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Have to get a hepatitis A shot!

Hey everyone, I need your advice. I just got hired at a grocery store (mostly natural and organic) that requires all employees to get a Hepatitis A shot. I made an appointment to get one tomorrow morning, but I don’t know…I’m a little nervous because of the mercury and/or lead issues involving vaccinations. I don’t have much information about this as I am assuming all vaccines contain these harmful traces (In other words, I’m paranoid). But I was thinking that maybe I should have a detox after the shot.

Does anyone have any recommendations of what’s the best way to detoxify from these dangerous heavy metals? Any foods that will help? Cilantro? Pleae help!


  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Well I wouldn’t work anywhere that would require me to get a vax no matter what it was! That’s a little TOO controling in my mind.

  • shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

    DO NOT DO IT. If you are going to have a detox after the shot…DO NOT TELL THEM ABOUT IT.

    I also, will need to get vaccinated. But, this is the FULL BLOWN DEAL. Very sad. We are moving to Iceland in September and by law, everyone needs their shots. I hate it.

    To detoxify, you might want to get on Dr. Schulze’s (www.herbdoc.com) 30 day detox. After 30 days, you will be completely different. If that is not an option (its expensive), juice fasting is good. Also, hot and cold hydrotherapy.

    If you want a detox that will get you cleaned out over night, research the cold sheet treatment on google. Dr. Schulze talks about it. It is VERY powerful Though it requires and enema, garlic rectal implant, and a very hot bath with Cayenne, Mustard and ginger in it to open up the spores of the skin and induce sweating. This will cause a fever. The water must be as hot as you can stand it and you must be in for as long as possible. After 30 Mins or so, get out and have someone wrap you in a very cold (been sitting in ice) sheet. Then you are put in bed, your feet are coated with olive oil, and some garlic gel put on them and then your socks. Then you are buttoned up real good and the bed is covered with tons of blankets. The cold sheet actually makes the body raise its fever which makes you get rid of more toxins. conscious. If you have to go to the bathroom, you are told to go in bed because you cannot get out of the cold sheet. Though they say you will be so drowsy you will not be able to control your bladder or even try. There is supposed to be plastic put on the bed.

    It is very intense and a program best done with two other people helping out. Once you wake up in the morning, you need to have a water, organic apple cider vinegar sponge bath (50/50). Then a shower, Then the sheets are changes and you can go back to bed for a couple more hours or so. You are advised to be on a juice fast for a few days and then raw foods.

    Research it. I have never done it but it is very intense. And, you will not die from it! Dr. Schulze has administered tons of these. Also, they say that she sheet will be all different ugly colors because of the toxins that you sweated out.

    If I could say though, why do you want to get a vaccine to work at a organic food place? Personally, if this place is really a health company, they should not use vaccines. They are stupid. They are made to protect against last year’s virus. But viruses mutate so much that in a year, it is completely different.

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    I know, I know. But I have to take it if I want to keep this job! The story is that sometime in 2002, at another grocery store called Capers, some guy was working at the warehouse where he had to assemble meat that they distribute to all the stores. And he had hep. A. One day he went to the washroom and didn’t wash his hands and went back to work, touching the meat, cutting them, packaging… So then they found out and had to recall all the meat and deli products from customers. My manager happened to be one and he had to go through all these examinations and treatments to make sure he didn’t get the hep.A and Capers lost alot of money…That’s why we all have to get this shot now and I am feeling absolutely stuck!

    I know what you guys mean! Its an organic and natural grocery store (mostly) so they should know better! Oh God!!! I can’t think of the harmful effects its going to have on my brain! Shoot!

    shgadwa, I’ve read about the hot and cold hydrotherapy and cold sheet treatment (its almost the same thing, if not?) and honestly, I don’t think I will be able to handle that. Thanks for suggesting it anyway. I’ll check out Dr.Schulze’s 30 day detox. I don’t care if its expensive. Now I can make the money to pay for it! Thank you.

    Does anyone else have any other suggestions/recommendations/advice/tips? I wish I knew about this vaccination requirement before applying to the job!! Why meee!!!!

  • As a mother to two babies i researched the vaccine debate throughly and decided that vaccines are actually a good thing. Yes, there is mercury in the vaccine that is used to perserve it, but it is a very little amount. They decreased the amount of mercury significantly when people began to blame autism on vaccines. I don’t know anything about hep a but some vaccines use a live form of the diease which can cause you to get sick from it, for example the chickpox vaccine is a live form and some children will actually get the chickenpox. But it will be a VERY mild case of it compared to just getting it natually. But the reason why i think vaccines are good is because i had a sibling die from something as an infant that they could’ve been vaccinated against. And i am a vaccinated adult and feel that i am a very smart intelligent person (i will admit i occasionally have a few blonde moments) But i do agree that vaccines aren’t the best. My daughter had a fever for a couple of days and bumps under her skin for almost a month, and that is why we are waiting to vaccinate my son until he is older and has a stronger immune system. As far as detoxing goes i know nothing. I just wanted to try and reassure you that it’s not too bad, yet i know alot of people would disagree with me on this one :)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Samilicious, I just had to have a whole load of vaccinations for my USA visa. I had to have 3 hepatitis shots over 3 months. The first month I felt like shit after…moody, irritable, cooked food cravings, just generally low.

    Then I found out that if you take the homeopathic remedy Thuja 30 before and after it cancels out all the negative effects of vaccinations, so I tried it the next month and hey presto! it really worked and I felt absolutely fine.

    So get some Thuja 30 take it 4 times a day 2 days before, on the day and for 2 days after and you should be fine.

    There are also homeopathic vaccinations. The shop you work for should know about this, being a health food shop!! They are totally harmless and have been proven as effective as regular vaccinations. Maybe that is something you could inform them about, any homeopathic practitioner should know about it and be able to give you it. They are used a lot for animal vaccinations.

    You can buy the Thuja 30 in health food stores or online.

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    Thank you so much doubleDlittleZ for your reassurance and Zoe for letting me know about Thuja 30! The grocery store I will be working at has a health food department so they should have it!! I will also inform them about the homeopathic vaccinations which sounds like a great alternative!

  • shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

    I do not have time right now but I have studied vaccines and later I can explain why you should never get it and why its stupid. Very stupid. I got to do dishes now…

  • Samilicious – it is not unusual for places where food is handled to require hep A vaccine for the safety of its consumers. i do understand your concern, but considering hep A is spread through eating or drinking a product that was in contact with infected fecal matter (think of unwashed/improperly washed hands) i can understand where your management is coming from (legally and ethically). The GOOD news is that HAVRIX (the Hep A vaccine most commonly used in the USA) does not contain mercury. it contains trace amounts of aluminum but so does most OTC stomach products like Maalox. i wouldn’t stress too much about the vaccine – best of luck w/your new job!

    doubleDlittleZ – i think u made a wise decision to vaccinate your children. Also, the only childhood vaccine that still contains mercury is hep B (and influenza if you choose to vaccinate your children for the flu).

  • bananaboybananaboy Raw Superstar

    doubleDlittleZ, if you had really researched vaccinations thoroughly, you would have found that they are extremely toxic and should never enter a human body especially a small child’s. Vaccines do not cure or prevent anything. Drugs can never prevent or heal deseases. Believe what you may, but that is fact, despite the volumns of propoganda promoting vaccines and drugs.

    My daughter is almost 13 years old and has never had a single vaccination. She is the healthiest child I know of. She has had the flu once in almost 13 years and rarely gets colds. But if she does come down with these ailments, I know they are not from some little germ floating around. It is the bodies natural reaction to internal toxins.

    I know this is a sensitive topic and parents are free to do what they think best for their children. If you decide to continue with vaccinating your children I wish you all the best. And the filthy rich pharmaceutical companies are grateful for your support.

    My wife and I made the decision 13 years ago that it made more sense for us to protect the health of our daughter rather than Big Pharma! We have never doubted our decision for one moment despite much verbal abuse spewed at us from the ignorant and brainwashed.

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    vaccines are definetly the worst.

    to get rid of mercury you can do cilantro and chlorella together. how ever you consume it. they potentiate each other.

    for the real stuff you can do liquid zeolites. that is the stuff by far.

  • jgfergus – i must respectfully disagree w/ your statement: “Vaccines do not cure or prevent anything.” This is completely false. Was smallpox not eliminated due to vaccination. YES- it was. And before that time the death rate for victims of smallpox was 30%! Another example – Do you not remember in 2005 when 4 unvaccinated MN amish children were infected w/polio? We don’t see polio now bc of vaccines but remember it causes PARALYSIS.Just because we are lucky enough to not suffer from these debilitating diseases now does not mean they would not come back if we stopped vaccinating! I DO 100% respect each person and parent’s choice – but please don’t make false statements.

    AGAIN – the only childhood vaccine that still contains mercury is hep B (and influenza if you choose to vaccinate your children for the flu).

  • shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

    OK Then…

    First off, as a parent, you all have the right to feed your child the way that you feel you should feed them and to give or not to give them vaccines. Even though there is a possibility that you might be hurting them or making them sick and not realizing it, God has ordained you parents to take care your kids and to feed them the way you feel is right. For an example, meat eating moms feed their kids lots of meat because they believe it is healthy. I cannot condemn them so I will let them do what they think is right, even though I know it is not.

    With taht said, doubleDlittleZ, you feed your kids what you want to and give or not give them vaccines. I have no say so in that. However, I challenge you to research it more. There is always two sides to the coin.

    Dr. Schulze talks about vaccines in his catalog that you can order for free at www.herbdoc.com. Also there are tons of articles you can view for free at Doctor Mercola’s website. Though he is not a raw vegan, he does try to eat a lot of raw foods and he has a different view point on health then what we do, yet most of his articles about this stuff is true.

    Okay then. This could be a very long post. First off, when you are sick it is because your immune system is weak and/ or you are detoxifying. All sickness is detoxification. So, sickness (as its called) is really a blessing sent from God. Like, take diarrhea for an example. When you have it it is because you ate some kind of toxin or poison that your body is trying to get rid of ASAP. For those that do not know, as your food gets digested, the nutrients gets taken out and then the water gets taken out. What Diarrhea is is the water does not get removes and it flushes all of the fecal matter out of the system. Now, you can take a suppressant that stops diarrhea but this is very dangerous. In this, you are keeping toxins in your body. So, for a time, you think you are healthy but then later, the bomb goes off so to say. This is the way all over the counter drugs work.

    The thing to remember whenever you are sick or low on energy is this… I have found this out from my own experience, not from researching. If you are sick, low on energy, constipated, weak, coughing, sore throat, whatever, it is ALWAYS because there is some thing or thing(s) that you did or did not do. Like, you did not exercise enough and drink enough water, not to mention that you have been eating 50% raw.

    Now, as with vaccines, they are full of chemicals and toxic metals. Most people only hear about mercury. They actually have aluminum in them as well as some other toxic metals which I forget which. The thing that is stupid about them is that, it is a live virus that is sent into your system. Now, if your immune system is strong as doubleDlittleZ says she or he tries to get her kids immune system strong, it will fight off this virus. That does not mean that it prevented anything though. If your immune system was strong, then you would never get sick.

    Vaccines are made like this. They study out these viruses and bacteria and then they make a vaccine that will protect against LAST YEARS VIRUS!!! Viruses mutate daily, hourly, minutely and ever second. So, by one year, you have a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FLU or whatever sickness it is. Its like a fort that only keeps the French away but not the Germans (no offense meant by that, just an example).

    I understand this to be a touchy topic. But, please understand that there is ALWAYS two sides to the coin. Vaccines do not work. They have been proven not to help. Studies have been done that shows that people who get vaccinated against the flu, get it as much as those who are not. So, in most cases, the vaccine would not have helped. And also, if you are eating healthy, why would you need vaccines even if they really did work??? There are many people who eat healthy and NEVER GET SICK. They do not have vaccines. And part of the reason why they are healthy is because they do not have them.

    I am really regretting needing to get ALL of my vaccines in order to move to Iceland.

  • Shgadwa- You are very knowledgeable on many things. And I must agree that each person has to choose and do what they believe is best for their child. The one thing you may be confused about is how vaccines are made. When you talk about viruses rapidly mutating you are not entirely correct- some mutate fast (like influenza) others VERY slowly almost not at all (hepatitis). The only vaccine made in the way you describe (using last year

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    I personally do not trust vaccines, specifically the ones that they make students at school get every few years. Next year I will be in grade 12 and they require that we get a couple pointless shots but I’m going to refuse to get them. (Besides, I’m scared of needles! :S).

    shgadwa, I feel sorry for you for having to get all these vaccines. I totally feel for you since I’m going to regret this one!! I wonder, are you going to try the hot and cold hydrotherapy??? I am going to do whatever I can to get rid of those aweful heavy metals. You guys have no idea how bad I feel and how bad I’m going to feel for taking this shot. Sigh…oh well.

    Hey, I just realized something. As raw vegans, THANK GOD WE’RE RAW!!!! We are giving our bodies the added advantage of cleaning itself more efficiently than, say, a SAD eater! So this means that the body can heal and take better care of itself, therefore, removing these harmful substances easily.

    Doesn’t hurt I trying to be positive!

  • Samilicious. that’s a bummer that you have to get a vaccine. I don’t think that I’ve ever had a shot in my life, except for once when I found out I was allergic to bees. :P

  • shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

    Yes, I hate vaccines. I think the article I got that info from was talking more about influenza and such. But a lot of viruses DO mutate. They DO change. And though some might be fast and some slow, they DO mutate.

    At any rate, lets say that these vaccines (which contains a lot of toxins that should not be in the body) is the best thing in the world, WHY do we people who eat healthy raw foods, need it????? I mean, we try to eat organic, eat mostly if not all raw, we exercise. We drink 2-5 quarts of water a day. We ought to be just fine. There are a lot of people who where a lot of sick people are and do not get sick because they have a strong immune system. I would not be afraid of some virus.

    I do Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy every two to three days or so. Its GREAT Dr. Schulze recommends it every day. I try to do 30 seconds- 1 minute hot and the same cold. It is always as hot as you can stand and then as cold as that dial goes. This works so well because Hot water brings the blood to the skin while cold draws it into the inner most parts of the body. When this is done 7-10 times, it is powerful. I always come out of the shower feeling refreshed and energized and like a new person. If I do it too many times though, it can make me exhausted.

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    I just got the shot and I feel wierd. Its just a reaction though, cuz I’m afraid of needles. Not as much anymore so the reaction isn’t so bad. I was grumpy and angry the entire time though, thinking about all the harmful substances going into me. Ugh. Anyway, I found out that the type of vaccine I got is called vacsum, vaxum, vaccum (don’t know how to spell it but its pronounced vac-sum—I think..something like that). Maybe later on today I’m going to go to the health food store to maybe buy or get info about chlorella, liquid zeolites, and Thuja30.

    Thanks for all your support everyone!

    shgadwa, wow I just read that you are the same age as me! Yet, unlike me, you really know your stuff! When the weather is warmer, I’m going to start doing the hot and cold therapy in the shower. I think I will have more courage to do so.

  • shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

    Well, I have found before that I have been afraid of the cold water. Don’t be! Just face it.

    Yes, I am your age! That is neat. I have studied a lot about this stuff and actually have a strong interest to be come a natural doctor or something like that. Or a nutritionalist.

    Really, I spent too much time studding it. Lets say that I got a little obsessed with it.

    But helping people has always been my passion and still (because I have no degree) I cannot help anyone except maybe some people on goneraw. I mean, a friend of ours has kidney stones, two friends. One gets them cut out, the other shattered with radiation. There is a program to get rid of them but they would not go on it. People do not want to try my natural “remedies” because I have no degree but Doctors do, so they trust them. I think of Doctors like this…

    The human body works amazingly almost exactly like a car. You have to feed it good fuel, it has to have good exhaust, etc. Now, if you had a car that was broken and you knew a mechanic in town that did not know how to repair his own car, yet he worked on other people’s cars, WHY would you take your car to that mechanic who cannot repair his own car.

    Yes, I know how you feel! I feel weird and even a little sick just being in a Doctor’s office.

    About hydrotherapy, I found it is great in the winter. It was what helped me get used to the cold weather.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    That’s too bad you had to take this job with its nonsense shot requirement. It’s being used almost like a cure, which it is not. There is nothing inherently “safe” or “healthy” about any vaccine, whether we require one or not for a specific situation. Anyone who blithely tells you they are fine and okey-dokey is a fool willing to suck in anything told to them by the Big Pharmaceuticals.

    By the way, some of us need to brush up on some history on smallpox and the smallpox vaccine. There is really no excuse for some of the frightening lack of education I’m seeing.

  • Avocado…thank you for your support in the vaccination stance :) and shgadwa…trust me i spent months researching it… one day saying no i don’t want to vaccinate and the next saying yes i will- until finally i came to a decision that felt right to me as a mother (so on that note, no i don’t need to research it anymore)....losing one of my children to something i couldn’ve prevented is something i never want to have to experiance. You don’t know how angry my mom is that a few months after my older brother died they created a vaccine that wouldn’ve prevented his life from being taken if only he had been able to get it. And if you plan on giving yourself a fever

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    doubleDlittle7 I’m sorry about your brother. I guess its up to all of us to look at the pros and cons and make a decision based on what we feel is best.

    shgadwa, I’m pretty much obsessed myself and I have the same career goals as you! I research alot too but I don’t think I’ as knowledgeable as you! Hopefully we will both succeed with our passions in the near future!!!

    On the note of detoxifying, I’ve been eating alot of fruits ever since I got the vaccine yesterday, particularly apples, especially now that I know they are high in pectin which is pretty much like fibre (I think), moving through the body and absorbing toxins on the way.

    Sigh…what sucks more is that I have to get a booster shot in 6-12 months. Oh bummer…

  • jgfergus, looks like you and I are the only ones who really understand what’s going on. I have tried to tell some the information I have learned mostly to no avail. It’s difficult to tell people the opposite of something they believed in for their entire life. It’s a shame many people will not even consider to think ‘outside’ the standard allopathic big pharma system. This is why I don’t see much positive change coming when even people who are sort of interested in health are not even able to consider looking for the truth. Your efforts are genuinely appreciated but I believe the venue is not appropriate. This is of course my opinion.

    One more thing – avo,

    Do you not remember in 2005 when 4 unvaccinated MN amish children were infected w/polio? We don

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    Isn’t it ashame how they have considered including more vaccines to students in school? I’ve convinced my brother not to get his last year and I have one more year to go in high school where they ‘highly recommend’ my age group to get a few other shots, but at least this time I can refuse to get them. I forget what these vaccines are supposed to prevent us from but what they do is give us brochures to give to our parents and they make these diseases sound so frightening and common, which I doubt because we’ve never heard of them before. A holistic doctor I met awhile ago told me that the vaccines they give at schools are the most toxic. Its like the pharmaceatical industry WANT to make us sicker and sicker, like they’ve got the scenarios planned out, only to benefit from making TONS AND TONS of money from us. How evil.

  • I agree that “Big Pharma” has substantial interests in the proliferation of vaccinations, but I am a global public health graduate student (my specific program has students from homeopathy, allopathic practitioners, Indigenous healers and even economists, so I see the diversity of opinions and I also see the many ways in which debaters from all sides have misconstrued the data). I have a few comments (please note I am not a parent, though the scenario re: kids and vaccines has more than occupied my mind):

    1) Vaccines are not drugs. They are either live or killed doses of the pathogen or a very similar pathogen designed to either trigger the body’s natural immune response (and therefore provide protection against a full on onvasion) or to simply confer antibodies (your body’s natural defense agents) against a specific virus.

    2) Vaccines alone did not eradicate small pox. There were several key features of the virus itself, the mobilized political support for the campaign from the US/UN & WHO, the physical markings of the virus and the very well designed immunization strategy which had providers seeking out infected patients. No other virus/vaccine combo has been as successful or amenable to eradication, with Polio being the most obvious worldwide example.

    There is no devil or angel when it comes to Big Pharma or the alternative medicine stream of thought. There are wackos and extremists from BOTH sides, and each vaccine should be seriously considered prior to implementation either as part of a high-risk strategy (i.e. Hep B in Ontario elementary schools, and potentially HPV) or a population-based strategy.

    Economic interests (of industry and governments) play far too substantial a role in the decision making surrounding vaccines, this is true. But fear-mongering from either side is not helpful. There is definitely a way to eradicate the polio virus, but the biggest single thing blocking the success of the global polio eradication initiative is political will. Here in the West, our governments give us the ‘good’ vaccine (killed, no risk of transfer of virus) whereas low-income countries get provided the oral vaccine, in which there is increased likelihood of conferral of the full-blown virus. This is because the oral (aka OPV) is tested on subjects of average health and body masss index. Unfortunately, fo the malnourished and immunocompromised children of West Africa or South Asia, their small bodies are just not able to produce the intended response – immunity – and end up with paralysis in some cases. The Nigerian state has actually banned the polio vaccine bcause they thought it was part of some conspiracy to injure their people.

    What we should be asking ourselves is why aren’t vaccines being done right, in those cases where we know what would work? Why is there a double standard for poor countries, where it is ok for them to receive poor implementation and poor versions of the virus? Why are so many children so undernourished that their bodies cannot respond properly to basic immuno threats? Why are they not eating properly? These answers lie along the lines of political will, financing and ‘out of sight out of mind’ and, of course, Big Pharma caters their research and development to the Western markets – why do you think more cash goes into working on erectile dysfunction or cholesterol medicine, when there are cures (any cures, homeo, naturo, allo, shaman, whatever the hell works will be fine with me) to be had to the disorders that affect far higher proportions of the world’s people (HIV, AIDS, Malaria, I could go on and on here)?

    For those strongly opposed to the concept of vaccination, I implore you to consider what it would be like to 1) Actually live in an area where the threat of polio or dengue fever is actually real, and not just a historical notion and 2) not have the ability to control (through diet, exercise, hygiene) your own immunity to any of these basic viruses. How and why might these realities affect your decision to immunize your child? The reason we vaccinate ( and I mean we as public health advocates genuinely interested in population well-being and not financial or political gain) is because the entire world is the population to consider…not your state, town or even country. These are highly mobile viruses (think SARS - I am from the T.dot) which have the ability to take out large populations if the setting is right. We are so unimaginably lucky as Westerners, that the variables to consider in this vaccination ballgame are beyond the realm of our thinking. And we got here through major progress in hygiene and sanitation (plumbing, basic knowledge of ommunology, clean water [sort of]) AND through massive public health efforts, like vaccination. Other really important measures which must come WITH vaccination (for they are not a panacea) include screening, public education, prevention.

    Seriously, if prevention were more a focus of our public health paradigm, then you all know damn well that we would each have far more raw friends who loved to exercise, challenge their minds and bodies and rested far more than your average joe these days.

    In the end, we cannot demonize the other, for then we risk alienating them and moving farther away from objectivity and compassion in our evaluations of situations such as these.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    faye7~ Thank you for touching on some of the complexities involved in this volitile issue. By being aware there are multiple fronts that need to be addressed, a solution that works can be created. You do your program proud! Applause! Applause! Applause!

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Yes, we certainly can “demonize” Big Pharma. People are quite right to be frightened and to demand answers and to avoid many, if not most, drugs and vaccines if they can. Big Pharma has earned and deserves it’s reputation for greed and evil and anyone who denies it has simply been manipulated or bought off. The worst way to convince people to vaccinate their babies is to try to threaten them with death and disease.

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