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So, what’s the consensus on vinegars (balsamic, apple cider, etc.)? They seem to be used quite often by rawfoodies. Does anyone know anything negative about them?




  • You can get Raw Apple Cider vinegar, but I don’t think balsamic or red wine vinegar are raw.

  • Eden Foods makes a very nice Raw Red Wine Vinegar. Never seen a Raw balsamic though.

  • I love vinegar, I wish they all would be raw considering the amount of enzymes and nutrients they contain. I mean it doesn’t make sense to pasteurize and destroy the wonderful nutrients they contain! Ergh.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    is balsamic vinegar not raw because it’s pasteurized? hypothetically, if you were to get it from a little stall in italy or france it would be raw then?

    i heard the reasoning was that only acv doesn’t tip your body’s alkaline balance. i use vinegars sparingly anyway though. prefer citrus.

  • For those who care, vinegar is a very toxic food, nomatter the nature of it. If you were out in the fields and saw a beautiful grape vine and were hungry which grapes would you select to eat? Would you eat the ripe juicy ones or the ones that have gotten overripe and are already turning into vinegar? I doubt that anyone reading this will select the spoiled turned to vinegar grapes. Then why would you do that when choosing to put vinegar on your food? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    I always just use raw apple cider vin. It is very healthy for you!

  • rawclairerawclaire Raw Newbie

    Renoir’s right – I buy Eden’s raw red wine vinegar! Great in my salads! :)

  • Socal, you make a good point about the grapes that are chosen to make balsamic but I am curious, are most balsamic vins pasteurized or cooked in some way? I had thought that the procedure was similar to that of wine fermentation.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    There is a new one I have seen at the health food store – Coco Nectar vinegar. It says it is unheated and it is made from the coconut tree, I think. I tried some last summer; it was very strong & had a unique flavor.

  • bananaboybananaboy Raw Superstar

    More hype perpitrated on health seekers. All vinegars including apple cider are toxic. Apple cider vinegar is the excrement of bacteria. It’s acidic and very destructive. Eat fresh apples instead and use common sense.

  • Chris SChris S Raw Newbie

    Um how can someone knock vinegar? Do you know how vinegar is made in it’s true form? It’s not from a grape on a vine. That grape was probably spoiled. Vinegar is just being taken care of by mother. He got drunk one night and mom nursed him back to health. Besides without sour how can you appreciate sweet?

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I have seen a lot of people make great improvements in their health just by starting to use apple cider vinegar on a regular basis – what is the source that says it is toxic?

  • jgfergus and socal please go into more detail?

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Isn’t this just another example of a fermented food? Aren’t they good for us?

  • megantheveganmeganthevegan Raw Newbie
    To those who are wondering why vinegars would be bad for you

    It has to do with the acidity levels. When the stomach digests the food that has been chewed and swallowed, the hydrochloric acid that is secreted to digest it should NATURALLY be able to digest this mass of food. When you add things to your system that is of a certain toxicity/acidity, it changes not only the pH balance in your blood system, but almost trains your system to get used to the idea of not secreting so much hydrochloric acid. A LOT of people have issues with their stomach acid. You can go to the doctor and get it tested even. It’s very interesting…anywhoo, basically, putting vinegar with things, and then putting it on food…ferments everything. Fermented things are getting confused with pro-biotics I think…pro-biotics are GREAT, but one to look out for is acidophilus [ACID-ophilus AKA ACIDIC]...alot of people think it’s good for you, but it’s not…

  • Luna Blu, I hate to say this but no, apple cider vinegar is not healthy, it is vinegar and all are bad. Here is a reference for those who want to read it – please excuse the poor spelling, I didn’t write it I am just reposting (BTW if you ever go to a chemistry lab you will see acetic acid in pure form will have a skull and cross-bones on the label as it is extremely poisonous – vinegar is pure acetic acid mixed with 19 parts water):

    Vinegar retards digestion Experiments have shown that as small a portion of vinegar as one in 5,000 sppreciab1y diminishes the digestion of starch by its inhibiting or destructive effect upon the salivary amylase. One part in 1,000 renders starch digestion very slow and twice this quantity arrests it altogether. From these facts it becomes evident that vinegar, pickles (saturated with vinegar), salads on which vinegar has been sprinkled and salad dressings containing vinegir, are unwholesome substances to take into the human digestive tract, especially when taken with starchy foods such as cereals, bread, legumes, potatoes and the like.

    Vinegar is not an evil merely because its highly toxic acetic acid content destroys ptylain (salivary amylase), but it also contains alcohol, which precipitates the pepsin of the gastric juice and retards or prevents gastric digestion of proteins. What wonder then that pickles and vinegar have been found useful in reducing weight. They cripple the first two stages of digestion. My readers should know that apple cider vinegar, which is so much lauded today as a “wonder drug” in folk medicine con tains both acetic acid and alcohol and is unfit for use, not alone because it impairs digestion, but also because it contains these two virulent poisons.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Okay. Well, is there anything to substitute for the tang and taste of balsamic vinegar, then? I really don’t eat much vinegar of any kind anyhow, since they tend to hurt my stomach but sometimes I love the taste of one like balsamic or wine vinegar.

    Okay, I admit sometimes it also cuts the gaggifying taste of a vegetable I don’t like . . .

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Before I forget, thank you for the info, SocaL.

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    Wow, this is definately something new I’ve never heard before, especially about Apple Cidar Vinegar. I have this alkaline/acidic chart thing from the health food store that categorizes apple cidar vinegar under alkaline and the other vinegars (white, balsamic, etc.) under acidic. How bout that? :S

  • Chris SChris S Raw Newbie

    Eh it looks like just another controversial topic. But you have to look at the amounts you are taking in at a time. Sure pure acetic acid may be bad for you but so would any pure acid. Vinegar is a small portion acid to a much larger portion of liquids. True vinegar wouldnt contain much alcohol if any because the mother in it converts the alcohol into the acetic acid and water. How can the adicity un vinegar be so harmful when lemon juice is more acidic than most or all vinegars? By that logic you shouldnt use lemon juice either. Besides my pickles are from a crock. No vinegar in mine. A natural sour twang. But again this is a controversial subject depending on your source.

  • I have never seen a bottle of lemon juice with a skull and cross-bones on it, no matter what concentration the lemon juice is. It’s like the other toxins that people choose to consume (especially in certain cultures) like garlic, onions, radishes, mustard, salts, etc…they all swear by them and they all have a story of how so and so regained their health from eating 2 pounds a day of onions …. blah blah … but they have never even tried to live without the offensive compound. If you continue to have it in your body you will not know what it is like to be clean and have the right reaction to a toxin instead of no reaction because your system is too overworked by desperately trying to eliminate the offensive substance 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    (if someone hasn’t already said this…)

    Vinegar inhibits amylase enzyme. So, you won’t digest those carbs.

    (my opinion) ...and why are you eating raw, preserving those enzymes so they don’t become denatured, and then turning around and adding vinegar so amylase enzyme won’t work? (just my thoughts)

  • Chris SChris S Raw Newbie

    Good point that it may inhibit the enzymes. Sometimes you need to use something in a small amount for flavor. I don’t think it is a toxic substance tho. Sure if you consume the acid in it’s pure form would be toxic. Of course I guess it’s a matter of ratio of vinegar compounds to enzymes. Besides isnt the point of eating raw to have the enzymes we normally don’t in a normal to extra amounts.

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    LOL Socal, your comment on lemon juice hehehe

    the toxic foods you mentioned… thats all new to me…i’d like to live clean and have the right reaction…is that it or is there a longer list of foods to avoid that i can follow? great information… would love to learn more… thanks!

  • This is great info, thanks Socal! I had heard some people say to stay away from vinegar, but never knew why. And you make a good point when you say “If you continue to have it in your body you will not know what it is like to be clean.”

  • kundalalita, here is a repost from another thread I wrote last year:

    Also many so called raw foods are toxic in themselves. The list is actually full of many foods people are eating regularly. These include onions, garlic, radishes, hot peppers, most spices, all salt (including sea, celtic, himalayan etc.), vinegar (including the so called raw vinegar

  • Why don’t we just not eat anything? I think a lot of these forums get to the point of being ridiculous. I never read about anything good anymore, its always this is toxic, only eat this, too much fat, etc and so on. Maybe it would just be better to focus on living and other aspects of life than to get so obsessive about food that it takes the joy out of it. If someone wants to eat something and enjoys it, then I say go ahead! Be happy, that is the most important thing.

  • EnjoyRawEnjoyRaw Raw Newbie

    Lyn-doe – I agree. I use apple cider vinegar to keep my five year old regular. He’s autistic and instead of having him constipated (where he goes every 3 – 4 days and we all can agree that’s not healthy). I put 1 small capfull in his juice in the morning and since I’ve started doing that he goes – daily. The doctors wanted to put him on a gentle daily laxative – not happening. EnjoyLife

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    I also agree. I mean, onions, garlic, radishes, etc? These have been around since ancient times not to mention how beneficial they can be for the body. I think that the best way to see it is as too much of anything is toxic. However, I bet this is hard to achieve in a raw foods diet because there is so much variety of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, sprouts, etc! Of course I believe almost all foods, if not all, contain small traces of toxins that we absolutely do not need to worry about because we have incredible bodies that functions incredibly to remove these harmful substances. Afterall, what’s the point of having a complex organ as the liver if there are no toxins or harmful substances to destroy (besides the fuction of accumulating fats)? I might be getting a little carried away right now but I’m trying to say that our bodies are MEANT to remove toxins, wastes, and other unneeded substances. Everthing has a good and a bad, but probably at different levels. When I hear, no this is bad, this is toxic, too much fat, etc., to me it sounds like some raw foodists are limiting themselves even more to what we limited to. Pretty soon you will have nearly nothing to eat if the obsession gets too far. I’m no expert or anything and this is totally my opinion. I’m just tired of hearing so much negativaty within this what’s-supposed-to-be, a wonderful raw lifestyle. Some people just need to chill out. Thanks for letting me blow some steam. I feel better now.lol

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I strongly disagree without using onions,radishes, hot peppers, and garlic. These foods eaten in moderation have very many health benefits. All hot and spicy foods are able to kill off any harmful parasites clinging to the gut. They are also very useful in clearing out excess mucus.Yes these foods have a small insignificant amount of toxins in them, but so do tomatoes and spinach. So are we going to stop eating this lovely fruit and veg? Well you may do as you please but I still gonna enjoy these guys:) Also vinegar is bad? So everything fermented is bad? Wow I wonder why I feel so wonderful after drinking some kombucha or why wine has been linked to longevity.

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