coconut oil/ butter

I bought some coconut oil about 2 months ago and now its in a solid form (like butter). i dont keep it in the fridge but i keep it in a cool dark place. is this normal to happen? also how long is it good for?


  • I have never seen coconut oil that wasn’t solid like butter (except after warming it up, of course). And I keep it in a cupboard. I just bought some and the expiration date is a year from now. So I think yours should be good!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    It depends on the temperature in your house whether coconut oil will be solid or liquid. I think it solidifies at about 75

  • My coconut oil always solidifies when I put it in a cool place. it’s absolutely normal, and doesn’t affect the taste at all. :)

  • thanks! good to know. my coconut oil was a liquid when i bought it… so i guess it was just the room temperature, which makes sense. haha :0)

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