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Blendtec vs vitamix

Hey guys, I just bought a blendtec and it is totally AWESOME! This thing rocks! I had some broccoli stalks left over and threw it in the blendtec with a clove of garlic, sea salt, pepper and warm water and..voila instant warm creamy smooth broccoli soup out of hard stalks. Can you tell I am excited about this thing! Anyway my question is, why do so many people buy the vitamix vs the blendtec? From what I underatnd the blendtec has more power and the price points are the same. Why the preference?


  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    ive read alot of rawfoodists opinions on this the past few years and what i gather is that they both have big followings . and 2 things that people like about the vita mix are that its been around a long time and worked well , and you can get it with simple hi and low push buttons compared to the blendtecs more complicated controls . alot of people like the instant on / off control power of the simple buttons on vitamix . oh and i think some vitamix warranties go 7 years where i think a blendtecs 3 . but ive seen a small appliance expert and a big time raw chef say blendtecs the best , and more powerful . so its like chevy versus ford = theyre both good .

  • Thanks Michigan roman! I was wondering what all the buzz ia about. Even all the raw books I have uses the vitamix.

  • The most clever analogy I read was someone likening it to cars. If you’re an automatic transmission person, then BlendTec; if you like driving a manual trans, then Vitamix. Cute, and sounds right.

  • I have the Blendtec and people like to make a deal about the buttons.The buttons are flush with the base and easier to clean than the Vitamix.There are 4 preset buttons that you can set for instance mine are 1 is soup and 2 smoothies and 3 grind grain and 4 mixed drinks.What is so hard about pressing a number and walking away nothing.The Blendtec container is square so you can push down debri with a spatula .I love my Blendtec .

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I posted about this a while back.

    I prefer VitaMix. I have both and use both. I am currently using my BlendTec because my VitaMix is at my in-laws… but I miss my tamper! Sometimes… I just do NOT want to add that little extra water to get the BlendTec going. So, a tamper would be helpful. If BlendTec had the tamper, I’m sure I would prefer it since it fits nicely under my cabinets. And, the BlendTec turns off automatically too… a very nice feature. But, I don’t like the buttons… because if you simply want to turn it ON after you selected a cycle menu… and don’t want the cycle menu chosen or already used it and have something else to make… then you must reboot the BlendTec. And, it’s quite often I have to reboot. Here’s my post about it

    Oh yeah, and I like that you can easily put things through the hole on the lid on the VitaMix… (where the tamper would go). You can’t do this with the BlendTec. (the $350-$400 ones)

  • Hi sgmom2,

    This question has come up a few times on this forum. I wrote an exhaustive description comparing the two products on my blog/website for this reason.

    Just to summarize: - Vitamix has a 7 year warranty, Blendtec 3 year

    - Vitamix has the tamper, Blendtec doesn’t and therefore can’t handle large uncut fruit such as apples, etc

    - Vitamix is 50 bucks off if you can find it at Costco during their roadshows

    - both are noisy :)



  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    I just bought a Braun Powermax, and it friggen ROCKS!! For the money, $80, it performs as good as the REALLY expensive models. There was a comparriaion done on the news, and they tested a whole whack of blenders, form the cheapest to the $800 doller units, and it (the Braun) worked just as well!! So far so good!!

    I am happy to keep the $720 in my pocket!!

  • I’m a big fan of my Blendtec, though I have never used the VitaMix. I make 4 liters of green smoothies a day, and it works great. It is a bit tempting to learn, however, that I would not have to chop up apples and things with Vita. Has anyone purchased a Blendtec recently? Any deals out there – free shipping or other bonuses? I want my newly retired parents (dad was recently diagnosed with diabetes, it is under control), to start drinking green smoothies. I am planning to get them Green for Life and one of the two blenders as a combo Mother’s Day/Father’s Day present. I haven’t had time to shop around yet.

  • I have a Blendtec and I DO NOT chop. Maybe halve to remove stems, but no chopping. I blend whole oranges, pears, apples, cukes – even avocado pits!!!

    Once you figure out how to load the pitcher, you don’t need to tamp. I push one button 3 times and then the button on the right and Start. That sets it for whole juice. It runs for 50 secs. with increasing speeds and makes a green smoothie out of WHOLE leaves, fruits and frozen fruits, like a small head of romaine, 2 oranges and a 1/2 bag frozen raspberries. What could be easier than that???

    Why don’t people like to add water? There is nothing more healthy than water!!!

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