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Going raw and getting pregnant - too much?

Hey y’all,

I’m new here and new to raw foods. I’m in the transition process and feeling great. My husband and I are trying for a baby and I’ve read that there’s concern about the detox your body goes through while going raw and it’s effect on a baby. I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years or something like that, have been eating primarily organic for a few years, and have done a few cleansing fasts over the past year so I feel like I may have a bit of a headstart on detox. Being new to raw, however, I’m not sure of the detox process and just how it may effect a baby. I know you can have a successful raw pregnancy but it seems that most people that do have already been raw for some time before getting pregnant. Is there anyone that could give me some advice on this?



  • heartshapedskyheartshapedsky Raw Newbie

    i’d love to know as well.

  • I think if it was too much for your body to handle all at once you wouldn’t get pregnant. Listen to your body. It whispers, but it always tells us what is best. I was 90% raw during my third pregnancy. I was also under enormous amounts of stress. I carried to term, had a healthy 7 lbs baby and he is now a healthy 2 yr old.

  • hey susie im also on the same boat as you are on, me and my husband are also trying for our 2ed one. i tried raw just last month and after 2 weeks i started feeling detox symptoms like hard cramps deep in my stomach and i dont think i would be able to handel those pains being preggers! so anyone out there with info please help!!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    susieb07 – It sounds like you are ahead of most as far as detox goes. I would just say the more cleansing & detox you do before you become pregnant, the better. It might be good to do a major cleanse (Arise & Shine, or something) before you get pregnant, and then eating raw should be great! I think everyone is different, but the more cleansing you have done & the less toxins you have been taking in for a longer period, the less drastic the transition to raw will be. Good luck!

    Although it had nothing to do with pregnancy, I’ll tell you about someone I know – she had a health crisis & decided she needed to go immediately raw. She did the Arise & Shine cleanse, which made it possible for her to go from a typical SAD diet – lots of meat, alcohol, & everything else – to a 100% raw vegan diet immediately. That’s why I thought of that cleanse.

  • Hey y’all…I just found some info in a book called The Raw Detox Diet. Maybe some of you have heard of it. I can’t remember who it’s by. The author recommends if you’re used to a SAD diet then going 50-60% raw during a pregnancy would be ok and then gradually transitioning to 90-100% after the baby is born if you’re ready. She said not to focus on detox (if you’re going raw while pregnant) b/c it can have harmful effects on a baby, and focus more on properly combined meals. If you’re used to eating meat and dairy she says to continue eating small amounts to avoid triggering too many detox symptoms all at once. Hope this is helpful. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

  • I didn’t go through cramps and all the stuff you guys mentioned here. I did have severe face break outs which I now conclude came from my drinking store bought almond milk to replace the dairy I had been drinking.

    Somewhere I read that there are higher amounts of mold in the blood of people who consume nuts regularly. This can lead to health problems.

    I don’t drink almond milk any more.

    Logically though, if you are not consuming toxins and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, the store toxins are breaking down and being processed out.

    I heard that raw people have less problems delivering. And we do know that the raw diet is infusing you with a higher rate of nutrition than a dead, processed (chemical) diet.

    If you are having trouble being raw, I think I’d have a target rate of raw consumption, at least 50% if not more.

  • Very interesting. I’d like more information as well, as we’re thinking about starting a family too.

  • Well guys, apparently going raw and getting pregnant at the same time wasn’t too much for my body cause it happened. I did find some helpful information on a raw pregnancy here: “http://www.thegardenbaby.com/Barefoot_and_Pregnant.html”; So for those of you that have been raw for a while, I’d love any suggestions on protein sources and other general raw nutrition tips. I’m eating a crapload of nuts but I’m not feeling very balanced right now. After reading The Raw Food Detox Diet (my first read on raw food) it seems to be a bit contradictory to what raw food actually is. It’s all about food combinations but includes meat and dairy. Different books are saying different things so if anybody knows of a book that seems to be the authority on the matter please pass on the info. Thanks!

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