RAW in Canada

As of a few days ago I started my raw food diet, for someone who is used to eating 24/7 and loves to cook this has been a big change for me, some concerns I have pertain to not wanting to loose muscle mass (I work out alot), also advice for snacking? Hope everyones having a great day and can’t wait to hear from people! Cheers, Evan


  • Welcome Eweinberg! I’m just across the lake from you in Rochester. I’m in the same boat as you as far as working out a lot and not wanting to loose muscle. I haven’t started 100% raw yet but I’m in the process of easing into it. Doing one raw meal a day now, then I’ll switch to 2 day in a few days and see how that’s working out before I go “all the way”.

  • haha ya i think you have a better idea than me , i kinda went into it full swing (bringin my roomate into it as well ) and its been hard, especially as someone who likes to cook, but it’s been interesting and I wish you luck, if ur ever in Toronto well have to go for a salad haha , cheers

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