Raw for a month

I’m already a vegan and I’d like to try being maybe 75 % raw vegan for a month (and see how it goes from there). Eating food that has been cooked just makes me feel…unhappy and gross.

Does anyone have any useful tips? It’d be greatly appreciated. :)


  • Hey Rabbit, Welcome to Gone Raw. I recommend starting out with a Master Cleanse to cleanse your system of your past diet. Then start with green smoothies! An easy way to get into raw food. Investigate all the fabulous recipes here on gone raw :)

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey Rabbit! Just a heads up – I had a lot of digestive upset the first month and I incorrectly thought this what how it was going to be raw, but really it was my system learning how to digest again. I also thought I was going to see miraculous results after a month, but I didn’t, that’s just starting to come. Imagine clearing out a lifetime of cooked food, that takes some serious time! I found the eating was easy, it was an adventure and there’s tons of help here, it was being patient with the results that was really tough, and accepting that I was going to feel bad before I felt good. I would never advise anyone to judge being raw after a month, it’s just too soon. On a practical note, I would have a tough time being raw without a high speed blender.

  • Welcome Rabbit:) Green smoothies all the way. I love the way they make me feel.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Hey Rabbit, welcome, welcome! I am doing a 100% raw challenge, a number of us are on board. Even if you are only doing your 75% I am sure we would be happy to provide support!

    Raw food is happy food! It’s no wonder you feel unhappy when you eat cooked! :)

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