young coconuts & formaldehyde

read this from matt amsden:

independent lab found NO formaldehyde in the coconuts! hooray! i heart coconut water!


  • I will read this,but I must say after the last post….I have decided to give them up and am/was(?) very upset about it. I will read and hope I can go back to one of my favorite foods.Thanks for posting this.I hope I will read reassuring info.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    GOOD! WONDERFUL! I didn’t think it was true anyway!!!

  • When I heard the formaldehyde thing the first time, I brought the five coconuts I had in my kitchen back to the store and swore them off. I was not 100% convinced it was true then, nor I am convinced it is untrue now; this is but one sample of one brand of coconuts that were not dipped in formaldehyde. Maybe none are, maybe some are, maybe most are—I still have no idea.

    Someone posted in a previous thread something that resonates with me: why consume something that I am unsure of its healthfulness (and even safety) AND has to travel 9000 miles to reach my grocery?

    To me, it’s just not worth it.

  • Wow! Thats really good news to me. i used to eat 3-4 young coconuts/wk but i stopped after hearing they were dipped in the same chemical used to preserve the bodies we dissected in gross anatomy! Cheers! Now i can feel better about adding them to my AM smoothies again :-)

  • i guess we have no way to know how the coconuts might be preserved for their journey… and i would definitely choose organic ones when possible… but we also don’t know how the original rumor got started, and we have no definitive proof that it IS true, so…

    naturally, people will use their discretion. as for not eating food that travels a long distance… what about goji berries, maca, cacao, etc? maybe you just mean produce items? where do you live? if not california, many of your produce items probably travel a good distance to get to you (although, probably not 9000 miles.)

    anyway, i feel they are safe again, and will continue to et them as long as my husband will continue to open them!

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