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detox foot bath

i’m wondering if anyone has tried the ionic detox foot bath. its supposd to help speed detox using negative ions (i think) the only added ingredient to the water is salt. i’ve heard opinions of people who have tried it, and that was enough to get me try. i’ve also heard it is a scam. i’ve heard ear candling is a scam, but i love it and do it regularly. honestly, even if it is a placebo, if it works, and makes you feel better, does it matter? i’m going to give it a whirl next tues. i’ll post my report!


  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    I have a client that has tried it. She said the water turned icky and blackish! I want to try it myself, and would love some feedback as well!

  • juicyjuicy Raw Newbie

    I have heard that foot bath thing is a scam- but who knows!

  • Dryskin brushing and detox baths such as epsom salts,seaweed or the premade detox salts. Also hydrotherapy????? instead? Not familiar with this ionic foot bath but I will look this up.

  • I have the machine and they are totally worth every penny. I did a project on them and it was great. There is tons of evidence for their use and they really do work. I feel it after each session.

  • I googled but not really sure where to look. Adensspell could you direct me ??Thanks!

  • gypsycowgirlgypsycowgirl Raw Newbie

    These foot baths do work but you need to be careful because it can whack out your electrolytes—you will need to replace them somehow before and after is best

  • I have tried it 2 times and it reaqlly works!!! If I had enough money for everything I want, I would buy one.You feel fantastic afterwards. But gypsycowgirl is right, you should replace your electrolytes after the bath with some natural supplement and mineral rich foods.

  • What are electrolytes? I was never sure. In fact, I was about to post a topic asking what they are!

  • okay so i just got back from my foot bath session! it was interesting, you really can feel the electricity in the water. i’ve had pedicures, and i have soaked my feet at home with epsom salts, but my feet have never peeled so much ! the tops of my feet, the whole entire foot and toes were sloughing off dead skin. i went with a friend and we sat for the same amount of time, and her water was noticeably different. mine turned a rusty apple cider color, hers was close to black.. about halfway through i felt very energetic, which is unusual for me, especially after a long day and only a banana to eat. all in all it was interesting and i think i would do it again.

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