Q about Joint Popping & Thai Stone Deo

germin8germin8 Raw Master

Hello all.

I’ve noticed my left shoulder making a popping noise when I move it up & down. A few days later, my wrists were making similar noises. And within a week, my other shoulder started making the noise. Am I not eating enough fats??? or something?

The only major difference in my health/beauty routine is that I have been using the Thai stone deodorant which has worked wonders! I love it. But, I wonder if that stuff ever gets absorbed into the body… and how it comes out. Maybe it comes out safely, but I just want to know & ask!

Oh yeah, this also happened after 55 days of green smoothies. Overall, I feel healthier than last year.

I’m going to get my physical check-up soon… (our employer wants us to get physicals every year or we pay $125 a year!)... so, I’ll get it checked out.

side note: did you notice the NEW TOPIC link is at the bottom of new forums… (unlike the others with START NEW TOPIC on the top) for a moment, I thought I was logged out.


  • I also have a major joint popping issue- mind you its become a habit for me to do on purpose as it has been happening since I was around 5 years old or so… Yeah… I have ugly hands! My shoulder doesn’t usually pop- though my hips, knees, neck, back, wrists, fingers, toes (each separate joint in the latter two) and about every other joint does. My knees are the worst though because I don’t do that on purpose- it happens if I bend and straighten my leg. I’ve had it checked out and though my doctor says its nothing by a bad habit, areas like the knees and shoulders have cartiledge deposits which are worn away upon grinding or cracking and these two areas can lead to major joint issues later in life- its estimated that I will need a knee replacement by the time I’m in my 40s…

    As far as I know its not linked to fat consumption. If there are any joint superfoods let me know!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Hmm, I don’t intentionally pop knuckles, crack backs, or any of that… as a matter of fact, I don’t even like to see it done when other people do it.

    This just sorta started appearing out of “no where”!

    Yeah, to repeat what Nicci said:

    “If there are any joint superfoods let me know!”

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I use that Thai stone and I haven’t had anything happen with my shoulder. I think they are unrelated. The Thai stone is just salt.

    Joint related problems are a job for MSM!

  • sounds like you have an imbalance in your system..too much Vata/Air..your first thought (oil/fats) was on the money also heavy grouding foods roots and such.. if you are really imbalanced Vata then u might also be feeling spacey, airheaded, forgetful. so balance your to much air with more earth and fire…spices are great for the joints especially turmeric and cayenne… sorry if u am blatheribng about stuff you already know…

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    MSM? But, I don’t want to take a supplement… I want to eat it in my food!

    Good to know the Thai stone is salt… I didn’t know that! I threw away the packaging when I got it.

    Thanks queenfluff.

    ambikalee, well, I don’t really know about foods for joints, so that is new to me. I already eat a lot of turmeric and cayenne (love indian food). Oils/fats – eh. I ate a lot of nuts… but, I slowed down because I wasn’t digesting well and my body needed more greens. So, I added greens instead… now I got to got back to add more fats? So much balancing. Thanks for the advice. Maybe I’ll just eat more oils and avocados and such.


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