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GARLIC.. yes or no

Has anyone given up garlic ? If so do you feel better.



  • No, I actually have gone for days without it (maybe even a week or longer) and feel awful. I think it has a great energy and you can’t beat the taste!

  • debbietookdebbietook Raw Master

    Hi ardesmond2 I used to love garlic pre-raw. Now even 1/2 a clove in a recipe is too much for me. I find the taste awful now – my body definitely does not seem to want it. It also makes me feel thirsty (body wanting water to wash it out?!). There’s actually quite a lot on the net that suggests garlic isn’t the wonderfood we’ve been led to think it is, and that it’s really not a good thing to eat.

  • Hmmm so I have two different people with two different answer. Are there any other people out there with a comment on this. Me personally I have not felt or at least don’t think I have felt anything bad after eating garlic. But I do have to say that the smell of it makes me sick to my stomach especially if it is coming from someone else who just ate it. Now honestly you have to say there is no other “food” that does this. Could it be something just to the pungent smell and possibly really not being food. What’s your thoughts…...

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    I love it! Sometimes it doesn’t appeal to me, and then I don’t use it. But I did once get over a horrible respiratory infection (which I usually have for months) by eating 10 cloves of garlic crushed up with olive oil on my kelp noodles! I don’t recommend this for flavor, though :D I had to take breaks every few bites, drink a little water and wait 15 or 20 minutes, then have some more, but it worked! And I still like garlic :)

  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    I love garlic

  • Some reading on the Internet let me know what you think ….

    Garlic – a Brain Poison?

    from GARLIC - TOXIC SHOCK! Reprinted from Nexus Magazine, Feb/Mar 2001. Source: From a lecture by physicist Dr. Robert C Beck, DSc, given at the Whole Life Expo, Seattle, WA, USA, in March 1996.

    Asterisked entries () refer to a definition provided in the appended glossary.

    The reason garlic is so toxic, the sulphone hydroxyl ion penetrates the blood-brain barrier, just like DMSO [a sulfoxide], and is a specific poison for higher-life forms and brain cells. We discovered this, much to our horror, when I (Bob Beck, DSc) was the world’s largest manufacturer of ethical EEG [electroencephalography] feedback equipment.

    We’d have people come back from lunch that looked clinically dead on an encephalograph, which we used to calibrate their progress. “Well, what happened?” “Well, I went to an Italian restaurant and there was some garlic in my salad dressing!” So we had them sign things that they wouldn’t touch garlic before classes or we were wasting their time, their money and my time.

    I guess some of you … are pilots or have been in flight tests… I was in flight test engineering in Doc Hallan’s group in the 1950s. The flight surgeon would come around every month and remind all of us: “Don’t you dare touch any garlic 72 hours before you fly one of our airplanes, because it’ll double or triple your reaction time. You’re three times slower than you would be if you’d not had a few drops of garlic.”

    Well, we didn’t know why for 20 years later, until I owned the Alpha-Metrics Corporation. We were building biofeedback equipment and found out that garlic usually desynchronises your brain waves.

    So I funded a study at Stanford and, sure enough, they found that it’s a poison. You can rub a clove of garlic on your foot – you can smell it shortly later on your wrists. So it penetrates the body. This is why DMSO smells a lot like garlic: that sulphone hydroxyl ion penetrates all the barriers including the corpus callosum* in the brain.

    Any of you who are organic gardeners know that if you don’t want to use DDT, garlic will kill anything in the way of insects.

    Now, most people have heard most of their lives garlic is good for you, and we put those people in the same class of ignorance as the mothers who at the turn of the century would buy morphine sulphate in the drugstore and give it to their babies to put ‘em to sleep.

    If you have any patients who have low-grade headaches or attention deficit disorder, they can’t quite focus on the computer in the afternoon, just do an experiment – you owe it to yourselves. Take these people off garlic and see how much better they get, very very shortly.

    And then let them eat a little garlic after about three weeks. They’ll say “My God, I had no idea that this was the cause of our problems.” And this includes the de-skunked garlics, Kyolic, some of the other products.

    Very unpopular, but I’ve got to tell you the truth.

    Also by Robert Beck: Physicist Robert C. Beck on Healing Cancer & Aids Via Blood Electrification.

  • I do not feel well after eating garlic. I recognized that first after being almost 2 years raw! It seems my body is getting rid off more and more “waste”. I loved garlic, but I feel so sick after eating it (same like cashews – considered not to be raw and other nuts). I am from Germany and here I read already a few times garlic and onions don’t seems to be so good on a raw food diet. But I think, if you can handle it, it is fine. Decide for yourself – and not because of other people. Happy Easter :-)

  • blujett8blujett8 Raw Newbie

    I personally use garlic as a medicine when I’m getting sick or feel my immune system could some assistance. That’s about it.

  • honeywaterhoneywater Raw Newbie

    garlic is bad!? oh, but i LOVE it! what else could i put in guacamole? :(

    would it still be alright to put ON the face? i use it in a facial toner i made myself.

  • I have heard that a substitute would be HING. I have never tried it so please don’t quote me on it, but it suppose to have a onion taste to it sort of like garlic. Dang honeywater I forgot all about guacamole having garlic in it. EWWW that’s going to be hard one. Have to try it at home today without the garlic and see what happens with the flavor.

  • Garlic contains allicin, it is a major toxin. It kills bacteria (this is why all the studies show garlic kills bacteria). Killing is not good as opposed to what the rest of the world says. It’s a strong drug and healthy people do not and should not take drugs.

    I am not sure if this was already mentioned but the best explanation of this is here:


  • honeywaterhoneywater Raw Newbie

    thanks! i looked up hing and it sounds interesting, it certainly won’t hurt to try it. i just hope it does taste similar because i am addicteddd to guacamole. :P

    i’ll let you know how it tastes if i can find it!

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    I always liked the taste of garlic, but several years ago (on cooked food) one night I ate a lot more garlic than usual… I got so sick! I vomited and vomited and suffered! after that incident, I couldn’t eat garlic anymore…well i could eat it, because I Loved it, but I couldn’t stomach it. it wasn’t mental, even if i couldn’t taste the garlic, i would feel my body get queeeezy, and i would ask the person is there garlic in this?! and they would say yea only like a pinch! how did you know?!

    on raw food, that aversion to garlic is still very distinct, it totally kills the raw high for me. after eating guacamole with garlic, onions, and salt, I feel like how i did when i ate cooked food. I just wanna go lay down and rest, my stomach feels super slow heavy and bloated. and after reading those things about garlic being a toxin, that makes a lot of sense to me…it sucks because a lot of the super tasty creations raw companies make out here have garlic in it…

    If i were you, I would try going for some time period without garlic, onions, nama shoyu, other dead/ toxic ingredients etc, and just see how you feel. doesn’t have to be a perm change, just to make your own decision based on your personal experience for some days or however long would be effective. If you can’t let it go, I think addiction is a good sign that somethings not good for you.

  • Hing? That’s asoefetida, right? Does anyone know what classification hing/asoefetida would fall under as far as being raw-wise? I always thought it was some kind of resin (boiled!)....

    My mistake….after googling a bit, it looks like the resin is made by drying some kind of free-flowing sap from a tap root/rhizome of certain giant fennel plants….so, the good news is, no boiling involved, afaik. I guess the only worry, then, is how it is dried, ie what temp? It’s an interesting ingredient, no doubt! :)

  • This could be true TIGER, I just saw a pic of it online and it doesn’t look appetizing to me at all.

  • Hing’s equally stinky as garlic, if not worse

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Never, not on your life, uh uh, no way, fat chance, when hell freezes over, will I give up garlic.

    Hing is just plain bizarre!

    I feel ablsolutely fantastic, wonderful, great, mounds of energy! If I were to be any better, I would be twins!!!

    Maybe we should all stop breathing, the air is toxic.

  • HAHA! I like what you said Luna Blu, how true! I for one am not going to worry about a garlic clove here and there.

    Plus it taste so good!

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Garlic is descriminatory and kills pathogens, but leaves the good guys alone. It’s much healthier than anti-biotics and is necessary for sulphur pathways. If it’s so deadly, why are there so many Italians who live long lives? I say yes to moderate amounts of garlic.

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    i use to pound down the garlic back in the day. i put it my guacomole, chop it and swallow it like pills, juice it. put it in oat groat dishes. mmm. it kept my immune system up while living at home with my always sick family.

  • um. sorry but the human race has been eating garlic for a LONG time. (ancient egypt, greece, rome…) and we are doin just fine. In fact as a race I’d say we’re doing a little to well… to many of us and fornicating like bunnie rabbits… grumble grumble… But really to each your own. If you choose not to eat or to eat it it’s a personal thing and it’s up to no one but you.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    luna blu- LOL. breathing is for chumps really.

    if you are having problems with garlic then by all means. i doubt it’s NECESSARY to eat it.

    i personally agree with 123. with all this talk of “toxic” raw foods i find myself wondering: maybe it’s better to err on the side of moderating MANY types of foods, rather than narrowing down our food supply to a few “perfect” foods. our “perfect” could one day be discovered to be killing us, but if we are eating adding a variety of “dubious” foods we stand a better chance of getting necessary vitamins and minerals that we might not even know about.

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    the word on the streets is our bodies have natural defense mechanisms for these toxins in raw food.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    is that what the kids are these days? yo!

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    i’ve pretty much given it up, mostly cause i can’t stand the stink on me, and i hate having to apologize to clients for my foul breath when i eat it! weird, before i ever went raw, i had a strange mucous reaction to it and was convinced i was allergic to it. aren’t shallots supposed to taste a little like garlic?

  • wow…garlic bad for you??? never heard this! i love it (and yes, guacamole without garlic is like…well…like what? i can’t even fathom it. i will pay closer attention to how i feel after eating it.

  • I use a very small amount of garlic in my raw soups-I’m with batyah-I always heard that garlic was a good thing—Oh well I aint giving it up just yet! Thanks for the info though:)

  • I love garlic and use it a lot. The smell has never bothered me, even on someone’s breath. I actually like the smell. I do notice that occasionally when I eat a lot of garlic, onions or cayenne that it makes my head feel a little weird…kind of spaced out feeling, not very pleasant. I’ve been noticing this more since eating more raw. This hasn’t stopped me from eating it, but may eventually.

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Yes, the ancient Egyptians adored garlic. They were known as the ‘stinking ones’ (I am sure I am known as that as well!)

    Ya, breathing is for chumps, and everyone knows ‘sleep gives you cancer.’ ;) (from an old British comedy called The Young Ones)

    batyah, it’s like a day without sunshine?

  • Well you guys the verdict is in I have given it up. I came home and explained it to my wife and daughter and they literally went into a hissy fit kicking and screaming. Afterwards my nine year old came to me and said I can give it up it’s not going to bother me “SMILE”. So far I have made three dishes all that call for a combination of onions and garlic, and you know what we didn’t even miss it. It was lovely having to not have that sick feeling in your mouth and the whole room smelling like sweaty feet in the morning.

    Lime Lady you probably don’t smell it on anyone’s breath because you have been eating it so much. Like the old script goes if you go on a date don’t buy anything with garlic unless your date does to.

    I know many will not stop eating garlic, but you at least owe it to yourself to try to refrain from it for a month and just see how things go. JUST a thought.!!!

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