar store instead of mcdees!

  • EnjoyRawEnjoyRaw Raw Newbie

    Right now I’m couragous – we’ll see what happens when that desire for a FAT cinamin roll comes back. I have all of the raw pastries recipes in my recipe box :) when the time comes. I don’t have a dehydrator – so that makes it hard. I will get one at the end of the year if I’m still raw by then. I’m buying a little of the staples (my staples) at a time – this week – it’s RAW CHOCOLATE and DATES - I’m so excited – we are going to make the RAW pop tarts :)

  • i just bought a dehydrator for 60 bucks, it has adjustable temp control by nesco..last night i used it for the first time,i made pecan burgers that were so amazing!!!i think i ruined the potato chips or overcooked them? .as for the cinamin buns, you gotta have these treats made ready and waiting in your fridge so when you stand and stair into that fridge, you got something waiting…i always have brownies made in advance, i have a great brownie recipee i made from a bit from mat lawson and from chrissy, i also have a apple or blueberry pie already made, neither need a dehydrator…i also ordered a case of dates from the date people in california, they are so oooso good, , let me know how your pop tarts come out…i keep eating apple slices and celery slices with almond butter…keep pictureing yourself beautiful and raw and whaat you will look like as if you were already 100 per cent raw!

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    rawgirldc – I’m coming over for homemade ravioli next time!!! Pasta is definitely one of my weaknesses too. I have yet to make myself a raw pasta dish though. It just always slips my mind when I’m at the store! One of these days! It is funny though cause I’m a big cook as well, and I looooove cooking, I love to be creative and make all kinds of things… just can’t seem to switch that over into the raw world! I think I’m raw-retarded hahaha. I just stick to my fruits, salads and wraps… no wonder I fall of the wagon every now and then!!! haha Anywhooo I finally made a commitment today when I went grocery shopping to make some exciting dishes. We’ll see how it goes. I usually buy the stuff to make something neat but then I just end up eating it as is with a simple dip or something. Blah!

  • i do the same thing kiwi does pretty much—we eat raw all day, every day, and then have a cooked dinner that’s always vegetarian. it’s totally about not going too fast, doing what you can do and then just sort of watching what happens with your tastes/body organically. at first we were doing raw during the day just monday through friday, but then it just naturally flowed into the weekend days b/c that’s just what we felt like having. i think forcing change is always the wrong way to go. i try to understand that life is a long journey and that eating raw/transitioning can be too. i mean it took victoria boutenko 12 years to get where she is, and i think that’s true for a lot of raw foodists who we respect. they even say not to go fast. it’s about lasting change not a diet, not something short-term, not forced. this mentality has helped me when i’ve tried to run before i can walk:)

  • i agree with the issues everyone on this thread is having too. i have a terrible night snacking problem and, though i have no trouble eating raw from the time i wake up to when i get home from work, dinners, after dinners and weekends are hard on me. i will always have once or twice a week that we go out for dinner with friends or as a date night and i just try my best to eat salad before the meal and to focus on fresh vegan food where possible.

    I try to remind myself that by working my way towards eating raw dinners and snacks, and by eating raw all day, i am still doing better on the journey than i was when i started.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Sarm, I totally agree with you! Weekends are tought! Just don’t beat yourself up if you fall offthe health wagon here and there. We are only human. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you have somthing unraw, just say to yourself, ‘That’s ok, the next meal will be raw’.

    Hope this makes you feel a bit better aobutt the whole thing.

  • Thanks Luna blu! and to everyone else that replied…..I do feel better!!! I noticed though that when I have eaten cooked food I don’t eat nearly as much as I used to and I find the process of cooking more fulfilling than eating it!!! lol ….I think my body is talking to me!! :)
    Green Smoothies seem to be my favourite so for the time being I will just go with the flow!

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