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juicyjuicy Raw Newbie

how many raw foodies still chew gum? just a question I thought of!



  • nope ….. useless calories it seems to me and a waste of time. Plus it’s so processed it’s not even funny. I remember my PE teacher in school telling me if I ever saw how they made gum I would never eat it again. That has always stuck with me for some reason.

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Oooh, really ardesmond? That’s disturbing. I’m a gum chewer. And a nail biter, knuckle cracker, foot tapper, knee jiggler and ex-drinker-ex-smoker-ex-other-things-er. Ha. So basically, just a spaz. ;o)

    Guess I’ll have to check out the whole gum thing and reassess my priorties. Again. ;o)

  • Found that I don’t want it any more, since going Raw. It tastes so artificial now, though I do miss the distraction of chewing it sometimes.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Every once in awhile I do get nasty work breath and for my patients’ sake , i enjoy a couple of altoids, but not ususally gum. It ties my stomach in knots.

  • i never liked gum in the first place, but i used to take a piece if someone offered it to me, thinking they were hinting that i had bad breath! i realize now they were just being polite. but i’m not a good source, since i don’t like it anyway.

  • I would chew gum if I could, but I can’t because I have braces. :( Jenergy, I also am a nail biter, knuckle cracker, foot tapper, and knee jiggler! :)

  • I have never really liked gum in the first place,I think most people chew gum poorly. In my opinion,chewing it is loud,rude and gross. As well as being that way I think it’s overprocessed garbage.

  • I used to love chewing gum but I have since given it up and miss it terribly. I know it bad being processed and having artifical sweetners and all, but it keeps my mouth busy when Im not hungry and want to eat! And I thought it taste pretty good too. But anyway I don’t chew it anymore

  • juliano has a recipe for “rainbow bubble gum” or something… but you swallow it! basically you dehydrate pretty fruit (like mango, strawberry and kiwi) and stack them up, and once they dry, twist and stretch and swirl them! sure, juliano’s crazy, but his food sure is pretty!

  • How is gum made, anyway? I rarely chew it, only a few times a year. Just feels like I’m chewing plastic that’s flavored with sugar.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    With the amount of garlic I un-cook with, I have to pop those nasty Listerine breath strips before I speak with my clients. I am sure they would pass out if I didn’t!

    On occasion I do chew gum. I would think myself far too anal retentive if I didn’t because it wasn’t raw! :)

    Jenergy, wow, are you my twin or what? ;)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Doesn’t chewing gum get your digestive system juices ‘going’?

  • germ8,yes I too have heard that and if you think about it,it totally makes sense. Anything you put in your mouth stimulates digestion. I have had to wear a mouth guard in the past for teeth grinding. I would put it in, and quickly I would have a lot of saliva,meaning I was creating an enviroment for digesting food.

    Oh,sorry if I was harsh with gum I just have seen so many bad gum chewers,it made me annoyed and frankley a bit sick.

  • Slosh-uhSlosh-uh Raw Newbie

    oh yeah I chew gum all the time. It keeps me out of the candy jar at work.

    I reason that it’s the lesser of two evils.

  • yeesh I chew WAY to much of the stuff at work. I love garlic and after my lunch break I feel like I need it so I don’t reek when I go back to dealing with the customers. I tried to stop chewing it a few months ago, lasted about three weeks then started again. Ugh. I know it’s not great for me because if I overdo it I get an upset stomach and a headache. But I chew the sugar-free stuff cause I’m allergic to sugarcane. ( but aspartame is NOT any better than sugar, really) I’ve seen how gum is made. What part of making it is supposed to be gross?

  • I chew gum, usually 2 or 3 pieces a day. I just checked the ingredients on my Trident, and I didn’t have any idea that it contains calcium casein peptone-calcium phosphate, a milk derivative. That grosses me out a bit, and I’m now going to try to find gum without this stuff in it.

    Thanks for the thread!

  • I see we have many gum chewers among us. Has anyone seen what I was talking about though,bad chewers, that make you say I think gum chewing looks kind of tacky. I am not trying to upset anyone here but does anyone see my point:)?

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I was never into gum, but my daughter is like jenergy – SHE MUST MOVE, so I now give her peelu dental gum while she’s doing schoolwork so she’s not chewing her hair, pens or nails…and yes, she would drive mham nuts, she has no chewing etiquette at all but it helps her focus!

  • Slosh-uhSlosh-uh Raw Newbie

    chewing gum can be tacky. I usually try to make it as tacky as possible, I snap my gum really loudly multiple times in a row. I like to do that in elevators with my headphones around my neck and turned up as high as they can go, so that way I can pop my gum in time with the music and annoy everyone.

    Then I go home and wonder why I don’t have any friends.

  • Thanks amysue and Slosh-uh you just really made me laugh!!! Yes,amysue your daughter would make menut’s:) I guess growing up and seeing REALLY bad chewers and now with someone I work with who chews gum terribly and it seriously makes me sick. Thanks for responding,I know I got away from the health aspects a bit.Thanks for making me smile.

  • ardesmond, many years ago when I was little i saw how gum was made on Sesame Street,I am sure it is made differently now though,thanks for the info.

  • Personally, gum gives me the hebe-gebes! I think it’s awful to taste and the ingredients, whether it’s “natural” or conventional, are quite awful. If you must chew on something, why not just chew on licorice root or herbal breath twigs or maybe a shoe? Shoes are basically the same elements as gum…yum!

  • juicyjuicy Raw Newbie

    I just watched that video on how gum is made- I have been trying to kick the gum habit for a while because I know it is unnatural- however after hearing “synthetically made from a combination of plastic and rubber” I now do not have any problem turning down the next piece of Trident. GROSS. thanks for that ardesmond!

  • Slosh-uhSlosh-uh Raw Newbie


    The wrapping process is crazy!!!! How do people think up all this synthetic stuff???? How did we come to earth, take all this natural stuff, and then mold and tweak everything until we have crazy things like bubble gum.

    Dude that totally blew my mind. Does everyone know that yesterday was Mr. Rogers Day? He would have been 80. But my point is, that looks like something that would have been on his show.

    People are freaking amazing with the insane things they think up, like bubble gum. This, for some reason, made me want to do more natural things.

    God, that was weird.

  • Not only that a dentist actually invented GUM Go figure.

  • OMG I WAS RIGHT THAT GUM TASTES LIKE PLASTIC IT IS PLASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! So whenever you swallow your gum, YOUR SWALLOWING PLASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

    But God, slosh-uh, I know that was crazy weird.

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    (Luna blu writes, 21 hours ago: (325 posts)

    Jenergy, wow, are you my twin or what? ;)

    Hah! I’ve had that thought before, reading some of your posts, Luna. We seem to have a similar sense of humor (as in, laugh at EVERYTHING ;o).

    And Slosh-uh, you completely crack me up. I can see you like jumping up and down as you talk, hehehe. Love that energy!

  • gypsycowgirlgypsycowgirl Raw Newbie

    mham—I know what you mean about the bad gum chewers—my pet peeve! It really grosses me out especially when someone chews with their mouth open! And the snapping and smacking drives me nuts! Most people would not eat their food that way but chew their gum like that!

    But more than that—nearly 95% gum has aspartame in it and if people knew what that did to your brain cells…you wouldn’t eat it! It is a nuero-excitotoxin that excites the brain cell so much it burns it out in like 10 minutes and it is dead! No wonder kids have so many focus and brain issues like ADD and ADHD!

  • Hiya. So, then, what do you guys do about the occasional bad breath? I’ve been popping licorice altoids because as a professor (and single guy) I don’t want to knock people over with halitosis—especially these days when I haven’t yet figured out the whole when-to-eat thing, and sometimes I have that empty-stomach-taste in my mouth.

    Now, this is a very reasonable question, so don’t all you holier-than-though, my-poop-smells-like daffodils raw foodies come at me claiming constant purity in the realm of body odors.

    If you do I will tease you until you’re back to eating raspberry zingers for breakfast.

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