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Calling all Vancouverites!!

Hello Vancouverites.

I’ve been noticing the increasing number of members on this site that live in the Vancouver area. Anyone interested in having a raw potluck or going to Radha (vegan raw restaurant) for some yummy food. Let me know and hopefully we can make something happen! Happy eats!


  • Oh my god, yes!!! I’m actually going to Radha tomorrow night with some friends. I’d feel weird inviting random people along for that, but I’d definitely be down for going another night or, even better, doing a potluck! Don’t know if you’ve ever been to the raw potlucks at East West Yoga…they’re great, but they don’t happen often enough! ;)

  • Yes, that would be wonderful! I live in the ‘Greater Vancouver Area’.. There is nothing in way of potlucks out my way:)

  • Oh my gosh, this is great!! I’ve never met any raw fooders before. I’ll probably look at you guys as aliens if I meet you all. lol. And I’ll be the newest member of this alien community. lolol. Can you give the address please? Oh no, I’m kind of nervous now becaus I’m afraid I’ll have to show up by myself! Oh well, this is a great way to meet other raw fooders so I won’t be so lonely anymore!!

  • I’m in too!!! Angela33, this could be our chance to create together…(what word do I use instead of cook!!lol) I look forward to meeting the other vancouverite raw fooders!

  • hey, There are is a monthly raw vegan potluck, it is always the last Sunday of each month in Kits, here are the details: http://rawfood.meetup.com/372/ hope to see you there.

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