Digestive issues

I just started trying to incorporate more raw foods into my diet because of persistent digestive problems (chronic severe bloating and gas for the past year)
that didn’t respond to any other change in diet(been vegan for a few years and then macrobiotics).
It seems like I can hardly digest anything at the moment besides cooked rice and especially raw food without terrible bloating. :/
I am taking digestive enzymes which help a little.
Did anyone else have this problem when making a transition?


  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master
    ive had digestive issues the past few years and a few foods ive found good :
    • pineapple
    • almond milk with banana and carob powder
    • spinach
    • raisins

    all alkaline foods as opposed to acidic foods , which could be the culprit in alot of digestive issues imo . and im now trying to really drink alot of almond milk because its soothing / alkaline qualities , my outlooks to keep my g.i. tract constantly coated in the alkaline almond and see if thatll heal it .

  • I found that pineapple relieved some of the symptoms but raisins as well as nuts and nut butters make me feel pretty awful.
    I am guessing it is the enzymes in the pineapple that help.
    I will give the almond milk a try as well.
    Thanks for the reply :)

  • No I haven’t,I was just reading a book on chinese medicine and it sounded like it may be spleen/gallbladder related but these symptoms can be manifestations of many illnesses I guess. I will get it checked out though.
    Thanks for the advice. :)

  • I had serious digestive problems like that for many years, also lots of stomach pain. The day I went 100% raw my stomach pain was gone. After I’d been raw for almost 2 years my digestive system felt like it was shutting down. My naturopath recommended HCl supplementation and it has made a huge difference, very noticeably with gas, bloating and general digestive improvement. Some people have very low stomach acid (I’ve wondered if I produced any!) and it makes for a very compromised digestive system, especially for protein rich foods.

  • You might also check to see if you have any parasitic problems—used to have alot of bloating especially after eating and then figured out I had Ascaris or round worms and did a parasitic cleanse—unfortunately had to use some conventional methods because they were also in tissues not just gut. But I do not have the bloat problems unless I eat something I am allergic to.

  • I haven’t had any luck with conventional doctors, they say it is “IBS” thus far and ask if I eat enough fiber which I do, they gave me a prescription for “Dicetal” which I tossed.
    I have been taking enzymes with added HCI in them, but it isn’t much, but they do help a bit.
    I have been searching for some natural solutions,I will probably go to a naturopath this week as I am having no luck in home treatment.
    I have never had parasite testing, and tried some cleanses with no luck.
    I have to go get some blood tests/ xrays done this month to rule out any serious problems though.
    It is always my right side that tenses up as well, which may indicate it is my gallbladder.
    It seems like bloating has a myriad of origins though.
    Hmmph .
    Thanks for the responses everyone.:)

  • Does sound gallbladder-ish—have you done a gallbladder/liver cleanse? That might be a good place to start. My husband is a naturopath and the gut is one of his specialties—everything starts with the gut. It is definitely hard to pin down gut problems. Keep trying—it will all come together for you.

    Might also be H. pylori bacteria—do you have any heart burn or acid reflux problems? If so—you could try some Mastic Gum and L-glutamine powder helps to heal the gut—it is fuel for the gut. You can put the L-glutamine in juice.

  • Nope, I have never done a gallbladder cleanse but I will look into it. I am actually drinking artichoke tea and taking milk thistle right now as well, it seems to help a bit after meals.

    It is always just severe bloating and tension in the right side of my abdomen, I don’t have problems with acid reflux generally.
    It almost feels like a muscle that doesn’t want to uncontract.It gets much worse before my cycle I noticed too.:/
    Achieving balance seems so difficult sometimes.
    Thanks again

  • Ginger- baby! It’s all about the ginger. I’m privy to shooting 2oz shots of freshly squeezed ginger root but have seen friends (and my dad) turn green at their first encounter with it. It’s not for everyone but I have also gotten a handful of people hooked for life. Try sipping it, throwing it into a juice or chewing on the root if you can stand it. It’s spicy but great for digestion.

    (also known to make one feel like Super Woman!)

  • All4RawAll4Raw Raw Newbie

    I had severe bowel issues (hospital bad). Raw is the only thing that works. Don’t mix raw and cooked though.Try to avoid beans,broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage as major foods in your diet.Avocado is great. I am raw and alkalarian. It works for me.

  • All4RawAll4Raw Raw Newbie

    oo… and I reccommend Cleanse More by renew life.

  • I drink alot of ginger tea but I still have to get a juicer, so when I do I will try it out, apple ginger juice sounds really good. :D

    I am going to gradually increase the amount of raw food as time goes on so my stomach will accept it better.

    I actually did that cleanse a few months back,one thing I found worked but it too expensive to buy on a regular basis is Gallexier herbal bitters.

    It is amazing how many people have encountered digestive issues, it sounds like raw food can help tremendously although, and I want to stick to it.

  • Fennel and peppermint tea are very good for digestion too!

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