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What's YOUR Mantra?

There are some unbelievably awesome people on this forum! I am very new to this site and have already seen some great exchanges of recipes, advice and support.

What would you say your daily mantra is? Or the thought or process that you depend on when things get tough??

I think I’ve posted mine on here somewhere but I love:

Sucess is the intelligent use of mistakes.


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    oh i like that!

    mine is similar: everything is useful

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    “Live in the moment.” But the process behind it: I try to be comfortable with uncertainty: to relax in the midst of distress, change, and chaos. Life is groundless. Letting go of ego and attachments allow us to face fear and obstacles head on. This allows us to experience life, and really connect with other people. Through meditation we learn to live in the moment. (From the book When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron)

  • “For every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward.” ...Jim Rohn

    “I will not be defeated.” I actually repeat that one over and over sometimes while working out.

    “Every man is my superior.” ... Who said it?

    Okay, I’ll stop before I get carried away. Sometimes I need to call on a lot of help!

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    What a great question! This is not an everyday mantra, but when I need it, “This too shall pass.”

  • ‘infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion’ -david icke i used to say this one a lot, it really got the heart open and feeling :D

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie


  • I don’t know if it’s my ‘mantra’ but I use it often, Got positive energy? As opposed to Got Milk.. yuck!


    “Do onto others as you would have others do onto you”... The Golden Rule, It’s an oldie, but goodie:)

  • Man! This is impressive. I’m definately printing this page out.

    Thanks for passin on the encouragement! Y’all RAWK <—haaa, haa. I HAD to, I’m a dork like that.

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    Mine is from a favourite cartoon when I was little called The Magic School Bus! (Loved it). Its “Take chances! Makes mistakes! And get messy!!”

  • I think I may say this wrong..? But my mom always says this to me when things are tough…for this which does not kill me makes me stronger. sorry about the kill part but when she says this to me in difficult situations I feel better.Has anyone else heard this? I think this is her way of saying be in the moment and realize,how really difficult is your situation? Any thoughts?

    Another is- treat people the way you want to be treated,I have followed this for many years. I still very much love for this because this also applies to animals.:)

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    mine is far less deep and comes from an old black eyed peas song: “burn it till it’s burned out, turn it till it’s turned out.” in other words, give everything i do my all, and if in the end it doesn’t work out, i have nothing to feel guilty about and every reason to be satisfied, regardless of the outcome.

  • I found some very useful ones on a tape called “Feel the fear and beyond”. They are “whatever happens I’ll handle it” and “no matter the outcome I will learn and I will grow, it’s all happening for my greater good.” I also like the affirmation “I radiate love and acceptance,” and I really try to!

  • This is mine it works for life and for being on this raw journey…...

    The future is not a place you go, it is a place you create by the actions you take everyday.

  • a raw omawow—that last one is so powerful.

    Everyone else—these are great!! So inspiring.

    Hmm… Mine is…. uhmmm…...some thoughts that run alongside the teachings in the tao te ching.

    Slow down. Breathe. Be in the moment (feel it. Feel your insides. alive.)...And live in stillness through motion…

  • My Mom has a great one that always helps me “get to it”... there are only three things you can do with any situations 1 Accept it 2 Eliminate it 3 Change it

    other than that I am a big fan of Positve manifestation and am retraining my thoughts words and actions to reflect the reality I AM creating! Peace love and light to US ALL

  • heartshapedskyheartshapedsky Raw Newbie

    gratitude and love. said and repeated and breathed and lived, i hope!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    These are all so great! :)

    Since people are using ones from songs and such I guess I can put mine up – I don’t know if you can really call it a Mantra. But it definately calms me when I get worried because nothing is going right (which unfortunately is quite often lately).

    I got mine from the Rankin Bass “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” – it is from the song that Clarise, Rudolph’s deer girlfriend sings.

    “There’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true”.

    Just thinking of that song and the words make me feel better (or makes me cry!)- there is always another day for things to go better and for my dreams to materialize. :)

  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    Be Zenful, not resentful :)

    Just came up with it yesterday and now heres this thread! cool…

  • “Don’t let food be your comfort and your enemy”

  • the body is in control and not the mind.

    it reminds me that i have to stay present with my body to treat it properly, and that my mind can warp the truth but my body always feels what is.

  • blujett8blujett8 Raw Newbie

    oh yeah…good one elizabeth!

  • I’ve been reading this thread, and all of you guys have great mantras! Samilicious, I used to watch Magic Schoolbus!! :D

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    I have one – it’ll take some explaining, but here goes: The saying, which I remembered yesterday, is “take the bitter ‘til you find the sweet.” I am looking to cure/reverse type 1 diabetes. Emotionally, diabetes has to do with feeling like there is no sweetness left in life. Diabetes is also naturally treated/cured in part with bitter herbs. People take the bitter herbs & learn to find the sweetness that really is there in life! :) The plan I am on now to reverse diabetes allows no fruit or sweeteners for the first 3 months or more. So as I was eating a bitter “candy bar” last night (bitter from cacao, not even the herbs), I was thinking about how I could sweeten it someday, and that phrase came into my mind. I keep repeating it since I made the connection.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Another thing I do is talk to my food & supplements – like I just started taking the herb gymnema, which is to help regenerate the beta cells of the pancreas. So when I was going to take it yesterday, I said “Grow me some new beta cells, baby!” before I popped the capsules in my mouth. Makes me happy:D

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    I love this topic! Here are my favorites:

    “If you can’t change the situation, then change your mind.” – My mom said this to me until I wanted to strangle her when I was a kid. Now it’s one of my sanity-keepers.

    “It is what it is.” – This one helps me remember not to smash my head against the wall over things I can’t control. And yes, I say it to my son until he wants to strangle me. ;o)

    I also make liberal use of the Serenity prayer, which I learned in a certain 12-step program that I’m a member of:

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

    I think my favorite from this list has got to be rediscoverrawfood’s “I will not be defeated,” while working out… I’ll be using that one today! Love it!

    These are all great. The overall feeling I’m getting is one of positive thinking. Can’t get much healthier than that!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    anyone ever watch blossom? she had a great one: “keep your space clean.” (it works in so many senses)

  • I forgot to post mine. I have a couple of them, Losing your temper won’t rid you of it, Life gives you what you will accept, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and practice makes perfect.

  • I got this from Mr. Maggoriums magic emporium and i love it ” you life is an occasion…rise to it!” This is the best topic, i loved reading everyone’s mantra!

  • I have two mantras. The actual mantra that I use in yoga and meditation is

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    doubleDlittleZ reminded me of this, we just watched “Auntie Mame” and her motto is, “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.”

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