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Watery zucchini

I spirilized some zucchini for pasta and when I added my tomato sauce it gave off so much water that it was almost soup. I’ve had this happen when I made lasagna too. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • Don’t cha just hate that? It’d be so perfect otherwise. I generally spiralize it a few hours to a day before, let it give off it’s liquid, drain, and then use and eat. I’ve also found that I can bring it for lunch as long as I don’t put on any sauce or seasoning until right before I am going to eat it. I suspect it is the salt that brings out the water. I also make thicker sauces to use or leave out the liquid in them because I know the zucch will compensate.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    juleskess, do you peel the outside of the zucchini when you spiralize it or leave the peel on? Once you spiralize it, do you let it sit in a colander in the fridge for the few hours to a day? And does it discolor when it sits for awhile?

    I’m going to a dinner and need some tips on this, I was going to spiralize zucchini…thanks! :)

  • I spiralized one and it did not get watery at all..I did it with the peel on. It had been in my fridge for a couple of days. Maybe try choosing smaller ones.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Great, thanks for the tips! Hopefully mine will turn out or I just won’t raise my hand when someone asks who made the zucchini dish tee-hee ;)

  • No, the peel is the best part, that stays firm. I take out the seedy very middle part. I like to sprinkle it with sea salt and let it sit awhile to let off some liquid, but it does discolor some. Failing that, just bring the sauce to the party with you and put it on right before eating. Also some other suggestions were pumpkin, eggplant, or carrot as noodles instead. Good luck.

  • I don’t have a spiralizer and slice my zucchini with a knife, or use a cheese grater on it, and it’s never been watery. Maybe you could try that? I also buy baby or small zucchinis because they are more flavorful, and maybe that’s why they’re not watery.

  • When I at the tomato sauce it get watery. Perhaps the acid in the tomatoes is causing it? I tried sprilizing it and putting some salt to bring out the water, but that didn’t really work. It’s something about the tomato I think.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    If you remove the tomato seeds then it reduces the amount of water. If I am using fresh tomatoes I put the sauce aside for a few hours and drain the water off, it just collects at the top of the bowl and I pour it away. If I put it in a strainer for a few hours, that sometimes works, but often it still just collects at the top for some reason and I pour it away. Sometimes I cut tomatoes in half and dehydrate the tomatoes for a little while – not all the way done, maybe just 1/2 way dried, and it makes amazing tomato sauce, the absolute best.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I just made a delicious dish and it turned out super! I did use the spirooli and made noodles out of zucchini. I ended up peeling them because I was ending up with long strips of just zucchini skin. I then salted them, squeezed 1/2 a lemon on them and put them in a collander to drain for 3 hours. I then tossed them with olive oil, salt, and italian dried herbs…served it with fresh marinara sauce and herb pesto on the side. I made the sauces thick, not runny, so they would sit on top of the noodles. The noodles were very similar to spaghetti in texture and just a tad crunchier, but not much at all! I added the sauces on top right before serving. Thanks everybody for the tips, they really helped! :) Needless to say, there were no leftovers…

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