My raw website and "unbakery"

rawclairerawclaire Raw Newbie

Ok, so what would you like me to put in my website (that I will create eventually) What would you want me to sell? Cookes, snacks, ice creams, pies, cakes, chocolate, whatever ideas you got. Any ideas?


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    You should sell something that you can ship easily and that the Health Dept. approves. You’ll have to find out what is required on a label and how long the item lasts in the mail. There is more to this than you can imagine.

  • rawclairerawclaire Raw Newbie

    Yes, I realized that, but I was just asking people what they would like me to sell. I’m just starting with the “what to sell” part. Then I’ll get into all the legal stuff.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Cookies, candy.

  • Find SOME way to sell things inexpensively. I do not know how. But raw foods are VERY expensive. Foods like oat groats, raw nut butters, raw this raw that. All nuts and seeds and oils and sweets, are expensive raw. This is why I eat mainly fruits and vegetables and honestly, no offense, I probably will not buy anything from your website because I do not buy things online because they are too expensive. Sooo, if there was like an online coop or something that made it cheaper, it would work out??

  • rawclairerawclaire Raw Newbie

    One of my main goals is to make things cheap. :)

  • See, I actually disagree, I’ve found that fruits and vegetables tend to be more expensive than the oats and seeds and grains I find at places like whole foods. Sure you pay less per lb of fruit, but the bulk food seems to be more calorically dense.

  • Hmm. It depends on where you are located, if you have a whole foods near you (I do not), how big a garden you have (I want to have a huge one) and how much wild edibles you have.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    I am quite savvy in the kitchen, so making the stuff is a joy for me, but sometimes it would be nice to get a little lazy and have someone else do it for me!

    I think cookies and squares of some sort. I would love to say ice cream, but that really isn’t possible! unless you wanted to drink it once it arrived! :)

  • rawclairerawclaire Raw Newbie

    Great idea Luna blu! Since sells raw ice cream (super expensive, shipping and dry ice) I figure I could sell it too!:)

  • Find some way to make ice cream as a liquid, and ship it fast so that it does not perish and then they freeze it by placing it in the freezer and it is soft ice cream?? I do not know if that would work out though because they might need an ice cream freezer? At any rate, I have in my cupboard, better than dairy soy vanilla ice cream. It is a powder that you mix with water and freeze in the ice cream maker. Though I would never use this because its soy (yuck), you could possibly make ice cream that needs to be frozen and/ or ice cream mixes (dried nuts, flavors, sweeteners, just add water and freeze)

  • rawclairerawclaire Raw Newbie

    Good idea shgadwa!

  • For the ice cream, maybe you can ship the liquid or dried form and a small booklet on ways to freeze it for those who have and may not have a freezer. Also Maybe supplies for a nice granita or a nice sorbet. Altho I think the cookie, brownie, and such areas would make for better shipping and hold up better. Altho kids would like fruit rolls or other sweet fruit candys. You know the fun stuff. Maybe some raw sour patch kids.

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