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Pepsi Raw

Pepsi Raw.

Anyone in the UK try this yet?

Is this the future of the raw food movement?

Thoughts and opinions on it.

Here is the link http://divinecaroline.com/article/22177/45408


  • I think Pepsi and I have wildly different conceptions of “raw.”

  • nah- i don’t think it will catch on in the raw community. they’re just mad that more people are waking up to the fact that soda is not healthy. I also don’t think it’s really raw. “Raw” is currently unregulated as a label, as we have found. it’s so funny how junk food and junk product companies always try to appeal to trends and work their marketing around that. Anyone remember clear Pepsi? Let’s hope RAW lifestyle is not just a trend. It will probably appeal to some non-raw people for awhile and then they’ll stop making it when sales drop off. But on the whole, it certainly doesn’t appeal to me. One thing I’m glad my parents did for me is ban soda from the house! So i’ve never been much of a soda drinker.

  • skizzyskizzy Raw Newbie

    i’m pretty sure it’s not raw, and i highly doubt pepsi is expecting anyone to think it is actually raw. i think they are using it to invoke a feeling of naturalness. it’s a marketing word, not a label of actual rawness.

  • Unfortunately, the people who have no clue what raw is, will feel as if they’re drinking something superior and good for them. And for those who know what raw is, but don’t follow it will have no conception that this is NOT a true raw product. It’s too bad that they’re going to exploit the title Raw and misrepresent it for us who wish to keep it pure.

  • cannibalwarriorcannibalwarrior Raw Newbie

    Not raw at all, just a scam.

  • CharisCharis Raw Newbie

    Very much so!!! ( a scam, that is!)
    Read this article…


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Im sorry but that product is just ridiculous. No raw ingredients at all! For shame Pepsi for shame :)

  • It also should be noted that the sugar used is probably not vegan either, and I’m sure there’s plenty of it as well. So, the drink is left unhealthy regardless of the actuality of it being raw. It being PepsiCo also, considering the idea that the product would actually be Raw, is a corporation that has an insane record of inhumane and enviromentally damaging practices all over the world, and that should be under heavy consideration before money is spent on their product. Plus, you would still be giving money to an industry that may carry a raw product, but doesn’t exactly promote a healthy lifestyle with any of it’s other products and business ownerships. Pizzahut.. Not so good.

  • Well give them the benefit of the doubt. It may not be raw in the sense of what we do here, but compared to the bulk of soft drinks it’s a step in the right direction for a healthier soft drink. But, I’m a coke guy at heart.

  • Eww – it’s probably as raw as fiberglass. Soda gives me the creeps, and I can’t help but lose patience with people who consider consuming “diet” sodas to be healthy. Perhaps this “raw” product is simply another sugar- and chemical-laden drink that tricks people into thinking that they are eating something beneficial, or God forbid, another substitute for water.

  • I agree, it is probably a fake. At least Pepsi is trying to become “healthier” but I doubt this will target the raw community. It is just another phase of the sugars: sugar—> less sugar—> splenda—> cane sugar—> ? It doesn’t matter how healthy they claim it to be, show me a “Pepsi: Won’t wear enamel, stain teeth, or artificial flavor free” edition and maybe I will take time to look at the “nutrition” label.

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