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Raw Kitchen Disasters

Trying new recipes, or making up your own can often end up with amazing results (just look at all the recipes on here! Yum!) but sometimes it can be a total disaster. Why not try to learn from other people’s experiences and find out what NOT to do in the raw kitchen.

My raw disaster:

Carrot, Apple and Greens Smoothie: 3 carrots 1 apple 1 large chunk ginger handful greens

I don’t have a juicer, so I wanted to get some carroty goodness, and decided hey, smoothie! Needless to say, WAY too much fiber and when the blender FINALLY got through the carrots (after much adding of water), it was still chunky and looked like vomit! Flavour might have been decent but the chunkiness made it kinda hard to tell…

Lesson- carrots + blender = bad idea


  • that’s funny. i make my husband a “smoothie” in the blender that consists of carrots, celery, broccoli stems, cucumber, tomato, cayenne pepper, salt and rejuvelac. it has that horribly chunky consistency and totally looks like vomit. i can’t drink it, but he loves it! to each his own, i guess.

  • I made a raw white gazpacho. Had tomatillos, walnuts, grapes and a few other items. It truly looked like up all night drinking vomit. Plus, it spewed all over my counter when I blended it in my food processor AND tasted just so god awful. That and sprouted quinoa salad, ugh, I still cringe and shudder.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I love this topic! I’ve had my fair share of bad recipes. #1 sprouting wheatberries – my blender isn’t vitamix, so the wheatberries DIDNT grind into flour, and when I combined them with the liquid ingredients and put it in the dehydrator, it came out all smelly and lumpy with individual wheat berry pieces. #2 flax crackers when you don’t grind all the flax into flour – hate this. it gets all smelly for some reason, when most of the flax seeds are individual pieces surrounded by some tomatoe base. #3 black miso (non raw) flavored dehydrated patties – the WORST thing ever. #4 juiced arugula—green death!

  • Aw man! I don’t know if I should weep or laugh. I haven’t had any bad moments YET I have only been considering raw for a couple of months now. But I am sure I will be having plenty of disasters in the future :D (should I grin.. really? lol)

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Ummm, I tried making a corn chowder once in the blender… I adjsuted the recipe a little… anyhow, it ended up tasting like barf!!!! LOL Note to self – next time stick to the recipe!!! he he

  • Another lesson learned on my part… make sure you screw in the bottom of your blender and check it if someone else did… I lost most of the fruit portion of my green smoothie this morning and ended up with a much more cilantro and sprout flavoured drink than the usual sweet citrus taste!

  • LOL at NICCI I did that one time and the damn thing started vibrating and rattling like it was going to take off like a rocket.

  • I’ve had my share of bad experiences too.

    I made raw mango bread when I first started. Didn’t have a dehydrator back then so used my oven. It came out sour just not tasty at all and so tough you could barely chew it. Had to throw the whole thing out to the compost pile. : ( lesson learned, bought a dehydrator.

    Second lesson learned – Don’t be so strict, if you don’t have an ingredients think of something similar that you can substitute.I would get so upset if I was short on something or could not find an ingredient.

    Third lesson learned – try out recipes BEFORE bringing them to a big party. LOL Made a dish once that everyone just cringed on and I really felt it put a damper on people trying raw. Good thing was the next thing I brought was a huge huge hit and people are more responsive now and willing to try my raw foods. In fact in my circle of friends at least three people have gone raw since I’ve experienced them to the delights of raw foods. : ) And not only do love it but they feel better too!

    It’s been slow going but having the right equipment, the right ingredients on hand not stressing out about things really helps. This group is fabulous for living the raw lifestyle.

    Here’s to you all!

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Hehe, Nicci I hear ya… only mine came out the top. I was making my green smoothie this morning and thought it was done, poured it into a glass and took a sip – nope, not quite. So I poured it back into the blender and added a couple more things, only I’d already put the lid in the soapy dish water. Being FAR too lazy to rinse the stupid thing off I thought, “Oh, I’ll just use this… hm… bowl!” Yeah. Great idea. Green goop all over the counter because I didn’t HOLD the bowl in place and it splatted.

    Duh. ;o)

  • most of my green smoothies have been undrinkable. i have a regular non vitamix blender, so if you put kale in… it doesn’t blend thoroughly.

    kale chunks in smoothie… gag

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I made an attempt at dehydrated crackers, using sprouted wheat, bell pepper and herbs. It seemed to taste good but hit my stomach like lead. I was up all night, burping up thick, wet, aromatic gusts, omg, I’m getting sick again thinking about it:(

  • Slosh-uhSlosh-uh Raw Newbie

    Just now I was making walnut date brownies, and I thought “If I process it longer they will be warmer! Yum!”

    This is not so. It just released all the oil from the nuts and made this crazy disgusting chocolatey thing oozing walnut oil. I’m trying to save it by squeezing out all the oil and putting the brownies in the fridge, but I think it may be a lost cause.

  • Slosh-uhSlosh-uh Raw Newbie


    Good job, Jenergy.

  • Just put them in the dehydrator.

  • lol

  • Slosh-uhSlosh-uh Raw Newbie

    no dehydrator : (

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    i made a raw chickpea humus ONCE. Revolting. I threw it all out! The only other thing, was my creamy leek and cauliflower soup. Not pleasing! Other wise I rock in the kitchen, always have! (just a little horn blow for me there!)

  • I cannot imagine whirling carrots in my blender,unless I chopped them before hand! That would create a huge disaster. I find that interesting that you attemted!:)

    Worst ever raw soup was created/made by me….AWFUL!!!!I wanted to vomit,think of a pile of wet grass but brownish oh and warm,and I will eat many things,this not one of them EVER!.

  • SarahJSarahJ Raw Newbie

    I am a very good at cooking food – always have been….but raw, just doesn’t seem to be a natural talent yet. I have tried a couple of things on my own but I have to admit that for now, I will just stick to the recipes. You guys just seem to have it figured out.

  • Mustard greens in a smoothie. With cinnamon and ginger. Nuff said. Gag.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    dreaminraw, ewwww!

  • lol. Yah it wasn’t my most culinarily ( am I making up words here?) brilliant moment.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    dreaminraw, you are too cute!:-D

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    I have to second the raw hummus—made it once, ate it and suffered raw bean poison consequences for almost 10 days!!!!! Any green smoothie without fruit…GAAAAH! How do people put lettuce in there!!!! Then there were the early days of having a plate of raw broccoli with nut pate for dinner. Full after 1 bite! No thanks.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I made a green smoothie using swiss chard and didn’t devein it first. The veins tangled around the blades and burned out my blender.

  • 123,that sounds pretty much like how my first soup tasted,thick and stringy

  • lzhpt I hear you on the broccoli with nut pate… raw broccoli that is not marinated in anything just sits in my stomach usually.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Eww stringy swiss chard. Sorry to hear about the blender, 123! My disasters generally revolve around soup too, mham.

  • First off—my raw hummus was horrible, too!!! My favorite non-raw version had horseradish in it. So, wanting to “mock” it, I peeled and minced some horseradish root, I have a bad, bad habit of going heavy on ingredients that already have a strong flavor. Needless to say I ended up putting way too much in. So, I tried to balance out the flavor by adding some garlic since I was out of chickpeas. Oh my goodness it was beyond cringe-worthy!

    Not too long after that episode, I attempted to make some fruit crackers in my dehydrator. I had always used strawberries and bananas, but I was out of strawberries. So I decided to use oranges, lemon, and lime instead. I threw a banana in the mix to bind the ingredients together. Oh goodness…I did it again—Barf, citrus does not belong in the dehydrator!!!!

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