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Where to draw the line

RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

How do you know that it is all the raw food that you’re eating that is helping you to feel healthier and not the fact that you are getting more fruits and vegetables in your diet? And what if it is just the fact that you think you are eating healthy that makes you healthy? I read about a nori that people thought was raw and were eating for years. Now they’ve stopped eating it since they found out it is heat treated above 118 degrees. But, didn’t they feel just as great when they were eating it? Was it because they thought it was raw? Or did this cooked seaweed actually have health benefits? Most raw foodists include nutritional yeast in recipes (which is cooked to become inactive). And still they have reported miracles because of the “raw” diet. So, cooked can’t be all that bad, can it? I am just really confused. I feel so picky. I find out that raisins I’ve been eating are heated above 118 degrees, and now I can’t eat them anymore? Even though I used to and felt fine? And spices-aren’t they good for you? Why and how do we pick out the raw ones? Where do we draw the line?


  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    I think many people get too wrapped up in the concept of a raw diet, and then as they get more into it and find out that “this” food and “that” food isn’t really raw, they kinda freak. There’s been many posts (on this site) that have addressed this topic. The bottom line is how it makes you feel. Once you start obsessing about every morsel that goes into your mouth, you defeat the whole purpose of being raw in the first place. For some, 100% is right, for others, maybe 80%. For some, even less. I feel the most important thing we should know about the food we eat is where it comes from. I could go on but in the interest of saving space, I’d like to hear how others feel.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I don’t waste time stressing about if the raisin I just ate it truly raw or not, I still feel better than I have. Unless you stick completely to fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s hard to be 100% sure if everything past that is really raw. So I just choose not to worry about it much. Sometimes I seek out to see if a product is actually raw, but I definitely don’t freak out if it’s not.

  • I agree.Which brings me to a question,lost the post,it’s on here somewhere.Maybe you can help me? Is the rejuvinate brand of “raw” butters,kimchees and such raw?????Someone else here listed it not being raw yet it clearly states it on the label and website. It is an awfully pricey product so I would like to know the truth,thanks for any help.

    oh and remember even if (in my opinion socal) eat some non “really”raw foods you are much,much better off than eating sad.

  • For me, it’s psychological. If I do everything in my power to make sure I’m eating 100% raw, then I’ll be able to stay 100%. As soon as I start intentionally letting non-raw things slip in, my mind will say “Well, you’re not 100% raw anyway, what’s that little bite of bread going to do? Or that cooked tomato sauce?” – it’s just all downhill from there.

    Even though I’ve only been 100% for 2 days (Yay!! 2 days and counting!!) I’ve done other diets where the exact same thing happened. As soon as I stray 1% from the diet, I start straying more. But as long as I stay 100%, I can stay on it (the longest I did was a gram counting diet I stuck to for 6 months in order to lose fat and gain muscle). I tried to switch to raw last year, but my goal was only about 80%. It only lasted a few days because eventually I just keep more and more non-raw slip in “since I wasn’t totally raw anyway” (that was a quote from my brain).

    I’ll be able to solidify this theory more in the next couple weeks / months / years if I can stick to eating raw 100%.

    But that’s just me…

  • GregX999, Congrats on eating raw and goodluck with your raw path however i guess what this whole forum is about is,is what we are eating actually raw? I get frustrated by this too,for example “raw almonds”,not any longer oh and the whole chemical laden youg coconut! I guess I am trying to eat the same as I have done for years which is good,simple whole foods and now trying add more and more raw,but again how can we really be certain? Do I feel better eating all of this raw food,yes do I know if some of it is truely raw no…so i keep going on and hope that at some point I will really figure out my diet and the foods I am putting into it. I love eating raw and am very happy to find people here that feel the same.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Asking questions about what you put into your body is not obsessing; it’s being prudent and smart. Obsessing happens when you starve yourself from fear, or when you put your body into a state of malnourishment for same.

    Demanding to know whether a source of, say, pecans, is a good thing. Eating cooked fats and oils is unhealthy. If nothing else, paying a 50 percent mark-up for a source of supposedly raw food when the food in question has been heated and it’s oils and fat denatured, is not good. I harp on the subject because I absolutely won’t let people, especially young people and kids, pay their hard-earned money for a lie.

    I think if we tell people to not obsess, not investigate, not worry and not talk with each other about potentially harmful foods and even unscrupulous shops, then we have failed each other miserably as human beings.

    Last, there is no question that fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than cooked, none. This is gradeschool information. That should be enough.

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