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coconut oil. how do you take it?

I want to add it as part of my daily supplements….but how?? in a smoothie? straight up? how much? Ive read anywhere from 2-4 tbsp. Does it really help with weight loss?



  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I use mine in desserts mainly, and skin and hair. My favorite recipe is raw chocolate – to die for!!

  • I like to use it as I would butter. I also like to melt it and make a fudge with it (posted a recipe here for that). It’s a great moisturizer, have known folks that use it as a deodorant (natural anti-bacterial properties) and really good for dry frizzy hair. I also like it straight up off the spoon!

  • So good in smoothies and desserts! Not sure on the weight loss?? I have lost weight going raw (70% or so) but I can’t pinpoint it to one raw food…

  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    I was more interested in how I could sneak some in day to day, NOT by eating desserts, LOL.

    Ill have to try it in my smoothies I guess.

    Thanks to those who replied :)

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I put a tablespoon in my smoothies every day. Also use it on my skin for moisturizing and shaving, removing makeup, my coconut oil book says you can absorb it that way too. My daughter now has her own little jar so she can look shiny!

  • Just a thought…if you make any raw cracker you could spoon a touch on before you add your other salad ingredients. I personally add mine to smoothies,eat it on random things(no dehydrator),I always use it as a body/face cream,I love to apply it to my gums before sleeping,hair etc. It’s the only oil/cream I use daily.I love it and would suggest everyone to eat and use it.I have never made desserts or raw foods with it,would love to but after using it everday for over two years without I’m fine and hope someone else will make me these yummy raw desserts:)

  • if you make any pate/spread type stuff you can put a spoonful in the food processor with the nuts, greens & spices. or you can use it in a sauce to top veggies (like a curry)

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