Nose bleed during a cold

Hi all. I am in the middle of a bad cold/virus thingy and now my sinuses are making me dizzy and I had a nose bleed. A couple of days later and I blew my nose hard and it bled again a little. a wad of cotton woolsoaked in 50% each of Apple Cider vinegar and water,put up my nose, stops the nose bleed VERY quickly. It seals the little blood vessels. My question is, Would taking bilberry extract help to strengthen the blood vessels so they don


  • Having dry sinuses can definitely cause a nose bleed. Especially if you’re taking a decongestant. I use a neti pot. It irrigates your nasal passages and keeps them moist. Hope that helps.

  • from what i understand, nose bleeds come from dry air also. so breathing a bowl of hot water with thyme and rosemary is good to moisten and help with sickness. I usually cover my head with a tea towel to get maximum steam action.

    It feels really nice too. so this could be used to prevent further nose bleeds. Sorry i don’t have a remedy to stop one, nor do i know about bilberry.

  • Steam. Yes, I had forgotten about that. Thanks for reminding me. I have a small steamer in my bottom drawer. I’ll go and put the kettle on.

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    the herb YARROW has been used for centuries to stop both internal and external bleeding . its also a very warming tea that i cant drink in summer or itll make me bake , but in winter or with a cold / chills its very warming .

    ive grown it in my garden for years and several times rubbed its foilage on a small cut ide get while working in garden and it stops the bleeding right away . and ive got at least 15 herbal books ive read this about yarrow in so its quite commonly believed .

  • Thanks everyone. I know bilberry strengthens the blood vessels in the body. I will apply all your advice. God bless.

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